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  1. early and often
    McCain or Obama: Who’s Taking the Edge in the Wall Street Crisis?Most likely, neither candidate really knows exactly what the hell is going on, or what can be done to fix it. But they’ll try, damn it, they’ll try.
  2. Models and Bottles
    The Last Days of Bottle Service?Nightlife types pontificate on the future of the industry’s most hated institution.
  3. scenes from a meltdown
    The Gorilla Has Hired GorillasLehman CEO Richard Fuld may be staying hidden out of fear.
  4. scenes from a meltdown
    Barclays in Talks to Buy Lehman AssetsThe British investment bank, which walked away from a deal to buy portions of Lehman last Sunday, is apparently still sniffing around.
  5. it happened today
    Bloody MondayNo matter what happens next, today was a day that will be remembered.
  6. scenes from a meltdown
    Lehman Employees Really ARE Losing Their ShirtsA special report from Lehman HQ just came across the wire.
  7. scenes from a meltdown
    Lehman Employees Hoarding Promotional Mugs, FoodLehman employees are fighting over scraps.
  8. early and often
    If McCain and Obama Can’t Tap Into the Economy Message Today, They’ll Never Do ItAnd yet, with statements released this morning, both camps are off to a tepid start.
  9. scenes from a meltdown
    Holy Effing Crap: Wall Street in FlamesMetaphorically, of course. A quick guide to the current crisis for people who didn’t pay attention this weekend.
  10. Midtown Madness
    No Coffee for You!A street cart has banned Lehman Brothers reporters.
  11. white men with money
    Hank Paulson’s Only Loyalty Is to the Chicago CubsWhich is too bad for his brother Richard, a fixed-income salesman at Lehman Brothers.
  12. photo op
    Food Cart Owners to ‘WSJ’ Reporters: ‘No Coffee For You!’We’re not the only ones put off by some of the reports coming out about Lehman Brothers.
  13. end of days
    Frustration and Blame at Lehman BrothersLehman employees have little hope left that their bank will recover. But it’s still so hard to feel bad for them.
  14. Lehman: ‘It’s Over, Man’The 158-year-old investment bank is reportedly in talks to sell itself.
  15. white men with money
    Fuld in FullA retrospective of the career of Lehman Brothers CEO Richard ‘Eyebrows’ Fuld.
  16. money
    Lehman Announces Expected Loss of $3.9 Billion; New PlanLehman Brothers this morning attempted to quell investor anxiety by releasing results a week before they were due.
  17. white men with money
    Dick Fuld Is Feeling Some Serious Heat Right About NowShares of Lehman Brothers hit a ten-year low today as efforts by the bank to raise capital appeared to fail.
  18. scandals
    Wall Street to Blame for Psychologist’s Affair With Prison InmateJosh Spitz, whose wife had an affair with a prisoner at the jail where she worked, defends her character.
  19. company town
    Why Do Weather Reporters Need to Stand IN a Hurricane to Report on It?Do we really need Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric, and Brian Williams in Louisiana when they could cover the hurricane and the RNC at the same time? Plus, all your daily finance, real estate, law, and media news.
  20. company town
    Lehman Continues Staff Cuts1,500 more jobs were eliminated at the bank this week. Plus, the latest on Michael Phelps, JPMorgan, Steve Jobs, and more.
  21. company town
    Meredith Vieira Officially More Powerful Than Katie CouricAccording to ‘Forbes,’ at least. Plus, today’s real estate, law, media, and financial news.
  22. company town
    Fannie and Freddie Get Some Good NewsThe mortgage giants have seen their largest profits in ten years. Plus, who buys a friend a $3 million apartment, and who wants a truck depot in Soho?
  23. white men with money
    Andrew Ross Sorkin Just So Totally Exhausted by These Rich Dudes Jerking Everyone AroundThe ‘Times’ business columnist left us with a few final thoughts before going on vacay.
  24. company town
    ‘People’ Gets the Last Giggle Over Brangelina Baby PicsTurns out the issue whose cover displayed little Vivienne and Knox sold 2.6 million copies, the fourth-largest selling issue of all time for the mag. Plus, the rest of our industry news roundup.
  25. white men with money
    The Bell Tolls for Thee, Richard FuldThe walls are closing in on the Lehman Brothers CEO.
  26. company town
    Rupert Murdoch to ‘Make’ Less Money Than Last YearHe only made $27.5 million in company compensation this year. Plus, Kent Brownridge steps down from ‘Maxim,’ Damon Dash has real-estate troubles, and more, in our daily industry roundup.
  27. company town
    Anti-Feminist Sues Columbia Over Women’s Studies ProgramRoy Den Hollander, the guy who sued against ladies’ night promotions at nightclubs, is at it again. Plus, no one cared that the New York ‘Times’ raised its cover price, and Lehman sells a key asset.
  28. company town
    Lehman Brothers Cannot Get Off the Roller CoasterRichard Fuld’s bank has another up-and-down day; NBC’s Jeff Zucker is pleased with himself; and J.Crew brings Nantucket red to Tribeca.
  29. company town
    Mike and the Mad Dog Break Up at LastAfter months of rumors, Chris Russo is off the popular sports-radio show — that and more, in of our daily industry roundup.
