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Las Vegas Shooting

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    Bump Stocks Are Now Illegal, Thanks to NRA Favorite Donald TrumpOwning one of the gun accessories could land you in jail for ten years.
  2. gun control
    Trump to Announce Bump-Stock Ban, a Largely Meaningless GestureBanning bump stocks will do almost nothing to reduce mass-shooting casualties in the U.S.
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    Chris Gethard Speaks With Las Vegas Shooting Survivor on Beautiful/Anonymous“As a survivor, a lot of people don’t really get to tell their entire story.”
  4. Police Close Las Vegas Shooting Case and There’s Still No MotivePolice say they know everything there is to know about Stephen Paddock except for why he opened fire on a concert last year.
  5. Witnesses: Las Vegas Shooter Ranted About a Government Plot to Seize GunsNewly released witness interviews this week shed new light on the motives of Stephen Paddock, who also ranted about FEMA, Waco, and Ruby Ridge.
  6. Police Release New Details About Las Vegas Shooter, But Still No MotiveStephen Paddock’s computers revealed that he researched other locations for the shooting and possessed child pornography.
  7. grammys 2018
    Grammys to Reunite Performers From the Las Vegas Shooting Festival for a TributeEric Church, Maren Morris, and Brothers Osborne will perform together.
  8. Security Guard Shot in Las Vegas Massacre Opens Up on EllenA week after bailing on a round of interviews, Jesus Campos shows up on a morning talk show.
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    Hotel Worker Reported Shooting Before Las Vegas Massacre StartedA shooting victim has filed a lawsuit alleging that the hotel’s response was too slow.
  10. How American Horror Story: Cult Handled a Mass Shooting After Las Vegas“Mid-Western Assassin” collides with reality in disturbing ways.
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    MGM Resorts Disputes New Police Timeline for Las Vegas ShootingPolice said a Mandalay Bay security guard was shot before the massacre, not after, raising questions about the hotel and law enforcement response.
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    Las Vegas Gunman Shot Security Guard Before Massacre, Not AfterIt’s now unclear why Stephen Paddock stopped firing on concertgoers and turned his weapon on himself.
  13. Politics Group-Chat: What We Talk About When We Talk About Gun ControlThree New York writers try to make sense of the gun-control debate.
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    Jason Aldean Opens SNL With Address to America About the Las Vegas Shooting“We hurt for you, and we hurt with you.”
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    What, If Anything, Does Paddock’s Gambling Have to Do With the Vegas Shooting?With no tangible motive for the attack, much of the focus has been on the gunman’s high-rolling lifestyle — and that’s left many in Las Vegas nervous.
  16. What We Know About Las Vegas Gunman Stephen PaddockHe planned “extensively,” and may have been targeting different music festivals in Las Vegas and other cities, including Lollapalooza in Chicago.
  17. Report: Las Vegas Shooter Scouted Sites in Boston and ChicagoStephen Paddock reportedly booked a hotel room overlooking Lollapalooza in Chicago and Fenway Park in Boston.
  18. Las Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend Says She Never Thought He Was ‘Planning Violence’Marilou Danley says that when Stephen Paddock urged her to travel abroad and sent her money, she thought he was breaking up with her.
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    Lindsay Lohan Joins Mean Girls Fundraising Campaign for Vegas Shooting VictimsThe spirit of October 3 lives on.
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    Marvel’s The Punisher Cancels New York Comic Con Panel After Las Vegas ShootingNetflix and Marvel released a joint statement saying it “wouldn’t be appropriate” for the show to participate on Saturday as scheduled.
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    Trump Didn’t Do Anything Weird During His Trip to Las VegasOkay, maybe one little thing. But otherwise he was a subdued consoler-in-chief to the shaken city.
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    The Looming Mental-Health Crisis in Las VegasThe city will face an influx of mental-health patients that it is underprepared to help.
  23. Senator’s Strategy to Combat Gun Violence: ‘Get Small’It’s just common sense.
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    The Mean Girls Cast Reunited to Raise Money for Vegas Shooting VictimsFundraising is fetch.
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    Gambling Industry’s Largest Convention Kicked Off Right on Schedule in Las VegasAmid upbeat talk there were small signs of distress, like a woman in body paint weeping by a slot-machine booth.
  26. Here Are Photos of the Las Vegas Shooter’s Hotel Room and Weapons CacheA Fox affiliate in Boston obtained the exclusive images that appear to show Stephen Paddock’s firearms and ammo.
  27. Gun Control Is More Like Abortion Than Gay MarriageMillennials don’t necessarily have a more liberal view of it than older generations.
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    Bill O’Reilly Calls Las Vegas Shooting the ‘Price of Freedom’The conservative pundit defended gun rights after 59 people were murdered and more than 500 injured in the largest mass shooting in U.S. history.
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    Fear and Roaming in Las VegasCrime-scene enthusiasts, tour guides, and regular Las Vegans float along the Strip, trying to process what happened in their city.
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    Late-Night Hosts Argue for Gun Control After Vegas Shooting“I can only say I’m sorry that we live in a world where there are people who would put a gun over your lives.”
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    Las Vegas Shooter Had 23 Firearms, Some Fitted With Device to Speed Up FireThe investigation uncovered Stephen Paddock’s arsenal of weapons and explosives as the city mourned the biggest mass shooting in American history.
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    Jason Aldean Reacts to Vegas Shooting: ‘Something Has Changed in This Country’Jason Aldean and the Route 91 Harvest have issued separate responses to the mass shooting that left 59 dead and more than 500 hurt in Las Vegas.
  33. last night on late night
    James Corden Demands to Know Why the U.S. Can’t Fix Its Gun Problem“How does every other developed country do a better job at preventing these attacks?”
  34. last night on late night
    Jimmy Kimmel Shows You 56 Senators Who Voted Against Closing Gun-Law Loopholes“They should be praying. They should be praying for God to forgive them for letting the gun lobby run this country.”
  35. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Asks Congress to Admit They’re Never Going to Work on Gun Control“If it’s going to be thoughts and prayers from here on out, the least you can do is be honest about that.”
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    Josh Abbott Band Guitarist Changes Views on Gun Control After Las Vegas Shooting“I’ve been a proponent of the 2nd amendment my entire life. Until the events of last night. I cannot express how wrong I was.”
  37. Massacre Comes Amid Soaring Gun-Violence Rates in Las VegasA mass killing is new for the city, but gun carnage is not.
  38. Scenes From the Las Vegas ShootingVideo shot by concertgoers on phones depicts the devastating attack at Route 91 Harvest festival firsthand. Warning: Footage may disturb.
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    Uber and Lyft Waive Fees for Victims of Las Vegas AttackIn the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, Uber and Lyft have worked quickly to ensure that affected customers would not be overcharged for their rides.
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    Las Vegas Has Been Dreading Mass Violence for a Long Time“We’ve always been a soft target.”
  41. Vegas Gunman May Have Used Automatic Rifle in MassacreIf so, it would be a departure from prior mass shootings.
  42. Vegas Shooter’s Father Was on FBI Most Wanted ListIt seems the mass murderer’s father was an armed bank robber who was on the lam from the Feds for years.