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  1. deaths
    ‘The Amazing Randi,’ Famed Magician and Paranormal Debunker, Dead at 92James Randi transitioned from magician to a scientific skeptic, dedicating the latter half of his career to exposing fraud illusionists.
  2. magic spies
    Magician Derek DelGaudio Reports Other Magicians Secretly Filming His Stage ShowTwo other magicians were allegedly identified as having recorded parts of DelGaudio’s one-man magic show, In & of Itself
  3. magic
    Amaze Yourself With This Step-by-Step Card Trick From an Off Broadway MagicianAllow Helder Guimarães to teach you. 
  4. Sleight of Hand
    Disappearing Acts: An Afternoon With the Magicians of Café Edison“When, exactly, was the last time you had your mind read?”
  5. The Complete Guide to Everything: MagiciansThis week we talk about how Tom’s not going to the VMAs while Tim proposes a number of Robin Thicke / Alan Thicke Mash-ups. There’s also […]
  6. magicians
    Grey’s Anatomy’s Arrested Development Shout-OutMagicians just can’t catch a break.
  7. Foodievents
    Frieze New York Will Feature Speakeasy Magicians and Cheflike ArtistsFood and art travel in the overlapping circles at this year’s Frieze New York.
  8. triple-word scare
    Words With Friends Addicts, Meet Your New Favorite MagicianLeave the spectacle to his partner, David Copperfield: Watch David Kwong’s amazing Scrabble-tile trick here.
  9. music
    Look at Rappers Looking Like MagiciansSelf-explanatory. Take it away, Kanye!
  10. things that are surprising but also not
    ‘Long Island’s Favorite Magician’ Pleads Guilty on 64 Counts of Child PornographyPresto!