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  1. vulture lists
    What’s New on Netflix: July 2017Lion, Rogue One, and more.
  2. the sports section
    Roger Federer Might Have Bad Taste In MoviesHe didn’t like La La Land’s ending.
  3. the awards show show
    How This Year’s Oscar Movies Are Revamping Their Awards-Season NarrativesOn this week’s episode of The Awards Show Show, hosts Kyle Buchanan and John Horn look at films that have pivoted to new talking points.
  4. chat room
    Dev Patel on Oscar Attention, Typecasting, and Hair-Care Secrets“Everyone uses that term, ‘The film’s more relevant now than ever.’ And I get scared by that sometimes.”
  5. golden globes 2017
    Oh, My God, Dev Patel and Tiny Child Actor Sunny Pawar Are So CuteWatch out, Jacob Tremblay.
  6. How Lion Found Sunny Pawar, the Year’s Littlest Breakout StarFinding a 5-year-old boy who could act wasn’t easy.
  7. party chats
    Lion’s Sunny Pawar Deserves an Oscar for CutenessThat’s a thing, right?
  8. awards
    Taking the Post-Election Temperature of the Oscars Race“Because all of the politics are so heightened outside of the theater, a lot more is being brought into the theater.”
  9. tiny beacons of hope
    Your New Favorite Child Actor Is Sunny PawarRoll out the (tiny) red carpet.
  10. the close-up
    Finally, in Lion, Nicole Kidman Gets to Nurture Onscreen“The love for a child is the most intense, profound, deeply felt thing that will ever transpire through your body to another human being.”
  11. trailer mix
    Watch the New Trailer for Dev Patel’s LionBuild a little barrier of books or something around your screen to hide your tears.
  12. chat room
    Dev Patel on Lion, Aaron Sorkin, and His Beautiful New Hair“It’s funny that it’s gotten attention when really I just feel like I’ve got a mop on top of my head.”
  13. party reports
    Bill Clinton Saw Lion, So at Least There’s ThatIf you’re wondering how the Clintons’ post-election life is going to look, last night was a perfect indicator.
  14. Growing Up in Comedy with Dan Levy Analyzing Dan Levy’s comedy career reminds me of watching the movie Boyhood. Spend an hour or two online tracing his comedic history, […]
  15. exclusive clip
    Watch an Exclusive Clip From the Oscar-Hopeful Tearjerker LionA scene from a film that’s drawing Oscar buzz, out November 25.
  16. exclusive
    Check Out Dev Patel’s Glorious Hair in the New Lion PosterComing November 25.
  17. animal killers
    Let’s Remember the Former Georgia Congressman Who Killed and Ate a LionPaul Broun did a bad thing.
  18. Obits
    After Eights Creator Brian Sollitt Has DiedOne account calls him a “real-life Willy Wonka.”
  19. Zoom Shot: Cara Delevingne’s New Finger Tattoo“Lions rule!”
  20. Coming Soon
    Is John DeLucie’s Chelsea Restaurant Called Café Svago?More details on DeLucie’s next move.
  21. Meat Beat
    Lion-Meat Ban: Lion Slaughterhouses Exist, But They’re Not What You ThinkAs one Illinois lawmaker proposes a lion-meat ban, Grub Street recalls the time it visited a real, live lion slaughterhouse.
  22. Openings
    Vikram Chatwal Is Likely Moving Into the Plaza HotelA new mega-restaurant complex may be in the works at the famed Plaza.
  23. Marketing Gimmicks
    We’d be Lion If We Said We Didn’t See This ComingA Tucson taco tamer pulls lion meat form the menu.
  24. Marketing Gimmicks
    The Mane Course: Lion’s on the MenuA chef in Tucson hopes that it will drum up some attention for his restaurant.