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Lawrence O’donnell

  1. potty mouths
    MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Apologizes for Expletive-Laced Tirade“A better anchorman and a better person would’ve had a better reaction to technical difficulties. I’m sorry.”
  2. great moments in cable news
    Lawrence O’Donnell Seems to Think Yellowstone National Park Is in UtahIt is in Wyoming. 
  3. the racie for gracie
    O’Donnell Berates Weiner in Epically Awkward Interview He demands to know, “What is wrong with you?”
  4. international intrigue
    Lawrence O’Donnell Vs. Julia Ioffe on RussiaThe MSNBC host “O’Reilly’d” the journalist over Snowden and Russia.
  5. tv news news
    We’ve Seen This Movie Before, Haven’t We?Two MSNBC anchors are dating.
  6. jesus christie
    Would Chris Christie Get Less Attention If He Were Governor of Kansas?John Heilemann responded to that question on ‘Last Word.’
  7. eye of newt
    John Heilemann Talks Newt’s ImplosionAnd Michelle Bachmann’s possible run.
  8. eye of newt
    New York’s John Heilemann Explains How Newt Gingrich Blew ItDoes this leave Mitt Romney?
  9. early and awkward
    New York’s John Heilemann Breaks Down the Possible Republican Presidential CandidatesSeparating the “non-nut candidates” from the crazy ones.
  10. cable news news
    Olbermann To Go Up Against His ReplacementSame Keith time, different Keith channel.
  11. weinerisms
    Anthony Weiner’s Coffee Cup Is Smarter Than YouWell, maybe not you, but definitely Tim Pawlenty.
  12. in other news
    Levi Johnston Is Asked About Pakistan for Some ReasonA weird interview with Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC last night.
  13. exclusive
    Kurt Andersen and Lawrence O’Donnell Pitched a Rich-People Comedy to HBOThey’re awaiting word from HBO on the fate of a comedy pilot they’ve quietly been collaborating on.
  14. cable news news
    Lawrence O’Donnell to Host MSNBC Weeknight ShowAppointment comes after a fourteen-year courtship.
  15. the industry
    Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen to Wait PatientlyPlus: Staten Island finally gets its own TV show.