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  1. Hey Hollywood, You Should Know About Michaela Myers Written and produced by Andra Whipple and Lauren Davis, and directed by Hannah Bowens, Under the Table  follows three down-on-their-luck […]
  2. loose threads
    Nude Pics of Kate and Gisele Up for Auction; Posh Designs for Mouret?• Risque pictures of famous models like Kate Moss and Gisele Bündchen are going up for auction at Christie’s on April 10. The entire collection of 135 prints shot by photographers like Richard Avedon and Diane Arbus ought to fetch about $3 million. [British Vogue]
  3. gossipmonger
    Bloomie and McCain: A Ticket Made in Independent Heaven?John McCain may or may not ask Mike Bloomberg to be his running mate. Harvey Weinstein belted out “New York, New York” at his daughter’s 10th-birthday party at Spotlight Live. Recently married Vogue editor and socialite Lauren Davis wants to find a “gestational carrier” for her baby. First daughter Barbara Bush watched the Giants win at the Village Pourhouse with 40 friends. Josh Hartnett went to Freemans and the Beatrice Inn on Thursday, while Helena Christensen just went to Freemans. Andy Samberg went to BAM to watch harpist girlfriend Joanna Newsome perform.
  4. in other news
    On the Matter of Lauren Davis’s WeddingOh. My. GOD. Were you at Lauren Davis’s wedding to billionaire Andres Santo Domingo, on January 18? You know, it was held on Baru, the Colombian island off Cartagena owned by his family, and the papers were all calling it “the first real society wedding of the century.” No? Well. You didn’t miss anything because it sucked. First of all, did you know that Colombia is, like, dangerous? Yeah, well, it IS. We had to be driven everywhere in bulletproof cars accompanied by bulky, Spanish–speaking bodyguards. Plus, it was 400 degrees, and get this: There wasn’t any air-conditioning at the church. We were sitting across from Tinsley Mortimer, and we swear all of a sudden her entire face melted straight off into her lap. It was like Raiders of the Lost Ark or something. Afterward, everyone just flew out of the church like they were being released from a hostage situation.
  5. new york fugging city
    Kate Bosworth Looks Healthy, If Not Slightly AlienDashing into the crowded yet blessedly air-conditioned lobby at the Thakoon show, we accidentally almost bowled right over Olivia Chantecaille, who probably would not have appreciated being snapped in two by a couple of L.A. girls whimpering about the humidity. (We’re delicate flowers. Let’s hope she heard our apologies.)
  6. party lines
    Dude, the Trovata Party Was Totally ChillDesigner John Whitledge, showing his second solo outing since he and his three CFDA-winning Trovata co-founders split ways, celebrated at Tunnel’s former location not with bitchy put-downs, but a groovy party straight out of sixties-era Brazil. Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction fame played a three-song set while Capoeira dancers busted athletic moves in crisp white Trovata pants (not a split pair among them). Meanwhile, white-clad lady models wearing head scarves mingled in the crowd.