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  1. the urbanist
    What Do Royals Do All Day?They paint, they get accused of fraud, they run boutiques, they chain-smoke.
  2. the urbanist
    Where to Find Quiet in Chaotic CitiesThe global quest for a little peace in loud places.
  3. Excursions
    Grant Achatz’s Alinea Will Head to MadridThe famed Chicago restaurant will run two different dining experiences in January.
  4. very sad things
    Spanish Ebola Nurse’s Dog Put DownDespite a popular petition to save its life.
  5. awww
    190,000 Sign Petition to Save Ebola Nurse’s DogMadrid’s government announced a plan to euthanize poor Excalibur on Tuesday.
  6. The New York Diet
    Anthony Bourdain Gets Lamb Chops From Joël Robuchon, Hot Dogs From SabrettThe man behind ‘Medium Raw’ and ‘No Reservations’ tells us where he scores takeout in this week’s New York Diet.
  7. look of the day
    Milla Jovovich Dipped Her Legs in PlaidWould you wear her pants?
  8. Other Cities
    And This Is What Spain’s ‘Ham Trail’ Leads ToRuffles con jamón?