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    Quentin Tarantino Is Transforming Parts of L.A. Back Into Groovy 1969Hollywood Boulevard recently traveled 49 years back in time for the director’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.
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    Roe v. Wade Film Blocked From Filming at Plaza Hotel, Statue of LibertyAccess denied.
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    Video Proof That Vancouver Is the Ultimate Character Actor of Film LocationsCan it ever play itself?
  4. The Chain Gang
    Living Near a Starbucks Might Double Your Home’s ValueThe “Starbucks Effect” is very real, say the authors of a new book.
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    New Restaurateur Is Positive He Owns the Diner From Famed NighthawksThe real question is where are Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Elvis?
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    Entire Town Available for Less Than Half the Price of NYC ApartmentIt’s in South Dakota. 
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    Il Covo Closing to Make Room For A.O.C.’s MoveCaroline Styne and Suzanne Goin look forward to a full bar, private event capacity, and wood-burning oven in this enchanting, legendary space.
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    Mad Men Filming in HawaiiPossibly for the season six premiere.
  9. Dick Bové Has a Teensy, Weensy Suggestion for Wall StreetNamely, move the entire industry somewhere else.
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    Coachella Is Staying PutA tax bill is scuttled that could have provoked the music festival to change locations.
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    Downtown’s Cicada Had a Role in The ArtistThe restaurant stood in for the one where characters George and Peppy ate at.
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    Gabriel Stulman on Scopa, His New Project on Minetta LaneAnd the street gets even more chic.
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    Jeff Cerciello Coming to Brentwood Country MartThomas Keller’s right-hand man will venture out on his own in Southern California.