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Lukewarm Stove

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    Hey, Look, the Yankees Are Doing SomethingIt’s been a quiet off-season.
  2. lukewarm stove
    Freddy Garcia Also Now in the Mix for the Yankees RotationHe posted better numbers than Javier Vazquez last year, at least.
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    Yankees Sign Bartolo Colon to a Minor-League DealThe 37-year-old hasn’t pitched in the majors since 2009.
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    This Is What Passes for Mets Hot Stove News This WinterThe team has signed pitchers Chris Capuano and Taylor Buchholz to one-year contracts.
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    Could Johnny Damon Return to the Yankees?Maybe, but it’s not a great fit.
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    Johnny Damon Buzz Now Includes Dollar FiguresOur long national nightmare could soon be over.
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    Should Johnny Damon Be So Honest About Which Team He Wants to Play For?He’s not making Scott Boras’s job any easier.
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    Chien-Ming Wang Is a National, and No One Is a MetThe Mets sign no one.
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    Your Newest Yankee Is Marcus ThamesThe Yankees tweak some more.
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    Johnny Damon Now Also on the A’s RadarYour daily update on the free agent’s status.
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    It Worked So Well With Tom Glavine, Why Not John Smoltz?The Mets, eyeing John Smoltz, closely.
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    The Yankees Are Still Flirting With Johnny DamonAnd if Damon won’t sign, they’ve got, like, five back-up plans.
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    Are the Mets Interested in Chien-Ming Wang?Apparently. But so are fourteen other teams.
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    Would Johnny Damon Really Retire?We doubt it.
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    Update: Brett Gardner Still the Yankees’ Left-fielderJermaine Dye’s (probably) not walking through that door.
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    The Yankees Want a Pitcher for ChristmasCarlos Zambrano headlines Brian Cashman’s wish list.
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    Mets Willing to Spend. Who’s Willing to Accept?The Mets make some offers. Kind of.