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Lost Causes

  1. lost causes
    Roy Moore Won’t Accept Reality, Fundraises for ‘Election Integrity Fund’Math be damned, the defeated candidate is pushing voter fraud.
  2. lost causes
    California Court Rejects Last-Ditch Effort to Reinstate Marriage-Banning Prop 8Seriously, it’s over.
  3. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Hopes His Replacement Will Also Obsess Over Soda Ban“Or this carnage is just going to continue.”
  4. lost causes
    Old Borders Gift Cards Are Officially Large Guitar PicksThey’re not worth anything but the plastic they’re printed on.
  5. lost causes
    50 Years Ago, New Yorkers Fought to Keep Penn Station From Becoming a HellholeSpoiler alert: It didn’t work.
  6. lost causes
    Cheryl Cole Is Giving Up on AmericaSad day.
  7. lost causes
    Oliver Perez Is Your Loathsome Mets DistractionThe Mets keep losing.