  30. company town
    Michael Phelps Is Gold for NBCPlus, lawyers make criminals sing (to ‘Don Giovanni’), another spectacular apartment you can’t afford hits the market, and more, in our daily industry roundup.
  31. company town
    Meredith Whitney Eyes Goldman After Stock DropAnalysts aren’t so hot on the formerly golden bank this week. Plus, the latest on Andrew Cuomo, George Clooney, Diane Von Furstenberg, and more, in our daily industry report.
  32. company town
    McCain Campaign Rewarding Commenting SpammersPlus, the latest on Wall Street, Gold Street, and your street, in our daily industry roundup.
  33. company town
    In Media, Even Death Cannot Stop NepotismLuke Russert gets a job at NBC, and everyone has liquidity problems (except the tenants of 15 Central Park West), in our daily roundup of media, finance, real-estate and law news.
  34. company town
    Donald Trump: ‘I Called the Recession First, Okay?’Fine, Donald. You win. Except nobody REALLY wins. Because it’s a recession. That and more in our daily roundup of finance, real-estate, media and law news.
  35. company town
    Chairman Cox Bans Naked Short-SellingHeh. Naked short selling. Sounds like something a frat boy would do, right? Well … it sort of is. Read all about the SEC’s bold move to crack down on market manipulators and more, in our daily roundup of finance, media, law, and real-estate news.
  36. white men with money
    Rumor: Goldman Sachs CEO Accused of Rumormongering by Lehman and Bear CEOLehman CEO Richard Fuld and ex–Bear Stearns CEO Alan Schwartz accused Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein of starting rumors! Reportedly!
  37. it just happened
    Erin Callan Out at LehmanThe ex-CFO leaves the embattled bank and its vicious queen CEO for hot Swiss action.
  38. company town
    Charlie Gibson’s ‘World News’ Reaches an All-Time LowBut it WAS over the holiday weekend, so we forgive him. Plus, another dude climbs the ‘Times’ building, Lehman considers Jersey, the Plaza has a big flip, and summer associates get down on their knees, in our daily industry report.
  39. company town
    They Waterboarded Christopher HitchensFinally, right? Plus, David Brooks thinks Goldman Sachs may be on the cusp of a coup, and the “summer of legal vindication” kicks off in our hump-day roundup of media, finance, law, and real-estate news.
  40. company town
    Bonnie Fuller Made $2.4 Million in 2008, As AMI Faces Bleak FuturePlus, the latest on Lehman, Merrill, and ground zero in our daily industry report.
  41. company town
    Eyebrows Are Raised Over Morgan StanleyMorgan Stanley CEO John Mack grapples with plummeting profits and a rogue trader, a summer associate messes with the wrong guy at the company picnic, and Rachael Ray buys in the Hamptons, in our daily roundup of finance, law, media, and real-estate news.
  42. company town
    Will the Landmarks Preservation Commission Make an Example of Robert De Niro?They can make him tear down the Greenwich Hotel’s $1.5 million penthouse if they feel like it. Plus, news on Goldman Sachs, Simon from ‘Real Housewives,’ and a few other people who have power in this town, in our daily roundup of real-estate, finance, media and law news.
  43. company town
    Wall Street’s Week of ReckoningAIG’s Martin Sullivan is out, and everyone else is waiting for the ax to fall. Plus! Former ‘NYT’ editor Howell Raines picks on Poynter blogger Jim Romenesko, a Central Park West penthouse goes on the market for $80 million, and more, all in our daily roundup of finance, media, real-estate and law news.
  44. white men with money
    Lehman CEO Richard Fuld’s Position, Shoes Come Under ScrutinyAs Lehman reports its first quarterly loss as a public company, questions arise about the longevity of its CEO. But who would want to wear those shoes?
  45. company town
    When Yahoo Takes a Beating, Carl Icahn Has a Bad DayIn today’s Company Town: Yahoo goes down, ‘The Wall Street Journal’ gets sloppy, Harry Macklowe throws in the towel, and more.
  46. company town
    Ex–Martha Stewart CEO Is Out and LunchingRecently freed Martha CEO Susan Lyne may have a gig lined up already, Realtors claim the ‘Sex and the City’ movie has done for property what the show did for shoes, and New York judges finally get a pay raise, in today’s roundup of media, real-estate, law, and finance news.
  47. it just happened
    Erin Callan, Joseph Gregory Out at LehmanWhoa. We knew Dick Fuld was not a fan of Lehman Brothers COO’s sleazy green suits or CFO Erin Callan’s nude lipstick, but we didn’t think he’d FIRE them.
  48. company town
    Fifty Cent’s Baby Mama Will Get Rich or Die Tryin’The battle between 50 Cent and Shaniqua Tompkins rages on, Columbia bulldozes most of the Upper West Side, more big changes at the Murdoch-owned ‘Wall Street Journal,’ and other epic battles, in our daily roundup of news from the law, real-estate, media, and finance sectors.
  49. company town
    Andrew Cuomo’s Kiddie VictoryPlus the latest on what’s up with UBS, Beth Israel, and McDonald’s in our daily industry roundup.
  50. white men with money
    In Tough Times, Dick Fuld Keeps the Focus on FashionThe Lehman Brothers CEO urges staff to dress for the job they want…to keep.
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