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  1. it's the way that we live
    Where to Be Gay in L.A.A travel guide inspired by The L Word: Generation Q
  2. dating apps
    A New App Wants to Revolutionize Dating As a Queer Person. Can It?Lex is entirely text-based and totally catered to queer, bisexual, and trans people. But will people actually use it?
  3. reading the rainbow
    Which Ocean’s 8 Member Has the Most Powerful Lesbian Energy?Happy Pride!
  4. duck butter
    Alia Shawkat and Laia Costa on Duck Butter’s Sexy Queer Utopia“Miguel [Arteta] always said, ‘I want lesbians as far as the eye can see.’”
  5. New York Magazine’s Sex Lives Podcast: Whither the Lesbian?This week’s podcast.
  6. AfterEllen’s Closure Is a Huge Blow to Queer Women’s MediaAfterEllen was an institution. Now, it’s gone.
  7. a pussy diving into a box
    ‘Cat Knows How to Ignore Men’: A Brief History of Lesbian Cat LadiesExploring one of the most enduring lesbian clichés.
  8. select all
    What Is the Lesbian Dick Pic?As a woman who dates women, I feel left out of this particular sexual textual experience.
  9. vulture lists
    28 People on the Lesbian-Culture Artifacts That Changed Their Lives Picks from Lea DeLaria, Alison Bechdel, Carrie Brownstein and more. 
  10. Frank Rich on Carol and Lesbian CultureTodd Haynes’s adaptation of the classic novel reminds us how much of lesbian culture remains uncelebrated and unseen.
  11. cultural studies
    Frank Rich on Carol and Lesbian CultureTodd Haynes’s adaptation of the classic novel reminds us how much of lesbian culture remains uncelebrated and unseen.
  12. science in your pants
    Why I’m Not Buying This Study That Claims All Women Are a Little GayIf this were true, I’d be getting laid a lot more.
  13. what women want
    What Can Lesbians Teach Us About Female Libido?A new survey says we should forget about “Lesbian Bed Death.”
  14. ex-straight
    OITNB Writer Divorced Her Husband to Date PousseySo writing lesbian plotlines can make you gay!
  15. modern communication
    There Is Now a Set of Lesbian-Specific EmojiHome Depot and fish tacos.
  16. sex tips
    Cosmo Publishes Its First Lesbian Sex GuideMind-blowing, naturally.
  17. lesbihonest
    Is America Ready for an Interracial Lesbian Couple?So why does everyone keep calling them BFFs?
  18. interview
    Q&A: A Queer Porn Director Takes on Mainstream ‘Lesbian’ PornCourtney Trouble’s giving the porn industry “what they want, and what they don’t know that they want yet.”
  19. lesbihonest
    Tavi Plays the Perfect Girlfriend on ParenthoodShe kissed a girl.
  20. oh brooklyn
    Brooklyn Declared ‘Lesbian Capital of the Northeast’By straight, white Borough President Marty Markowitz.
  21. sex ed
    Survey: Women Having More Types of Sex, But Not More SexIt’s the every-ten-years study. 
  22. quotable
    Michelle Rodriguez on Gay Rumors: ‘Eh, They’re Not Too Far Off’“I’ve gone both ways. I do as I please.”
  23. sexual healing
    Lesbians Are Having the Best Summer Ever on TVThank you, Orange Is the New Black.
  24. both sides of a love story
    True Stories: She’s Marrying Her Sorority Sister“I know, it’s the stuff wet dreams are made of.”
  25. style tribes
    Models Flirt With Models at This New Lesbian BarInside the Dalloway, a chic alternative to New York’s gay scene as usual.
  26. true stories
    I Experienced Overt Racism for the First Time at 30Born and raised in blissful New York ignorance.
  27. parenting
    Why Straight Moms Should Parent Like LesbiansMy straight friends need a gay liberation.
  28. lez be honest
    Barneys Takes the J.C. Penney RouteLesbians!
  29. lez be honest
    ‘Lesbian Chic’ Is ‘Trendy’ for Fashion Week!Girls kissing girls is so in right now.
  30. of juiceheads and gym rats
    David Barton Gym Sued for Sexual HarassmentStrong muscles make strong lawsuits.
  31. the kids are all right
    Lesbian Barred From Prom Wins $35KAn awesome victory for gay high school students
  32. chat room
    Ilene Chaiken on The Real L WordThe show creator talks to us about transitioning from scripted drama to reality TV, the portrayal of lesbians in the media, and the possibility of coming to Brooklyn.
  33. bieberpocalypse
    Lesbians Suffering From Bieber Fever Coin a Name for ThemselvesMeet the “Biebians.”
  34. tv
    Watch the Teaser for Lesbian Reality Show The Real L WordIt’s like ‘The L Word,’ but real. Or, “real.”
  35. Top Chef
    Stefan Richter on His Memoir, His New Restaurant, and, of Course, the LadiesStefan Richter tells us why he hasn’t finished his memoir, and talks about winning over lesbians: “It’s all about being charming.”
  36. the quotable greatest depression
    ‘As Long As I Have Money for Cat Food and Cigarettes, I’m Fine’The employees at West Village lesbian bar Rubyfruit offer inspirational maxims for the Greatest Depression.
  37. cultural capital
    The Diminishing Returns of Faux-LesbianismIf there’s one surefire way to gossip-column success, it’s becoming a lesbian. Unfortunately, the ladies the summer seem to have taken things a little bit too far, and now there’s no cachet left to spare.
  38. in other news
    Madonna Is Having an Affair With Gwyneth Now (or Something)At the very least, the singer’s brother says in his new book, they had an affair of the lips.
  39. cultural capital
    New Documentary Finds Women Turned On by Pretty Much Anything (Except Dudes)Read on to find out what does turn women on, including — but not limited to — animal sex.
  40. intel
    Cynthia Nixon: The Secret ‘Sex and the City’ Gay-Publicity Weapon?Has anyone else noticed that the normally private actress has been talking endlessly about her lesbian relationship while promoting her new movie?
  41. cultural capital
    There She Is, Miss Lez Tired of boring old beauty contests? Yawning at the notion of world peace? Last week’s seventh annual Miss Lez competition at Luna Lounge was a radical respite. There were swimsuit, interview, talent, and evening-gown portions of the competition, but contestants at straight pageants don’t often endorse the preservation of eclectic queer culture as their platform. Our cameras were there to catch the dancing, the judging, and, of course, the crowning. Miss Lez Pageant [Video]