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  1. Roy Moore’s Lawyer Is Just As Nutty As Roy MooreIn a a sloppily drafted letter threatening legal action, and two inept TV appearances, Moore’s lawyer is managing to hurt his client’s case.
  2. lawsuits
    Melania Trump Refiles $150 Million Daily Mail LawsuitIt states Trump had the opportunity to launch a brand which could have “garnered multi-million dollar business relationships for a multi-year term.”
  3. lawsuits
    Judge Dismisses Melania Trump’s Lawsuit Against the Daily MailHer lawsuit against a Maryland blogger will continue as planned.
  4. lawsuits
    Judge Rules Against Dismissing Melania Trump’s Libel LawsuitThe First Lady’s libel lawsuit against a blogger will move forward.
  5. kim kardashian robbery
    MediaTakeOut Founder Responds to Kim Kardashian’s Libel LawsuitKardashian filed a libel lawsuit against the site earlier this week.
  6. 10 Revelations From the Post’s Trump InterviewIn an interview with the paper’s editorial board, Trump unveiled his foreign-policy team, his views on nuclear weapons, and his glove size.
  7. things that are not really subtle at all
    Tinder Would Rather Not Be Mentioned Alongside Chlamydia, Thanks The app developer is demanding an L.A. billboard be taken down.
  8. lawsuits
    Sheldon Adelson Suing WSJ Reporter for Calling Him ‘Foul Mouthed’Please let there be a trial documenting his swearing.
  9. blog-stained wretches
    Wendy Gordon Files Wild Fishbowl D.C. Libel SuitMaybe not the best way to restore one’s reputation?
  10. libel
    Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Old Flight Attendant Files Libel Suit Over Mistaken PaternityShe wants $40 million from Gawker, the ‘Daily Mail,’ and the ‘National Enquirer.’
  11. kaaaahhhnnn!
    DSK Accuser Suing the Post for LibelThe story in question is a report on Saturday that claimed the housekeeper was also working as a prostitute.