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  1. i like this bitch's life
    Look, It’s the Most Over-the-Top Fashion Wedding of All TimeAnd I can’t stop staring at the photos.
  2. Booze You Can Use
    Limoncello Maker Pollyodd Fine Liqueurs Opens Today on East Passyunk Ave.Owner Joan Verratti is the only female licensed distiller in the United States.
  3. Celebrity Settings
    Grand Canal Immortalized in Film; Kate Burton Eats Like Her DadPlus: Scott Brown dines all over town, and Amber Tamblyn checks out a historic spot, all in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.
  4. party lines
    Danny DeVito Still Hawking Limoncello, ‘Twins’Danny DeVito had six limoncellos before finally tumbling out of the Friars Club’s 50-year anniversary last night, but when we caught up with him, he was clearheaded enough to teach us a little bit about the many uses of his signature liqueur. As an aperitif: “A little vodka, a little limoncello, some soda water, and you have a good time.” When you’re feeling toasty? “It’s real nice straight, ice cold.” For colder nights? “You take a nice cup of mint tea, and you put two shots of limoncello in it, and it’ll really make your night.” But while Danny’s shilling booze, what does he think of where his former Twins co-star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, ended up? “I’m waiting for him to become the senator, so we can do Twins II: Twins in Washington.” Amazing. Twenty years later and Twins jokes still kinda make us giggle. —Amy Preiser Related: Danny DeVito Teaches You How to Pour His Limoncello [Grub Street]