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  1. Right on Schedule, Gary Johnson’s Poll Numbers Are CrashingIt’s now official — there will be no libertarian moment in 2016.
  2. Gary Johnson Asks the Tough Question on Syria: ‘What Is Aleppo?’The Libertarian candidate gives voice to the countless Americans who cannot recognize the name of the besieged Syrian city.
  3. early and often
    Gary Johnson: Cruz Endorsed Me, Didn’t He?What rhymes with “vote your conscience”? Gary Johnson, sort of!
  4. early and often
    Gary Johnson Wins the Libertarian Party’s Presidential NominationThe biggest official third party in America expects to attract voters who are unhappy with this year’s major-party options.
  5. Libertarian Candidate Could Figure Big in Nov.Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson could become the #NeverTrump choice, muddling the electoral map.
  6. Principled Libertarian Pledges to Support Authoritarian Strongman in NovemberRand Paul says he will support Donald Trump if he is the nominee.
  7. Why Rand Paul Went Nowhere FastHis non-interventionism and strategies for expanding the GOP base never caught on — and now he’s dropping out. 
  8. the national interest
    ‘Youngsters Love Rand Paul’ Is a Fake TrendStop trying to make Rand Paul happen.
  9. the national interest
    How Libertarians Snookered The New York Times MagazineAnatomy of a journalistic train wreck.
  10. No, America Is Not Turning LibertarianPut down that copy of Atlas Shrugged and slowly back away.
  11. media
    Glenn Beck Re-Launching, Re-Locating The BlazeWhere could this infuriating new building be?
  12. libertarians
    Fox Host: Bush and Cheney ‘Should Have Been Indicted’Alert! Alert! Break from predetermined network narrative!
  13. tea time
    Rand Paul Not Libertarian Enough for Libertarian PartyPaul may face a challenge from someone who hates the government even more than he does.