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  1. vulture lists
    The Essential Luther Episodes That Capture the Rise and Fall of the Troubled DCINeed a refresher on what John Luther’s whole complicated, tormented deal is before The Fallen Sun? We’ve got you covered.
  2. coming soon
    Prison Won’t Stop Luther From Solving CrimesIdris Elba breaks out in Luther: The Fallen Sun, the detective show’s movie continuation.
  3. overnights
    Luther Finale Recap: Everybody HurtsAfter five seasons of spectacular deviance and destruction, perhaps some time away might do Luther well.
  4. overnights
    Luther Recap: A Penny SavedAnother of John’s closest allies meets a grim fate in a tense penultimate chapter that sets the stage for a bang-up finale.
  5. overnights
    Luther Season Premiere Recap: The Ball JarOur favorite ethically challenged lawman and his newly returned partner-in-vigilantism are back, and things seem as chaotic as ever.
  6. Keegan-Michael Key Brings Back Obama’s Anger Translator Luther on ‘The […]In addition to showing some more footage from his recent trip to Russia, during last night’s Late Show Stephen Colbert sat down for a chat with […]
  7. renewals
    Idris Elba Will Get to Be Brooding Again in Luther for a Fifth SeasonYou’ll get four more episodes of Idris in sexy coats.
  8. racism
    Idris Elba Tells Parliament Just How Close the United Kingdom Came to Losing Him“Talent is everywhere, opportunity isn’t.”
  9. overnights
    Luther Recap: Go Ask Alice“Do you know what it’s like to be haunted?”
  10. playing catch-up
    How to Catch Up on Winter’s Returning TV FavoritesStill waiting to watch Sherlock? Seize the day, friend.
  11. idris elba
    Idris Elba Wants to Do a Luther Movie, Bond SongAlso, he sounds like he’d make for a great hang.
  12. the industry
    Escape From New York Remake in the Works From Luther Creator“I heard you were dead,” everyone said to the long-in-development remake.
  13. streaming
    Most of Your Favorite British Shows Aren’t Leaving Netflix After AllGreat news, innit?
  14. streaming
    Netflix Is Dropping Most of Its BBC Shows on January 31 [Updated]Catch up on Doctor Who and Luther while you can.
  15. returning favorites
    Idris Elba’s Luther Returning in 2015For two 60-minute episodes.
  16. british tv
    Luther Getting an American RemakeFinally, a cop show!
  17. reddit ama
    The Best Answers From Idris Elba’s Reddit AMAHe loves Mary Poppins.
  18. Key and Peele Are Introducing Hillary Clinton’s Anger Translator in Their […]Luther, President Obama’s anger translator, was one of the first characters to blow up virally from Key and Peele. So it’s only natural that […]
  19. tv review
    Seitz: Luther Is Smart Enough to Just Let Idris Elba Be Idris ElbaSeason three premieres tonight on BBC America and runs all week.
  20. chat room
    Luther’s Ruth Wilson on Playing Alice Morgan “I kind of feel bad admitting she’s easy to play, like I’m a bit of a weirdo.”
  21. adaptations
    Luther Might Become a MovieIt would be a prequel, says the show’s creator.
  22. doctor who
    Doctor Who Recap: The Lord and the RingsSing, sing a song!
  23. british tv
    Luther Is Finally Coming BackThe third season starts filming this month.
  24. Luther Helps the President Celebrate Romney’s ‘47%’ Comments Key and Peele Get More: Comedy Central,Funny Videos,Funny TV Shows Luther is right: Obama must have been PUMPED. Luther is probably also […]
  25. british tv
    Luther Creator Wants to Do a SpinoffAbout Alice.
  26. Key & Peele & Obama & Luther Defend Louis C.K. Remember when Greta Van Susteren had a silly name, called Louis C.K. a “pig” who “denigrates women,” and said he shouldn’t be allowed to host […]
  27. the vulture transcript
    Idris Elba on Prometheus, Learning to Box, and His Party House The address, 7 Wallace, is his D.J. name. How gangster.
  28. movies
    Idris Elba on Prometheus, Playing Nelson MandelaFor almost a year, his home has been his suitcase.
  29. emmys
    Downton Abbey No Longer Considered a MiniseriesIt’ll have to compete as a drama at the Emmys this year.
  30. ouch
    Gaaah! Great Moments in Recent Hand-StabbingAs told through GIFs.
  31. tv
    Seven Great Returning Shows and How Newbies Can Still Get In On Them’Parenthood,’ ‘Archer,’ and ‘The Good Wife’: We tell you all you need to know to seamlessly hop into their new seasons.
  32. tv
    Idris Elba’s Luther Will Be Back for a Third SeasonThe second season starts airing in the U.S. next month.
  33. gift guide
    The Vulture Gift GuideRounding up gifts for everyone on your list, from the gadget junkies to Sondheim fanatics to wannabe Mad Men.
  34. quiz
    Who Said It: Stringer Bell or John Luther?Idris Elba’s new show ‘Luther’ premiered last night, and he sounds familiar (more British and less cursing though).