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  1. unfortunately close reads
    Travis Scott’s Utopia Is Full of Unserious Lyrics“I’m loyal, bitch / I got Ye over Biden,” etc.
  2. potential breakup song
    Miley Cyrus Says ‘Flowers’ Was Originally the ‘Saddest Song’“‘Sure, I can be my own lover, but you’re so much better.’”
  3. word of the day
    Smokey Robinson Gives Out Gasms After GasmsWe hear variations of his new album’s title sung more than 60 times in one track.
  4. the venice bitch is back
    The Most Lana Del Rey Lyrics on Ocean Blvd, RankedFor the basic bitches and American whores.
  5. is pepsi okay?
    Lana Del Rey’s Favorite Sodas, RankedDid you know that there’s a soda under Ocean Blvd?
  6. listening closely
    Everything SZA References on SOS (Including Herself)From Aaliyah to Kill Bill to Lower East Side hotels.
  7. pen pals
    Taylor Swift Has Sorted Her Music Into 3 VibesWhich are showcased in “Fountain Pen,” “Quill Pen,” and “Glitter Gel Pen” playlists on Apple Music.
  8. lethal lyrics
    Megan Thee Stallion’s Traumazine Bars Humiliate Her HatersThee most savage lyrics from her sophomore album.
  9. heated
    Beyoncé Replaces Ableist Language on Renaissance“Blastin’ on that ass, blast on that ass.”
  10. statements
    Lizzo Says She Will Remove ‘Harmful Word’ From ‘GRRRLS’ Lyrics“Let me make one thing clear: I never want to promote derogatory language.”
  11. way too close reads
    Harry’s House Is a (Sexy) Shrine to Olivia Wilde“You pop when we get intimate” isn’t as self-explanatory as you may think.
  12. arrests
    Young Thug Is the Latest Rapper to Have Lyrics Used As Evidence Against HimSongs including “Bad Boy” by Juice WRLD and “Anybody” featuring Nicki Minaj are cited.
  13. around the world
    Every Latin American Country Mentioned in Bad Bunny’s Un Verano Sin TiBenito knows how to make fans blush.
  14. way too close reads
    What Does Camila Cabello’s Familia Tell Us About Her Breakup With Shawn Mendes?She said the album is completely true — which is practically an invitation to dive into the lyrics.
  15. way too close reads
    The Mitskiest Laurel Hell Lyrics“It’s why I’ve arrived, your sex god.”
  16. way too close reads
    All the Best Advice From Adele’s 30It’s like Chicken Soup for the Soul but for millennials.
  17. way too close reads
    All the Solar Power Lyrics That’ll Make You Go ‘Oh, Lord(e)’Blink three times and feel the Solar Power lyrics kicking in.
  18. respect the classics
    Springsteen Manager Slams the Screen Door on ‘Thunder Road’ Lyrics Confusion“‘Dresses’ do not know how to ‘wave.’”
  19. way too close reads
    All the Olivia Rodrigo Lyrics From Sour You Could’ve Used in High School“Screw you.”
  20. not a kesha song
    Just How Bad Are the Lyrics to Mick Jagger and Dave Grohl’s ‘Eazy Sleazy’?Are they eazy to listen to, or do they just make us feel sleazy?
  21. music
    Baby Just Say Yes … to These Fearless (Taylor’s Version) Easter EggsTake our hand as we drag you headfirst, fearless.
  22. way too close reads
    9 Revelations From Demi Lovato’s Heartbreaking New AlbumFrom mistreatment by ex-managers to manipulation by ex-fiancés.
  23. lyrics
    Here’s How Olive Garden, of All Establishments, Wound Up in a Taylor Swift SongIt involves a Haim.
  24. digital fur technology
    Wait, Did Taylor Swift Just Reference Cats on evermore?“Motion capture/ Put me in a bad light.”
  25. extra extra
    Megan Thee Stallion’s Best Good News Lyrics for Eating Up Them HatersBon appetit.
  26. horny theater kid
    Positions Is Ariana Grande’s Most Theatrically Horny Album YetThe new music is a fantastical fairy-tale journey into Ariana’s depraved mind, her kinky King Lear.
  27. calling 911 on the culture
    The 9 Most Lana Lines on Lana Del Rey’s Violet Bent Backwards Over the GrassDrink every time she mentions Long Beach.
  28. way too close reads
    Taylor Swift’s ‘betty’ Is Queer Canon. I Don’t Make the Rules.Longing. Unrequited love. Skateboards. Gender bending. Rumors. A harmonica! Everything about this song screams queer.
  29. disses
    The Hottest Burns on the Chicks’ GaslighterThe thing is literally called Gaslighter. What else did you expect?
  30. words of wisdom
    7 Prescient Lyrics From Run the Jewels’ RTJ4“You so numb you watch the cops choke out a man like me / And ’til my voice goes from a shriek to whisper, ‘I can’t breathe.’”
  31. babble on
    8 Chromatica Lyrics We Can’t Wait to Scream in the Club After Five Vodka-SodasIt’s the return of the weird Lady Gaga we know and love.
  32. welcome to chromatica
    All I Want to Listen to Is Lady Gaga Saying ‘That’s Gossip’ in ‘Babylon’Gaga brings her rah-rah bitch self back harder than ever on Chromatica’s closer.
  33. not safe for work from home
    Don’t Listen to JoJo’s Horny New Album If You’re Single in QuarantineOr do but only if all your … devices are charged.
  34. way too close reads
    The 10 Drakest Drake Lyrics on Dark Lane Demo Tapes“How you goin’ vegan but still beefin’ with me again?”
  35. jeopardy!
    Alex Trebek Sings Lizzo’s ‘Truth Hurts’ and Now We Want Him to Drop the AlbumDrop the full track, Trebek.
  36. elementary my dear watson
    Genius Allegedly Caught Google Stealing Its Lyrics With an Ingenious WatermarkPay close attention to the apostrophes.
  37. way too close reads
    Who, Exactly, Is Taylor Swift Telling to Calm Down? An Investigation.Donald Trump? Kim Kardashian? Literally anyone???
  38. a star is born
    Here Are the Full Lyrics to A Star Is Born’s ‘Shallow’Use them for your next office karaoke session!
  39. how to write a song in 2018
    How to Write a Great Rock LyricAccording to Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys.
  40. The Best Lines From Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Joint Album ‘Everything Is Love’Hova, Beezus, watch the thrones!”
  41. way too close reads
    The Most Lana Del Rey Things Lana Del Rey Says on Lust for LifeCharles Manson, John and Yoko, and more get shout-outs.
  42. way too close reads
    Owl City Has Quite the Explanation for That Weird ‘Fireflies’ LyricBill Nye would shed a tear.
  43. Why Do You Keep Making Kanye Remind You He Was Right?The most vindicated man in rap is never wrong. And he’s said he’s running for president in 2020.
  44. lyrics
    Tupac Shakur’s Handwritten Lyrics Are Going Up for SaleYou can bid on the handwritten lyrics to Tupac’s “Catchin’ Feelings.”
  45. close reads
    The Glorious Power of a Fat AssAss so fat it’s in 140 rap songs.
  46. gratuitous male objectification
    When Is a Penis Too Good to Break Up With? A.k.a., Dick Too Bomb.
  47. corrections
    Remember, Taylor Swift Never Had to Take the SATsA grammar problem with misquoted lyrics. 
  48. clickables
    Read All the Lyrics From Bon Iver’s Upcoming AlbumOh, that’s what he’s saying.
  49. awfulsome
    10 Awesome/ Awful Lyrics on Katy Perry’s New CD“You make me feel like I’m losing my virginity.”