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Legend Of Zelda

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    Report: Nintendo Is Making a Zelda Smartphone GameMaybe it’ll be Tingle-related.
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    Everyone Is Thirsty for Link From The Legend of ZeldaNobody is not horny in the new Zelda game.
  3. This Video Will Answer All Your Questions About the Nintendo SwitchDon’t expect Mario.
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    The Nintendo Switch: Bold, Brilliant, But You Should Wait to BuyThe new Nintendo Switch system is good right now. It’ll be even better if you give it another six months.
  5. Bombshell E3 Announcement: The New Legend of Zelda Has a Jump ButtonIt only took three decades to get there.
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    Nintendo: Netflix’s Live-Action Zelda Series Might Not Happen After AllThe original report was incorrect, according to Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata.
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    Netflix Is Working on a Live-Action Legend of ZeldaIt’s described as a family-friendly Game of Thrones.
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    Behold: An Official Zelda TimelineAt last!
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    Watch an Impressively Bearded Robin Williams’s Legend of Zelda CommercialIs being named for Princess Zelda preferable to being named for Zelda Fitzgerald?