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    My Windows Rumspringa: A Mac User Switches to WindowsWhat happens when a hard-core Mac user leaves the sterile gallery of MacOS for the drunken carnival of Windows?
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    Why the New MacBook Pro’s Batteries Are So BadPeople who shelled out for a new MacBook Pro are finding their batteries to be a major step backward.
  3. Finally, Doom Running on the MacBook Pro Touch BarIt was inevitable.
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    Microsoft Looks a Lot Like Apple in 1997 — Which Should Scare AppleHow after almost 20 years, the two companies have traded places when it comes to PCs.
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    How Much It’ll Cost You in Dongles to Get Started With the New MacBook ProThe best things in life aren’t free.
  6. Apple Just Changed Your MacBook Pro in One Big WaySay good-bye to your function bar.