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  1. Trump Pulling Gorsuch Over ‘Disloyalty’ Would’ve Been Crazier Than Firing ComeyTrump reportedly reconsidered his Supreme Court nomination — one of his only major accomplishments — due to Gorsuch’s mild, strategic criticism.
  2. For Trump, Loyalty Is Everything — and a One-Way StreetHe’s totally willing to turn devoted supporters and staffers into scapegoats. That’s going to cause big problems.
  3. america's ex-mayor
    Giuliani Fifty-Fifty on Christie and BridgegateThe former mayor is “fifty-fifty” on whether or not he knew.
  4. Loyalty
    If You Were Ever Stupid Enough to Think Nutella Was Healthy, You Might Be OwedWe don’t want to know.
  5. Loyalty
    Rachael Ray Defends Batali, Says ‘Hitler’ Was Meant With LoveFriends defend Molto, for the most part.
  6. loyalty
    Microsoft Employees Use iPhones, CEO Steve Ballmer Stomps on Them in PublicAbout 10 percent of Microsoft employees are using Apple’s smartphone.