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  1. fashion
    Victoria’s Secret Executives Allegedly Created a ‘Culture of Misogyny’According to the New York Times, top executives Les Wexner and Ed Razek created an environment in which sexual harassment could thrive.
  2. the top line
    If Jeffrey Epstein Stole From Leslie Wexner, Why Didn’t Wexner Sue?He could have tried to get Epstein indicted for the theft. He could have sued. Didn’t he want his money back?
  3. jeffrey epstein
    Leslie Wexner: Jeffrey Epstein ‘Misappropriated’ Millions From MeThe Ohio billionaire tried to explain his mysterious relationship with Esptein in a letter Wednesday.
  4. jeffrey epstein
    What We’ve Learned About Jeffrey Epstein’s Relationship With Les WexnerTwo new stories shine a light on the odd partnership between the math teacher turned financier and a retail billionaire.