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  1. college admissions scandal
    Think of How Exhausting It Must Be to Be Olivia Jade’s LawyersIt’s her family’s meltdown and she’ll do a middle finger if she wants to!
  2. the law
    Harvey Weinstein’s New Legal Team Includes Rose McGowan’s Former LawyersA twist.
  3. Lawyer Famous for Racism Says Racism Not the ‘Real Me’It’s clearly just a matter of mistaken identity.
  4. Report: Trump’s Personal Lawyers Don’t Have Security ClearanceThat could be a problem if Trump ever sits down for an interview with Robert Mueller.
  5. Trump Attorney: Cohen Will Snitch Because ‘Prison Has a Racial Overtone’One of the president’s legal advisers suggests that Michael Cohen will turn on Trump because he’s afraid of being raped by a nonwhite man in prison.
  6. lawyer.com
    Lindsay Lohan Wants to Help Donald Trump Find a New LawyerThe Lawyer.com spokesperson is going after a prospective client.
  7. A Cosby Lawyer Quit, Making the Lead-up to Retrial Even StrangerThe attorney’s withdrawal comes just days after the defense tried to have the case dismissed.
  8. divorce
    Matt Lauer’s Wife Is Reportedly Meeting With High-Powered LawyersAnnette Roque appears to be considering moving forward with divorce.
  9. lawyers
    Harvey Weinstein Lawyers Up in Advance of Possible ExposésThe mogul has reportedly been in touch with the Clintons’ crisis manager Lanny Davis.
  10. cosby trial
    Bill Cosby’s Head Lawyer Asks to Quit Ahead of Sexual-Assault RetrialCosby’s retrial is just three months away.
  11. fyre festival
    Fyre Festival Scores a Hat Trick, Lawsuit-WiseTwo class-action suits were filed earlier this week.
  12. criminal justice
    The Defense Attorney Who Cuts Deals for Cartel Leaders“You have to make them as useful as possible to the prosecutors. That’s how you get the best outcome for your client.”
  13. resistance
    The Attorneys Fighting Trump’s Immigration Ban at Airports Around the CountryWomen are taking the lead in the fight against Trump.
  14. Trump’s Travel Ban Will Ignite a Sustained Legal FightJudicial rulings blocking immediate implementation of the travel ban will not affect its full scope or determine its ultimate legality.
  15. women at work
    American Bar Association Moves to Ban Sexist Remarks in CourtroomsFemale lawyers say they too often face harassment while they’re trying to do their jobs.
  16. television
    Why Legal Shows Have Such Fascinating Female CharactersBenched is the latest example of a fascinating genre.
  17. crimes and misdemeanors
    Brooklyn Man Posing As Lawyer in Federal Court Wasn’t Terrible at It“He did not appear, necessarily, to be a good lawyer; he didn’t appear to be a nonlawyer.”
  18. oh new jersey
    Bridgegate Has Cost the Christie Campaign $314,000 So FarOr more than it has in the bank.
  19. uniforms
    Female Lawyers Have Most Confusing Dress CodeSkirts preferred, hoops okay, no pink.
  20. scandal-stained wretches
    Stephen Glass Too Much of a Liar to Be a Lawyer The California Supreme Court has denied the disgraced journalist a law license.
  21. bridgegate
    Chris Christie Lawyers Up, Giuliani StyleRandy Mastro to the rescue.
  22. not having it all
    Female Lawyers Look Back 12 YearsIt gets real heavy on having it all.
  23. tips
    163-Point Memo Explains How to Be a Lawyer While FemaleIt is law.
  24. sad things
    Brooklyn Attorney Drops Dead After Difficult Court HearingA heart attack on his way out of court.
  25. crimes and misdemeanors
    James Holmes’s Lawyers Admit He Did ItThey’re still pleading the insanity defense.
  26. having it all
    Women Allowed to Be Doctors, Lawyers NowStill not allowed to make partner.
  27. Want a Job in Law? Learn to Defend Accused Terrorists“New York is home of the terror bar.”
  28. for the love of the game
    Defunct Law Firm’s Softball Team Refuses to DieOut of jobs but still carrying bats.
  29. law
    New York to Require Some Pro Bono Work From New LawyersPassing the bar will require 50 hours of unpaid service.
  30. trayvon martin
    George Zimmerman’s Lawyers Quit Because They Can’t Get a Hold of HimThey haven’t heard from him since Sunday.
  31. gaffes
    Zimmerman’s Lawyer Cites ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’Unfortunate word-choice alert.
  32. New Technology May Spell Doom for New LawyersEntry-level drudgery was nice while it lasted.
  33. scandal-stained wretches
    News Corp. Lawyer Didn’t Stick AroundIt sounds like a tough job, anyway.
  34. lawyer mike
    Discover Your New Favorite Amateur Rapper, Lawyer MikeLadies and gentlemen of the jury, may we present the lawyer you only want to hire for THROWIN’ DOWN RHYMES.
  35. white men with money
    Andrew Cuomo and Steve Rattner’s Lawyer Had a Really Tense Phone Call Last SummerPeople suspect it’s the reason why the former bailout czar hasn’t reached a deal with the AG.
  36. florida and the things that go on there
    The Estate That Foreclosure Fees BuiltFlorida has the third-highest residential foreclosure rate in the United States, and no one has benefited from that more than lawyer David Stern.
  37. blind items
    Which ‘White Shoe’ Lawyers Are Experiencing Itching and Burning in Their Briefs?Blind item!
  38. humor in the courtroom
    Feds Get Off a Couple of Good Ones in Painting-Fraud Case“Doyle’s alleged efforts turned out to be an inartful fraud.”
  39. bons mots
    Justice Scalia Doesn’t Care If His Clerks Got a Good Education“They may not teach very well, but you can’t make a sow’s ear out of a silk purse.”
  40. mysteries
    Billionaire Real-Estate Mogul Is Blabbering Fool, Lawyer ClaimsHas Tamir Sapir been smiling and nodding his way through major real-estate deals for over ten years?
  41. crossing over
    New York Law Groups Not Thrilled About Arizona ConferenceIt’s an odd place for a discussion on pro bono representation for immigrants.
  42. barely legal
    Elizabeth Wurtzel Passed the BarSecond time is a charm!
  43. bons mots
    Law Firms Hire Pretty Female Employees Because They Feel It Will ‘Reflect Well on Their Firm’Of course that’s why.
  44. lawyers
    Robert Morgenthau Joins Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & KatzHe’ll be working with immigrants.
  45. Booze News
    SLA Speeds Up Liquor-License Process Ahead of Scathing ReportA state commission calls for changes at the State Liquor Authority.
  46. ballsy crime
    Important Artifacts and Personal Property From the Collection of Marc DreierA half-eaten raspberry-peach pie, seven pairs of shoes, and a sign reading “Welcome to the Dreier Residence” go on sale today at the Bloomberg building.
  47. the greatest depression
    Lehman Brothers Annoys Us Even From the Great BeyondPeople are making lots of money off of liquidating the fallen investment firm.
  48. the greatest depression
    The Great Decoupling“People don’t stick together in bad times, it’s human nature.”
  49. we’re just jealous
    The Most Annoying Thing About This Woman Who Is Getting Paid $80,000 to Take a Year Off Is That It’s Not UsBasically, we hate her.
  50. in the magazine
    Marc Dreier Gets His DueThe insane story of the lawyer who bilked hedge funds out of millions.
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