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  1. documentaries
    Lance Armstrong Thought About Himself Watching Icarus, the Doping Documentary“I can relate. I certainly can relate to them.”
  2. See the Trailer for Andy Samberg’s Cycling Mockumentary Tour de PharmacyIt premieres July 8 on HBO.
  3. trailer mix
    Foster Becomes Armstrong in New Program TrailerThe Method actor reveals that he took performance-enhancing drugs to prepare for the role.
  4. trailer mix
    Program Trailer: Ben Foster Is Lance Armstrong“I have never tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.”
  5. the fall of lance armstrong
    J.J. Abrams’s Lance Armstrong Biopic Is Moving ForwardThat makes four projects currently in the works.
  6. movie review
    Movie Review: The Armstrong LieAlex Gibney directs this documentary about cyclist Lance Armstrong.
  7. casting couch
    Ben Foster Confirmed For Lance Armstrong BiopicCostarring Chris O’Dowd.
  8. documentaries
    The Armstrong Lie Trailer: Tour de LanceRemember how Lance Armstrong is a big liar?
  9. toronto film festival 2013
    Documentarian Alex Gibney on Being Lied to by Lance ArmstrongHis new documentary, The Armstrong Lie, was originally about the cyclist’s 2009 comeback. Then came the doping admission.
  10. casting couch
    Bradley Cooper Signs On to Lance Armstrong MovieHe’d play Armstrong or Armstrong’s former teammate. 
  11. casting couch
    Ben Foster in Final Talks to Play Lance Armstrong In a Stephen Frears–directed biopic.
  12. Celebrity Settings
    Ke$ha Brown-Bags It In Venice; Lance Armstrong Slithers Into Mastro’sOver at Sur, The Bachelor’s virgin prince went out on the first date with his new lady.
  13. biopics
    Jay Roach Is Making a Lance Armstrong Film, TooJay Roach vs. J.J. Abrams: Whose arm is stronger? 
  14. last night on late night
    Adam Scott Dressed Up for the Oscars Jerk CirclePlus: Chevy Chase’s daredevil golf cart joyride, as told by Alison Brie, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  15. casting couch
    Bradley Cooper May Play Lance Armstrong for J.J. AbramsThey’re in talks.
  16. the fall of lance armstrong
    Lance Armstrong Sued for Not Labeling Inspirational Autobiographies As FictionHe tricked two California men into reading.
  17. wallflowers
    Lance Armstrong Will Not Dance With the StarsHe’s following Lindsay Lohan’s lead.
  18. hurt feelings
    Who Betrayed America More: Lance Armstrong or Beyoncé?Is anything real anymore?
  19. the fall of lance armstrong
    Australian Library Plans to Move Lance Armstrong Books to the ‘Fiction’ SectionSydney’s Manly Library is not messing around.
  20. the fall of lance armstrong
    More Bad News for Lance Armstrong After Oprah ConfessionInvestigators say he lied; company sues him for $12 million.
  21. tv review
    Seitz on Lance and Oprah: The Sadomasochistic Ritual of the Celebrity ApologyJust a couple of pop culture juggernauts protecting their brands.
  22. ripped from the headlines
    J.J. Abrams Is Producing a Movie About Lance ArmstrongIt’s based on the book Cycle of Lies.
  23. jocks
    Among Other Flaws, Lance Armstrong Not Very Nice to Women“Listen, I called you crazy. I called you a bitch, I called you all these things, but I never called you fat.”
  24. sports
    Leitch: Why Armstrong Is Too Good to ForgiveCycling has been eaten inside out by doping over the past twenty years. So why has he in particular been the target of such intense scorn?
  25. lance armstrong
    The Many Faces of a Liar’s Confession: Lance Armstrong With Oprah WinfreyExpressive screen shots from last night’s interview.
  26. confessions
    Lance Armstrong’s Confession Is Light on Details, and Contrition [Updated]“I didn’t invent the culture, but I didn’t try to stop the culture,” he says.
  27. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Gun Control Needs More Than ObamaThis will take decades.
  28. confessions
    Lance Armstrong Confesses to Oprah, But His Problems Are Far From OverSources say he might testify against cycling officials.
  29. confessions
    CBS Probably Sorry for Being Tough on Armstrong Of course, being nice is Oprah’s job.
  30. confessions
    Lance Armstrong Will Confess Doping to OprahBut probably not in detail.
  31. scandal-stained wretches
    Lance Armstrong Has a Brand New Scandal to Talk About With OprahBut we’re all tuning in to hear if he admits to doping.
  32. confessions
    Lance Armstrong May Confess to DopingThough he could face perjury charges if he does.
  33. Past Glories
    Lance Armstrong’s Legacy Lives on in Daniel’s KitchenBut it’s only because Daniel’s been too busy to deal with it.
  34. wifely duties
    Lance Armstrong’s Wife Stashed His Drugs in the FridgeSorry, no Sheryl Crow details. 
  35. tour de france
    A Cycling Fan’s Lament: Working Through the Lance Armstrong Doping NewsErasing his name from the record books doesn’t change the time I spent cheering him on.
  36. lance armstrong
    Lance Armstrong Stops Fighting Doping ChargesYet Armstrong still says he’s innocent.
  37. team sports
    Lance Armstrong Accused of Drug UseBy ex-teammate Tyler Hamilton.
  38. lance armstrong
    Feds’ Inquiry Into Lance Armstrong Doping Allegations BroadensFellow riders are questioned.
  39. cycling
    The Jeans Mogul at the Heart of Cycling’s Doping ProblemsMichael Ball’s Rock Racing has caused some issues.
  40. crimes of fashion
    Michael Ball in Hotter Water Than EverThe Rock & Republic founder has been implicated in professional cycling’s massive doping scandal.
  41. lance armstrong
    Reviewing the Ever-Widening Investigation of Lance ArmstrongFloyd Landis, Greg LeMond, bribery, and shady eBay sales are involved.
  42. tour de france
    Schleck Bides Time; No Stage Win for LanceTomorrow’s stage will be crucial.
  43. tour de france
    Today’s Tour Stage Leaves Contender With ‘Stomach Full of Anger’He promises revenge.
  44. lance armstrong
    Could the New Lance Armstrong Doping Allegations Stick?Federal subpoena power still might not get conclusive answers.
  45. tour de france
    Tour de France: Two Favorites Emerge From a Pile of CarnageThis bicycle race is significantly less pleasant than the one with the naked women in the Queen song.
  46. tour de france
    Read This Article and You Will Find Yourself Following the Tour de FranceThe Spanish have a good shot at keeping up their winning streak.
  47. party lines
    Lance Armstrong Only Allowed Scones a Bit LongerThe Tour de France legend talks to us about his rides around New York.
  48. gossipmonger
    Penn Badgley and Angelina Jolie Half-assed Their Halloween CostumesAnd more celebrity doings, in our daily gossip roundup.
  49. the sports section
    With Tour de France Over, Spoke-Slapping Starts Between Contador and Armstrong“Hey, pistolero. There is no ‘I’ in team.”
  50. the sports section
    Lance Armstrong: ‘I Know How to Do This Race’A famous friend of the biker tells us he’s not worried about teammate and rival Alberto Contador.
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