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Legitimate Rape

  1. ripped from the headlines
    The Many Legitimate Inspirations for SVU’s Legitimate Rape EpisodeIt’s not just Todd Akin.
  2. special victims nation
    SVU Rips ‘Legitimate Rape’ From the HeadlinesTodd Akin revenge porn.
  3. legitimate rape
    Some Republicans Still Aren’t Sure That Rape Can Cause Pregnancy California’s Celeste Greig didn’t get the memo on this.
  4. the war on women
    Male Republican Congressman Just Won’t Let ‘Legitimate Rape’ GoTodd Akin, he says, “was partly right.”
  5. the war on women
    A Disaster of a Night for the GOP Rape and Abortion CaucusA victory for women and other empathetic humans.
  6. master debaters
    In Debate, McCaskill Avoids Attacking Akin on ‘Legitimate Rape’Both sides pulled punches.
  7. legitimate rape
    GOP Heavyweights and Their Money Trickling Back to Todd Akin [Updated]Rick Santorum and Jim DeMint both pledge to help.
  8. early and often
    Todd ‘Legitimate Rape’ Akin Staying in Missouri Senate RaceNow with more Newt Gingrich.
  9. first person
    My ‘Diet Caffeine-Free Rape’“You need a new word,” he said. “‘Diet Rape.’ ‘Caffeine-free rape.’ ‘I can’t believe it’s not rape.’”
  10. willful ignorance
    Todd Akin Not the Only One Who Thinks Rape Can’t Cause PregnancyHave you heard about the secret hormonal mechanism that gives you an abortion if you deserve it?