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  1. preservation watch
    60 Wall Street’s Lobby Is Weird and Ridiculous and Deserves to Be SavedThe Landmarks hearing on Tuesday is a make-or-break day.
  2. preservation watch
    Change Is Coming to the McGraw-Hill Building’s Fantastic Deco Lobby. Or Is It?Preservationists sound the alarm; architects swear they’re not trashing a treasure.
  3. landmarks
    Why Hasn’t Anyone Bought This William Lescaze House?A pioneering 1935 house has been on and off the market for years.
  4. nyc guidebook
    A Non-Touristy Guide to Touristy New YorkLittle-known loopholes, tips, and tricks that’ll make you actually want to be a tourist in New York, even if you’re already a New Yorker.
  5. properties
    13 New York Buildings That Stick Out Like Sore ThumbsThe ultramodernist brownstones, teeny townhouses, and Japanese pagodas that aren’t like their neighbors.
  6. your fave could never
    Excuse Me, Is Beyoncé Trying to Film a Video at the Colosseum Now, Too?!Her first request was reportedly denied.
  7. architecture
    This Time, a Much More Promising Attempt to Fix the FrickA plan that looks far subtler and less invasive than its predecessors.
  8. ISIS Allegedly Destroyed Mosul Mosque Where Its Leader Declared ‘Caliphate’Iraqi and coalition forces blame ISIS; ISIS blames the U.S.-led coalition.
  9. landmarks
    14-Year-Old Arrested for Arson at 167-Year-Old Manhattan SynagogueThough authorities say it appears to be arson, they are not investigating this as a hate crime.
  10. Landmarks
    The Stonewall Inn Is Now a Designated LandmarkThe legendary LGBT bar won an unanimous vote.
  11. Drama
    Historic Districts Council Executive Tells Four Seasons Owner to ‘Curl UpIt’s never a good idea to vent on Facebook.
  12. News
    Landmarks Preservation Commission Orders to Protect The Four SeasonsThe building’s owner is forbidden from making significant changes to the interior.
  13. design hunting
    See the Surprising, Majestic Interiors of 9 Landmarked New York BuildingsFrom a showcase at the New York School of Interior Design.
  14. urban design
    Davidson on the Tricky Landmark DebatesConsider these six.
  15. civic improvement
    They’ve Finally Found a Use for Coney Island’s Historic Childs RestaurantIt’s been a landmark long enough.
  16. Landmarks
    Landmarked Building on Whole Foods Gowanus Site Is For SaleNo price is listed, but you at least know that access to groceries is a given.
  17. Landmarks
    The Rainbow Room Is Really, Truly Landmarked NowWhat time are martinis?
  18. hurricane sandy
    The Radio Days House Stands Tall in RockawayThank goodness for small miracles.
  19. Landmarks
    Everybody Hurts: Restaurant That Inspired R.E.M. Album Needs HelpThe restaurant that inspired ‘Automatic for the People’ actually needs people to eat there.
  20. Endangered
    On The Verge of Landmark Status, Henry’s Tacos Could Lose Its Lease“Visibly angry” landlord Mehran Ebrahimpour refuses to renew the lease and opposes the honors.
  21. Taco Town
    Henry’s Tacos Seeks Historic-Cultural Landmark StatusOf course, our favorite taquerias, no matter how good, will never become official landmarks.
  22. Last Days of Disco
    Say Goodbye to Boston’s Last Bastion of Disco ExcessAdd Faces to the list of early ‘80s nightclubs that just aren’t stayin’ alive.
  23. Landmarks
    Landmarked Gage & Tollner Now Sells Earrings and ThingsGage & Tollner lives on, somewhere, somehow. Maybe.
  24. Landmarks
    Troubling Signs: 71-Year-Old Cup & Saucer’s Building Is For SaleOwner John Vasilopoulos hopes he’ll get to stay.
  25. real estate
    City Gets New Youngest LandmarkThe Japan Society is practically a baby!
  26. Landmarks
    New Owners For Clifton’s Cafeteria Means New Life For the LandmarkAndrew Meieran bought Clifton’s Cafeteria.
  27. Closings
    Landmarks in Flux: Arby’s Leaves Gage & Tollner Building, Coffee ShopThe latest on the rebirth of the Empire Diner.
  28. Trimmings
    Ivygate: The Lion Gets Tangled Up in Fake-Ivy FiascoCovering its façade in fake ivy is “entirely inappropriate.”
  29. Closings
    After 60 Years, the Cavalier Will Close Owing to ‘Greed and InsensitivityJackson Heights is losing an iconic supper club.
