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  1. what could go wrong?
    The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Is Television’s Most Glorious Live EventA toast to the only show that gives us wild balloons and even wilder lip-syncs.
  2. it's lit
    BTS Light Up an Amusement Park for ‘Dynamite’ Performance on AGTShowing America’s Got Talent what talent is.
  3. legend
    Norman Lear Becomes Oldest Ever Emmy WinnerThe TV icon took home his fifth statue.
  4. all the world's a stage
    Woody Harrelson Will Make a Movie Live As It Airs in TheatersMore ambitious than your average Facebook Live session.
  5. Watch Hairspray Live’s ‘You Can’t Stop the Beat’With a special intro from Harvey Fierstein and his wig.
  6. Nipples Are Okay on Facebook As Long As They’re Being Removed During SurgerySlicing Someone Open Falls Within Facebook’s Community Guidelines.
  7. loobeetawns
    I Can’t Stop Watching Kate Hudson Say ‘Louboutins’This video is mesmerizing.
  8. kelly ripa
    Kelly Ripa Returns to Live!“Our long national nightmare is over.”
  9. Kelly Ripa Prepares for BattleThe Live! co-host emerged carrying a book about destroying enemies.
  10. 2016
    Watch the Iowa Brown & Black Presidential Forum With Daily IntelligencerFeaturing questions from moderator and New York Magazine writer-at-large — Rembert Browne.
  11. concert review
    Concert Review: Madonna’s Rebel Heart Takes MSGBitch, she’s Madonna. 
  12. chat room
    Russell Peters on Being Comedy’s Cult Superstar“Other people who are probably funnier than I am … they’ll never be able to sell out an arena.”
  13. Tig Notaro Is Releasing an Expanded Version of Her Largo ‘LIVE’ SetRecord label Secretly Canadian announced today that they’re releasing an expanded CD version of Tig Notaro’s acclaimed Largo performance from […]
  14. The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show: Videogame Debate Club LIVE from New York […]This week’s episode of The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show is a LIVE edition from the NY Podfest. Jeff is joined by Adam Conover and Jared Logan to […]
  15. Tig Notaro’s Album Made a Ton of CashStand-up and cancer survivor Tig Notaro’s recording of her acclaimed, heartbreaking Largo performance, which was released two weeks ago via […]
  16. Left Handed Radio: Freddy’s Back in ‘9thmare on Elm Street’ Thursday NightLeft Handed Radio presents The Sequel Machine, a monthly live show where 25 writers of all stripes (The Onion, Fast Company, McSweeney’s) […]
  17. Left Handed Radio: Come to a Staged Reading of ‘Dark Knight 4’ Thursday […]Left Handed Radio presents The Sequel Machine, a monthly live show where 25 writers collaborate on a sequel to one of film’s biggest […]
  18. It’s That Episode 32: LIVE! with Henry Zebrowski, David Young and Connor […]It’s a special LIVE episode of “It’s That Episode” with guests Henry Zebrowski (Murderfist), David Young (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon) and […]
  19. tv
    Seth Meyers Won’t Be Co-hosting With Kelly Ripa After All“No, no, no, no, no.”
  20. fiona apple
    Watch Fiona Apple’s Live Performance of ‘Paper Bag’And that’s why you bought the new album.
  21. Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Live Late Night Opening Touchdown If you turned off your TV after the Super Bowl to cry yourself to sleep with disappointment or to run out to the streets in celebration, here […]
  22. final days
    Watch a Rent–Themed Tribute to Regis Philbin’s Last Day on Live!Seasons of Reeg!
  23. Director Beth McCarthy-Miller on Filming the 30 Rock Live EpisodesAccording to director Beth McCarthy-Miller, the most impressive thing about the 30 Rock live episodes was not Jon Hamm, but rather that no one […]
  24. The Best Comedic Monologue You’ll See Today This comedic monologue by Joe Wengert, performed last night at Dave Holmes and Rob Delaney’s Mapping the Heavens show at UCB in LA, is one of […]
  25. morning news news
    Regis Philbin’s Perfectly Timed ExitThe talk-show host still had his spark, but Kelly Ripa was increasingly carrying the show on her own.
  26. morning news news
    Regis Is Quitting!Wowza!
  27. clickables
    Hear Josh Groban Singing Kanye West’s TweetsYou know the words: “Fur pillows are hard to actually sleep on.”
  28. Neighborhood Watch
    Chaya Brasserie Gets Ramsay Chef in 90210; Secret Codes Work at Hugo’s andHarutaka Kishi will revamp the menus for a reopening, while discounts serve those who can hold a secret in Atwater Village and Hollywood.
  29. Trimmings
    Schoos Working on Hollywood’s Forthcoming Montaigne Social HouseThe eclectic designer will also rehaul O-Bar and design Morimoto’s Live.
  30. A Reading of a Screenplay Based on Glenn Beck’s NovelComedian Joe Mande’s Adaptation of Glenn Beck’s NovelUCBcomedy.com Apparently, the new hot thing to do when making a comedy video is […]
  31. Neighborhood Watch
    Morimoto Planning Live in Hollywood; Biancaniello Ditches Hatchi MixThe Iron Chef promises an affordable concept while staff lapses are cited for the departure of Library Bar’s mix-master.