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  1. the system
    The Law Is Not Made for Breonna TaylorAnd its capacity to deliver justice is functionally null.
  2. politics
    The Case for ConsequencesFor the Republic to survive Trump’s presidency, he must be tried for his crimes. Even if that sparks a constitutional crisis of its own.
  3. republican national convention
    Why the RNC Must Claim Biden Will Make Life Even WorseTrump can’t run on his record or second-term agenda, so his only play is to rail against “American carnage” — even though he’s the incumbent.
  4. vision 2020
    Trump’s Latest Pitch to Suburbs: Demonizing CitiesTrump hopes to frighten suburbanites about cities as sources of violence, crime, and lower home values. But it probably won’t work.
  5. dun dun
    Details About Christopher Meloni’s New Law & Order Show? In This Climate?Detective Stabler will return after a “devastating personal loss.”
  6. police reform
    Trump Signs Police Reform Executive Order, But Calls for More ‘Law and Order’The president’s rambling remarks about his modest police reform executive order left the impression that his heart wasn’t quite in it.
  7. what’s past is prologue
    Trump Is Reviving the Disgraceful Legacy of ‘Law-and-Order’ PoliticsTrump’s rhetoric echos Nixon and Reagan — but unlike his predecessors, he’s incapable of posing as a force for unity as well as repression.
  8. george floyd protests
    Christian Right Leaders Loved Trump’s Bible Photo OpTrump showed he’s willing to impose godly order on his — and white conservative Evangelicals’ — cultural enemies.
  9. veepstakes
    The ‘Law and Order’ TrapSome Democrats are agitating for Biden to try to get to the right of the Republican Party on crime. They shouldn’t.
  10. we needed this
    Your Daddy Elliot Stabler Is Coming Back to TVYes.
  11. environment
    On the Upper West Side, a One-Man War Against Air PollutionGeorge Pakenham takes matters into his own hands when he finds parked cars and trucks with their engines running.
  12. Mike Pence Praises Notorious Criminal As Champion of the ‘Rule of Law’The vice-president gave that title to Joe Arpaio — who tortured inmates, violated court orders, and framed an innocent man for attempted murder.
  13. celebrity politicians
    This Law & Order: SVU Star Is Running for CongressDiane Neal (a.k.a. Casey Novak) is running for a New York congressional seat.
  14. tv review
    Law & Order True Crime: Menendez Murders Is a DudThe result plays like the longest, soggiest L&O episode ever.
  15. law and order
    Casey Anthony ‘Sleeps Pretty Good At Night’ 6 Years After Murder TrialAmerica’s “most hated mom” speaks out about her daughter’s murder for the first time.
  16. how simple can anything be?
    Watching Trump Try to Puzzle Out What ‘Asset Forfeiture’ Means Is DiscomfitingWithin about 60 seconds he goes from having no idea what something is, to developing strong feelings about it, to being outraged anyone disagrees.
  17. the tv industry
    Law & Order: SVU’s Donald Trump Episode Has Its Airdate Postponed Again[Dun dun.]
  18. law and order
    The ACLU Will Temporarily Defend Alleged Chelsea Bomber Ahmad Khan RahamiThe ACLU called his lack of representation “extremely disturbing.”
  19. law and order
    Man Arrested for Setting Fire to Mosque Where Pulse Shooter WorshippedThreats against the mosque have become commonplace.
  20. law and order
    Obama Shortens the Sentences of 111 Drug OffendersObama has reduced jail time for 637 people so far.
  21. law and order
    This Rape Bill Will Close the Loophole That Let Brock Turner Off So EasilyBrock Turner will be released from jail this Friday.
  22. law and order
    Brothers Charged in Shooting of Innocent Bystander, NBA Star’s CousinThe brothers were both “documented gang members.”
  23. law and order
    U.S. Court Finds Russian Lawmaker’s Son Guilty of Hacking, Identity TheftProsecutors say he is “one of the most prolific credit card traffickers in history.”
  24. Trump’s Appeal to Black Voters Was Actually Directed at White VotersHe deserves credit for reaching out. But the more you look at what he said, the clearer it is whom he was talking to.
  25. courts
    Director Jace Alexander Sentenced for Child PornHe pleaded guilty in January.
  26. 2016 presidential campaign
    How Every NYC TV Character Would Vote in the New York State PrimaryWho wins the pivotal Friends demographic?
  27. freebies
    Law & Order’s First 5 Episodes Are Now Streaming for Free on Sundance.TVFor the rest of the month.
  28. law and order
    Bill Cosby’s Wife Will Be Deposed in Defamation CaseThe deposition is scheduled to occur February 22.
  29. law and order
    De Blasio Versus the Judges in Howard Case“I would suggest that the mayor look into a mirror.”
  30. law and order
    Judge Dismisses Taylor Swift Lawsuit Using Taylor Swift LyricsSome people will go so far for a chance to join the squad.
  31. law enforcement
    Police Seizing More Money Than Ever “[Eighty-seven percent] of the time the conviction appears to be irrelevant”
  32. law and order
    Police Arrest Estranged Husband of Millionaire Money Manager for Her 2009 MurderHer 9-year-old daughter found her dead in the tub on the Upper West Side. She’d been strangled.
  33. it’s science
    Law and Order Viewers Are Better at Understanding ConsentA new study found a correlation between watching Law and Order and decreased rape myth acceptance.
  34. law and order
    Beyoncé, Kanye, and Jay Z Are Suing a French T-Shirt LabelSo are Rihanna and Pharrell.
  35. tv
    Law & Order: SVU Is Doing a Robert Durst Episode, Hot Mic and AllThus completing the Robert Durst–Law & Order trifecta.
  36. law and order
    Colorado Begins Search for James Holmes JuryIn fact, it may be more difficult than for the Boston bomber.
  37. law and order
    Condé Nast Settles Intern Pay Lawsuit to the Tune of $5.8MSeems like it would’ve been cheaper to just pay their interns.
  38. remakes
    See True Detective Done Law & Order StyleHooray for mash-ups.
  39. guest stars
    Jill Hennessy Heading to The Good WifeLaw & Order reunion!
  40. law and order
    New York Police Using Armed Trucks From IraqThey’re especially popular in upstate New York.
  41. Law and Order
    Paula Deen’s Attempted Extortionist Gets Two Years in PrisonThomas George Paculis was sentenced to serve two years in prison and an additional year of supervised release.
  42. law and order
    Listen to David Rees’s Law & Order SongBetter late than never.
  43. law and order
    Famous People on Television: A Supercut of Celebrities on Law & OrderHow many can you spot? (And which ones are actually talented?)
  44. life imitating art for art
    Trial Postponed So Juror Can Audition for Law & OrderNow if only they can write that into the show …
  45. law and order
    Visit Law & Order & Food, a Blog Chronicling Food Eaten on Law & OrderAnd now we want a gyro!
  46. last night on late night
    Mariska Hargitay Went Psycho on ScramblePlus: Rashida Jones and Craig Ferguson chilled on a beach in Scotland, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  47. overnights
    Community Recap: Pam the YamA spot on Law & Order parody. Also, someone dies.
  48. community
    Watch the Opening Scene of Community’s Law & Order EpisodeSo … does that make Donald Glover Mariska Hargitay?
  49. community
    Watch a Sneak Peek of Community’s Law & Order EpisodeChung chung!
  50. lawyer shows
    The Annoying TV Judges Hall of ShameObjection! Sustained.
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