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    30,000 Ways to See New YorkDrawings from the final year of Jason Polan’s “Every Person in New York” project.
  2. lives
    5 Saudi Women React to the End of the Driving Ban“The first thing I’ll do is take my family to a restaurant to celebrate.”
  3. lives
    The Real Lives of Young Women Living in Saudi ArabiaWhat it’s like to come of age in one of the strictest countries in the world.
  4. lives
    How Reihan Salam Became Literary Brooklyn’s Favorite Conservative Meet the Mr. Nice Guy of conservative columnists.
  5. real lives
    Neither Man Nor Woman: Meet the AgenderRejecting gender, one hormone and surgery at a time.
  6. lives
    Five Interesting Things About Stephen T. Cohen, Dead Inventor of the Neutron BombOther than the fact that he invented the neutron bomb.
  7. new yorker stories in 400 words or less
    Paul Volcker Doesn’t Like His Own Rule Anymore“It doesn’t have the purity I was searching for.”