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Loose Lips

  1. loose lips
    In the End, Does Everyone He Works With End Up Hating Julian Assange?He rubs people the wrong way.
  2. loose lips
    WikiLeaks Ruins Diplomat’s Ability to Comment on Libyan Leader’s ‘Voluptuous Nurse’It’s like nobody cares about world peace anymore.
  3. loose lips
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Got Man-Slapped Across the FaceBest WikiLeaks cable yet?
  4. loose lips
    WikiLeaks Exposes Boeing’s Secret Sales Force: U.S. DiplomatsSome bribes are more acceptable than others.
  5. the holidays
    Julian Assange Posed in a Santa Suit for NewsweekAnd he uses a Mac, for the record.
  6. loose lips
    After Threatening U.S. in Al Jazeera Interview, Assange Denies Similarity to Osama Bin Laden“If I am forced, we could go to the extreme and expose each and every file that we have access to.”
  7. memoirs of an international super-villain
    Julian Assange Inks $1.5 Million WikiLeaks Tell-All Book Deal“I don’t want to write this book.”
  8. loose lips
    Bank of America Prepares to Get WikiLeaked by Buying Up Negative Domain NamesBad news for anyone who wanted to own BrianMoynihanSucks.com.
  9. loose lips
    What We Learned From Julian Assange’s Son’s Twitter“Father declared me a sociopath.”
  10. loose lips
    Julian Assange Picks a Media Fight With the Guardian [Updated]Old friends becomes new rivals.
  11. loose lips
    The WikiLeaks Saga Is All Working Out According to Assange’s PlanMaybe even the sex charges.
  12. julian assange
    Police Report: Julian Assange, ‘Worst Screw Ever’ [Updated]Details on the allegations against him.
  13. loose lips
    Why Do Julian Assange’s Lovelorn E-mails to a 19-Year-Old Sound So Familiar?Socially awkward nerd spurned by a woman goes on to found tech start-up …
  14. loose lips
    Judge Denies Appeal, Julian Assange Freed on BailAssange should be out in a few hours.
  15. loose lips
    U.S. Trying to Charge Julian Assange via Bradley ManningProsecutors are reportedly studying instant-message chats between Manning and Assange.
  16. censored
    State Department Memo Forbids Staffers From Reading WikiLeaks Docs at HomeLook away, says the Consular Affairs-Passport division.
  17. loose lips
    Bradley Manning’s ‘Inhumane’ Prison ConditionsAlone in a cell for 23 hours a day.
  18. loose lips
    Air Force Barred From Reading New York Times WebsiteBut we found a flaw in the plan.
  19. loose lips
    WikiLeaks May Employ an Anti-Semitic Holocaust DenierYou thought WikiLeaks was going to get less complicated?
  20. loose lips
    Julian Assange Remains in Custody While Prosecutors Plan to Appeal His Bail [Updated]He’s not free yet.
  21. loose lips
    Michael Moore Pledges $20,000 to Get Julian Assange Out of SolitaryAssange fights possible extradition and tries to secure bail in court today.
  22. hot or not?
    Julian Assange Is a Gorgeous Man, Says the InternetSomeone has decided to devote his or her time to chronicling Assange’s “enigmatic good looks.”
  23. loose lips
    Will Julian Assange’s OkCupid Profile Be Used As Evidence?Will it be used as evidence?
  24. loose lips
    What Do We Learn about Julian Assange From His Alleged OKCupid Profile?He’s pompous and lonely, duh.
  25. loose lips
    Get Ready for a Very Leaky InternetThere’s a whole lot of leaking going on.
  26. loose lips
    Today in WikiLeaks: Inherent ContradictionsContradictions one through three.
  27. loose lips
    Julian Assange’s Stepdad: ‘I Always Thought He Would Do Something Like This’“He always stood up for the underdog.”
  28. loose lips
    Who Are Those ‘Anonymous’ WikiLeak Hacktivists?Turning up the veil on Operation Payback.
  29. loose lips
    Desperate Housewives, Friends Winning the War on TerrorSaudi Arabian youths who watch them want to live in America instead of blow it up, according to a WikiLeaks cable.
  30. loose lips
    Hackers Take Down Mastercard in Revenge for Blocking WikiLeaksPayPal, Visa, and Amazon … get ready for “Operation Payback.”
  31. loose lips
    STDs, Broken Condoms, and ‘Sex by Surprise’: A Primer on the Charges Against AssangeThere may have been some translation issues.
  32. ink-stained wretches
    Guess Who Time Magazine’s Person of the Year IsHmmm, wonder whose name we’ve been hearing. Everywhere. All the time. No matter what.
  33. loose lips
    Julian Assange Arrested in Britain Over Swedish Sex Charges [Updated]More details emerge about Assange’s accusers; Senator Feinstein urges prosecution under the Espionage Act.
  34. loose lips
    Julian Assange’s New Image: Just in Time to Talk About Those Rape AccusationsWhat, is the WikiLeaks mastermind in a boy band now?
  35. loose lips
    The Future of the United States Depends on an Anti-Venom Factory in AustraliaIs there something we should know?
  36. loose lips
    WikiLeaks: Afghanistan Was Very Unhappy Our Contractor Bought Its Policemen ‘Dancing Boys’Oh, federal contractors in Afghanistan. What are we going to do with you?
  37. julian assange
    Julian Assange to Appear in T MagazineRocking what appears to be an ascot.
  38. loose lips
    McSweeney’s Presents: WikiLeaks, the Musical!Rhyming couplets and everything!
  39. loose lips
    International Hunt for Julian Assange Stalls Over Faulty PaperworkThey will wait for Sweden to fill out their arrest warrant correctly.
  40. what we're up against
    American Diplomat Concludes That ‘Inferiority Complex’ Prevents Canadians From Discussing the United States“A number of programs offer Canadian viewers their fill of nefarious American officials carrying out equally nefarious deeds.”
  41. loose lips
    WikiLeaks: Vladimir Putin, He’s Just Like UsHe hates responsibility and wants to work from home.
  42. loose lips
    Mother of Renegade International Fugitive Julian Assange Runs a Puppet TheaterCould the apple have possibly fallen farther from the tree?
  43. loose lips
    WikiLeaks Is Going to ‘Redefine Global History’?The new leak is going to be seven times larger than the Iraq leak.
  44. loose lips
    Pentagon Gets Ready to Warn Iraqis Mentioned in New WikiLeaks DumpThe military braces itself for the expected release of 400,000 new documents.
  45. loose lips
    WikiLeaks Readying Massive Leak of Iraq-Related DocumentsCalled “the biggest leak of military intelligence that has ever occurred.”
  46. loose lips
    Pentagon Issues Stern Warning To WikiLeaksSpokesman says release of additional materials would be “height of irresponsibility.”
  47. loose lips
    Adorable Pentagon Wants Wikileaks to Return All of Its Stolen DocumentsYeah, because that’s something it will do.
  48. loose lips
    FBI to Aid WikiLeaks Investigation; Military Practices May ChangeRelease of documents could have “potentially dramatic and grievously harmful consequences.”
  49. loose lips
    WikiLeaks Maybe Wasn’t Totally Careful About Not Releasing Information That Could Kill PeopleHundreds of Afghanis could be at risk now.
  50. what other people think
    How WikiLeaks Is Changing the WorldIs this good or bad for democracy?
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