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  1. men
    Adult Men Are Extremely Mad They’re Not Allowed to Go to LegolandOne even wants to file a human-rights complaint.
  2. Get the Kids and the Minivan and Run Far Away From This Human Lego Minifigure[Screaming.]
  3. Researchers at MIT Are Using Lego Blocks to Plan CitiesThese aren’t your ordinary Lego blocks.
  4. roll clip!
    LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Game Is ComingFeaturing BB-8 and sand castles!
  5. trailer mix
    Captain America: Civil War Trailer With LegosTo be viewed in your pillow fort.
  6. lego my legos
    Big Bang Theory Will Get LEGO-edBazinga!
  7. a very special episode
    The Simpsons LEGO Episode Felt Like the Old DaysWe were worried, but last night’s LEGO episode really worked. Three thoughts on why.
  8. movies
    How Lego-y Were Lego’s Other Movies?Bionicle: Mask of Light and The Adventures of Clutch Powers.
  9. sexist toys
    Surprise! Girls Like Legos, TooNew line aimed at girls gives company its best year ever.
  10. lord of the rings
    Watch Lego’s Faithful-to-the-Films Lord of the Rings Video Game TrailerThere’s even a Lego Galadriel.
  11. Chris Pratt and Will Arnett to Become Legos. FINALLY!Remember when Will Arnett played the MRI giver dude on Parks & Recreation and you thought, “He and Andy should totally voice characters in […]
  12. Let’s Play with the ‘Arrested Development’ LEGO Set This WeekendMatt De Lanoy created a custom LEGO set that recreates the entire Arrested Development universe, so if you ever wanted to build a model home […]
  13. lego spoofs
    See This Avengers Poster, Lego-StyleWe are so onboard this Lego spoof trend.
  14. dark knight rises
    Watch the Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises … in LegoHoly Lego, Batman!
  15. clickables
    See Iconic Characters as Minimalist Lego ConstructionsTerrific.
  16. clickables
    Watch ‘King of Legoland,’ a Stop-Motion Tribute to Vintage ToysDid we miss the Trolls?
  17. clickables
    Watch the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides TrailerSuch a range of Lego emotions.
  18. clickables
    Watch a Short Lego History of Great March Madness MomentsToy sports break!
  19. clickables
    Watch The Brick Thief, a Nifty Lego Short FilmDon’t worry; your missing Legos have found a better life.
  20. clickables
    See Movie Scenes Re-Created With LegosI’m starting to think that, these days, adults play with Legos more than kids.
  21. movies
    Watch a Crazy Short Film of Martial Arts, Stop-motion, and Lego’Super Ultra Kara-tay’ is also an elaborate watch commercial.
  22. movies
    See the Entire Original Star Wars Trilogy Reenacted in Two Minutes, in LegoOnceUponaTimeThereWasaBoy.
  23. movies
    The Prince of Persia Trailer, Re-created in LegoThe daggah, the daggah, the daggah! In Lego this time!
  24. art candy
    See the Work of Nathan Sawaya, Lego SculptorTo create his surprisingly adult works of art, he has a six-figure annual Lego budget.
  25. the industry
    Warner Bros. Is Playing With LegosPlus: Ed Helms, international spy.
  26. lame?
    Tonight Lego Is Gonna Prohibit the Use of Its Product in a DVD TonightThe cruel masters at Lego have denied Spinal Tap permission to use video of their figures on an upcoming DVD, just because of a joke about statutory rape.
  27. apropos of nothing
    Hip-hop Album Covers by Way of LegoIf you make a list that somehow works in the Diabolical Biz Markie, we’ll post it!
  28. pop trash
    Lego Miniman Turns 30; Childhood Officially DeadThe iconic Lego toy is aging, but a sexed-up wardrobe signals youthful vigor.
  29. the early-evening news
    George Takei Sets Date for World’s First Same-Sex ‘Star Trek’ WeddingPlus ‘Bruno’ gets a release date, and David Sedaris is a liar no longer.
  30. tube junkie
    Indiana Jones Goes LegoWhy not Legoize the complete LucasArts library?