  30. Landmarks
    Beatnik History Honored at Venice West CafeA divey beach bar might become a landmark
  31. Openings
    ‘VIP Tapas’ Move Into Historic Little Italy RowhouseShh, it’s a secret.
  32. Reopenings
    Chumley’s Shows Signs of Life, Applies for Liquor LicenseAnd more from the upcoming Community Board agendas.
  33. Mediavore
    Wine and Beer Taxes Could Rise; Arby’s Has Some Work to DoPlus: David Chang on Andrew Carmellini, and yogurt’s ambassador passes away, all in our morning news roundup.
  34. Community Boards
    Today in NIMBYism: Cooper Square Hotel, Grand Park, and Westville“Attention Cooper Square Hotel douchebags … ”
  35. hipsters
    McCarren Park Pool Redesign Approved Unanimously by Landmarks Preservation CommissionThe hipster hangout is officially about to get a lot more ‘resorty.’ With Astroland gone, too, good clean fun is making a real comeback for 2009!
  36. intel
    Trying to Save Part of Edward Hopper’s New YorkWhen much of Greenwich Village was landmarked in 1969, the low-rise sprawl of humble Italian-immigrant groceries and tenements southeast of the neighborhood, along Sullivan and Thompson streets and even Seventh Avenue South, didn’t make it inside the designated historic safety zone. The area, while not full of great monuments, has its own quiet claims on history. The artist Edward Hopper lived there most of his life, and his paintings like Early Sunday Morning were set there. On December 10, the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation and the local community board convened more than 100 people inside Our Lady of Pompeii Church to figure out how to get the city to landmark the area to keep its Hopperness intact. GVSHP’s Andrew Berman points out that it’s filled with gems like Macdougal Street’s Provincetown Playhouse, which launched Eugene O’Neill, and a nearby rowhouse where Louisa May Alcott may have worked on Little Women. Parts of the façade are all that remains of Edgar Allan Poe’s house on West 3rd, which NYU subsumed into a big new building, raising alarms.
  37. the morning line
    Steamrolling in Our Time • Ladies and gentlemen, your new catchphrase for the day: “I am a fucking steamroller.” If we are to believe the Post exclusive, this gem was uttered by none other than Governor Spitzer — in response to a GOP assemblyman who complained about being shut out of the legislative process. [NYP] • Albany Democrats, who apparently didn’t get the above memo, are, in the delicate Times phrasing, “leaning toward reneging” on their deal with Spitzer that lets him hand-pick the Hevesi replacement. [NYT] • The White House has approved $25 million in aid to combat lung diseases and others in 9/11 first responders. And to think all it took was five and a half years, and the Dems pretty much parading a dead cop around the State of the Union address. [NYDN] • Guess who’s about to sign a lease for $50,000 square feet at Lincoln Center vacated by the dear old Tower Records? T. J. Maxx, that’s who. And so, suburbia encroaches one step closer. [Crain’s] • And the Landmarks Preservation Commission has bestowed its blessing on three heretofore unprotected sites, thus saving them from, you guessed it, a fucking steamroller: two Harlem churches — one built by the architect of St. Patrick’s — and the awesomely named Horn & Hardart Automat-Cafeteria Building. (Now, sadly, a drugstore). [amNY]
  38. cultural capital
    Tom Wolfe Wants a Bonfire at the Whitney Tom Wolfe called the Landmarks Preservation Commission “de facto defunct” in a Times op-ed on Sunday, its members pawns of developer Aby Rosen and his evil plans to build a 30-story glass condo in the Upper East Side Historic District. Then today came news that the Whitney Museum, located in the same historic district and after decades of fighting to build an addition, would give up on its Madison Avenue expansion plan and instead build a “satellite” branch along the High Line in the meatpacking district. So does Wolfe think that this move, finally, is the right stuff? We called to find out. So, Tom, happy that the expansion has been stopped? Everything possible should be done to keep the Whitney from expanding. I mean, we really don’t need any more of that, unless they improve in taste. Mainly, they should just get rid of the building. Almost anything they could put in its place, as long as it’s no higher than that, would be real plus for the city.
  39. it just happened
    USS ‘Intrepid’ Behaves Like Any Other New Yorker With a Long Lease at a Good Rent The Intrepid was scheduled to be moved today from its West Side home to New Jersey for repairs — and a refurbishment of its pier — but refused to go, getting stuck in the Hudson River mud. The move was called off at about 10:30 a.m. USS Intrepid Stuck in Mud; Move Put on Hold [NY1]