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  1. the cut opinion pages
    What of the Boromir Woman?Boromir is the most troubled member of the Fellowship, which also makes him the hottest.
  2. celebrity
    Legolas Is Getting Married, But We’ll Be OkayProcessing a hard truth.
  3. great adaptations
    Another Game of Thrones Actor Has Been Tempted Into Amazon’s Lord of the RingsYoung Ned Stark, welcome.
  4. looking back
    Ian McKellen Invites You to Read His Lord of the Rings Filming JournalDespite what he said on Extras, Sir Ian spent a lot of time working on becoming Gandalf.
  5. season renewals
    If One Rules, Two Must Be Even Better: Amazon Orders Lord of the Rings Season 2Hey, they already built all these extremely specific sets…
  6. casting call
    Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Snags Its First Ex–Game of Thrones Cast MemberJoseph Mawle knows what he likes: expensive fantasy dramas.
  7. lord of the handsome men
    Orlando Bloom Says He’s Too Old to Reprise 3,000-Year-Old Lord of the Rings ElfHis face disagrees.
  8. middle earth writers room
    Amazon’s Lord of the Rings TV Series Finds Its Creative FellowshipHere are the showrunners, writers, and more.
  9. adaptations
    The Lord of the Rings TV Series Taps Jurassic World Director J.A. BayonaThe filmmaker will direct the first two episodes.
  10. great adaptations
    15 Fantasy Adaptations We’re Excited to See on TV SoonSwords, potions, magic, oh my.
  11. deep dives
    What Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Maps Reveal About Its Prequel SeriesIt won’t be about Young Aragorn. But Amazon dropped a trove of clues about its upcoming Lord of the Rings show.
  12. trailer mix
    Tolkien Trailer: Nicholas Hoult Is a Moody, Sexy King of Middle-EarthIt’s a story of … fellowship [rim shot].
  13. books
    Exploring Middle-earth With Tolkien’s Original MapIt demonstrates the astonishing care with which he imagined his fantastical creations and their intricate world.
  14. celebrity
    Lord of the Rings Is the Perfect Theme for Your 30th Birthday PartyVanessa Hudgens knows.
  15. cg-eyes
    Alita: Battle Angel Designers Created Eyes More Vivid Than Gollum’sHow visual effects designers create eyes that avoid the uncanny valley.
  16. lights camera cgi
    How Lord of the Rings’ Gollum Changed the Course of SFXOne of the many hands who worked on Andy Serkis’s groundbreaking mo-cap performance looks back on the process of creating a new breed of CG character.
  17. Watch an Architecture Expert Weigh In on Iconic Movie Buildings“Man, sitcom apartments … first of all, why are they so big?”
  18. Watch a Sword Expert Fact-check Hollywood Sword FightsThe fact-checker truly is mightier than the sword.
  19. great adaptations
    For the Love of Sauron! Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Adaptation Finds Its WritersIt’s a dynamic duo.
  20. analysis
    Which Lord of the Rings Characters Have Big Dick Energy?J.R.R. Tolkien would be proud.
  21. you have my bow
    Breaking: Legolas Had a Huge Crush on GaladrielImportant 2018 Lord of the Rings news.
  22. fan casting
    Here’s How Harvey Weinstein Would Have Ruined Lord of the RingsAfter news that he wanted to replace Peter Jackson with Quentin Tarantino, we fan-cast the disaster that could’ve been.
  23. harvey weinstein
    Ashley Judd Is Suing Harvey Weinstein for Harassment and DefamationAmong other complaints, Judd is seeking to recoup earnings lost by losing a role in The Lord of the Rings.
  24. Weinstein Blacklisted Ashley Judd, Mira Sorvino Says Lord of the Rings Director“I now suspect we were fed false information about both of these talented women.”
  25. The 8 Most Implausible Commutes in Movie HistorySeems like characters are always traveling at “the speed of plot.”
  26. peak tv
    Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Series Is Really HappeningThe streaming studio has already committed to two seasons of the J.R.R. Tolkien property.
  27. One Series to Rule Them All: A Lord of the Rings TV Show May Be in the WorksOne does not simply walk into Amazon Studios.
  28. Seth Meyers Says Trump Is Turning Every Republican Into GollumMeyers’s impression is less Gollum and more Gilbert Gottfried.
  29. lord of the rings
    LOTR Cast Stages a Suitably Dorky Reunion You have my knife, and my spoon, and my fork.
  30. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Schools Steve Bannon on LOTR“There is no working class in Hobbiton. It’s an agrarian society!”
  31. Viggo Mortensen’s Insane Method Acting in LOTRWho needs bones anyway, right? 
  32. casting couch
    David Bowie Was Seriously Considered for Gandalf in Lord of the Rings“He was unavailable.”
  33. chat room
    Viggo Mortensen on Captain Fantastic, LOTR“I don’t know how you can make a movie as good as the script unless you find six genius kids.”
  34. dispatches from middle-earth
    A J.R.R. Tolkien Biopic Is in the WorksOne biopic to rule them all.
  35. you shall not pass
    Ian McKellen Won’t Officiate Your Theme WeddingNot even for $1.5 million.
  36. encounter
    Scoping Out Comic-Con With Lord of the Rings Superfan Margaret AtwoodIt turns out that Atwood — one of the most esteemed writers of literary fiction of her generation — is a geek, even if she hates that word.
  37. last night on late night
    Ryan Gosling’s Mom Stumps Colbert in LOTR TriviaWe got a real Sauron loser over here.
  38. last night on late night
    Jake Gyllenhaal Bombed His LOTR AuditionHe also had the wrong approach for his Dude, Where’s My Car? audition.
  39. auditions
    David Bowie Auditioned for The Lord of the RingsWas it for Gandalf?
  40. lord of the rings
    Nicki Has a Very Big Ring on That Finger AgainRing game above fleek.
  41. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Flexes His LOTR KnowledgeGather ‘round, hobbits.
  42. important questions
    Turkish Judge Asks, ‘Is Gollum Good or Bad?’A man’s fate relies on the answer.
  43. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Explains Gollum and SmeagolThis feels too close to home to be a bit.
  44. classical music
    Millennials Come Out for LOTR in ConcertThis audience belongs to a generation that will watch action epics on their wristwatch, so it’s not just the scale of the image that pulls them in.
  45. adorable things
    Watch These Kids Lose It When Ian McKellen Goes Full-on Gandalf for ThemIt’s everything you wanted it to be and more.
  46. beef
    Damian Lewis Apologizes For Inadvertently Insulting Sir Ian McKellenThe Homeland actor’s “over-the-top, fruity” comment got him in some trouble.
  47. my precious
    Watch Sesame Street Take On Lord of the RingsStarring Cookie Monster.
  48. candy
    Watch The SimpsonsHobbit-Parodying Couch GagMoe is Gollum, obvs.
  49. mix-ups
    Watch The Nerdist Panel Mix Up The Hobbit, LOTRDominic Monaghan played a hobbit, he was not in The Hobbit.
  50. talking about the weather
    A Pop-Culture Guide to Recognizing Winter StormsThey’re named after classical references, like ‘Rocky.’
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