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  1. Chris Hardwick Finds His New Calling as a Weatherman Already a podcast mogul and a geek culture demi-god, Chris Hardwick can now add “America’s best weatherman” to his jam-packed resumé.
  2. Watch a News Anchor’s Surprise Wedding ProposalWell, isn’t that cute?
  3. news bloopers
    Dazed and Confused Passerby Keeps Austin Weird in Local News GaffeEverything’s weirder in Texas.
  4. hurricane sandy
    Hurricane Sandy Brings Out the Shirtless Horseman (to a Local News Report)You can’t stop a jogger!
  5. news bloopers
    Watch a Cat Sabotage a Local News ReportInvoluntary Cat Lady win!
  6. sweet brown
    Meet Your New Local News Viral Superstar, Sweet BrownTake your marks, meme-lovers! Sweet Brown is your new favorite thing.
  7. crime and punishment
    MTA Employee Allegedly Punched 6 Train PassengerAnd that’s why you always have exact change.
  8. news bloopers
    Watch an Anchorwoman’s Freudian SlipThird time’s a charm.
  9. anchorman
    Watch a Weatherman Fall Prey to an Anchorman Prank“I love lamp” in real life!
  10. local news
    Check Out Your Requisite Daily Local News BlooperSomewhere in Detroit, things just got weird.
  11. viral videos
    Decide Whether This Reporter Is Drunk On-AirDon’t drink and drive. Also, don’t drink and then try to casually toss to Weather.
  12. local news
    Watch a News Report About Booze-Soaked TamponsBack in my day, we just used to drink beer right out of the can. Boy oh boy, how times have changed.
  13. See a Reporter Wear a Grape Suit Like a ProReporter Pat Collins is a total fruit, but how else is he supposed to get this kind of story?
  14. health
    AIDS Cases Dropped 25 Percent in NYC This YearAnd 47 percent since 2003.
  15. charity
    NYC Bus Drivers Made a Beefcake CalendarThe FDNY should watch their backs.
  16. education
    What Did You Wear for the First Day of School?This 7-year-old wore a tuxedo.
  17. clickables
    Watch a Local News Report Totally Break Down Over a Tarantula“Dude, that thing shoots hair at you. It’s got fangs.”
  18. crime and punishment
    Leiby Kletzky’s Dad Suing Suspected Killer for $100 MillionLevi Aron and his father are both named in separate suits.
  19. race relations
    Reverend Al Sharpton Agrees Not to Attend Panel on Crown Heights RiotsBut he still argues that he wasn’t responsible.
  20. life imitating art
    Carjacker Accidentally Takes ‘Plucky’ Kids, PoodleThis sounds familiar.
  21. photo op
    Garbage Truck Hangs From Window, FDNY Tweets a PhotoWay to go, FDNY social media!
  22. fdny
    FDNY Is Really Racist, Captain ClaimsEven 9/11 wasn’t sacred.
  23. scary things
    NYPD Practicing Riot DrillsJust in case.
  24. bad ideas
    NYC Gym Offering 9/11 DealRead the fine print!
  25. duh
    Poll: Taxis Don’t Share the Road WellYou don’t say …?
  26. stupid crime
    Mother Spots Son on the News Robbing an Old LadyProbably more awkward than watching a sex scene with your parents!
  27. Gary Vosot, Local Newsman For Hire Being a local newscaster is not easy, especially when you’re the one they send out to the field to report on less-than-newsworthy events. But […]
  28. Seth Green Receives Key To New Orleans For Excellence In Rally’s […] Was 1991 a particularly slow news year? Or did we just miss out on the rampant Seth Green fever that swept through the Gulf states during the […]
  29. This Craig Rowin Million Dollars Thing Is Getting Absurd […]
  30. sad news
    Chicago Morning News Anchors Sad About Explosion, Their LivesA missed local event causes chaos at WGN9.
  31. clickables
    Watch Everything Go Wrong on the Local NewsDuring an 11 a.m. newscast near San Diego.
  32. the ivy league
    Harvard Bystanders Don’t Care That Harvard Students Got PoisonedLocal news finds only completely apathetic men on the street.
  33. Local News
    The Tuesday All Our Cars Were Covered With FoodBarbecue sauce vandalism in Aurora; a Chinese food accident on the Tri-State.
  34. Local News
    Cubs Fan Goes on a Hunger Strike500 calories a day until the Cubs win five games in a row? Have a nice diet.
  35. beef
    What Would You Rather Watch: Leno or Local News?Boston affiliate WHDH is engaged in a hilarious standoff with NBC over Jay Leno’s upcoming prime-time debut.