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  1. flight 370
    Search for Flight 370 Continues as Plane’s Black-Box Battery Life DwindlesFinding the aircraft could take “years,” according to officials.
  2. cable news news
    CNN Tried to Rent Its Own Plane for Flight 370 CoverageThe network eventually settled for a simulator.
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    Search for Flight 370 Shifts by 700 Miles After ‘Credible New Lead’The plane was traveling faster than previously thought.
  4. flight 370
    Flight 370 Pilot’s Simulator Has No AnswersStill no evidence that the captain took down the jet.
  5. flight 370
    Flight 370 Pilot Defended by His Son Following New Accusations“I’ve ignored all the speculation. I know my father better.”
  6. flight 370
    122 Potential Debris Objects Spotted in Search for Flight 370Malaysia calls it “the most credible lead that we have.”
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    Malaysia Airlines Texts Families to Say Flight 370 is ‘Lost’ and None SurvivedThe plane “ended” in the South Indian Ocean, said Malaysia’s prime minister.
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    Chinese Plane Spots ‘Suspicious Objects’ During Search for Flight 370In the area where satellites picked up possible debris.
  9. mysteries
    France Also Spotted Possible Flight 370 Debris Close to where Australia and China detected similar objects.
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    Flight 370 Search Turning to Human Eyes After Another Fruitless DayYet again, a lead appears to be fizzling.
  11. stupid things
    CNN Now Wondering If Flight 370 Disappeared Into Black Hole or Bermuda Triangle Or maybe a Lost episode?
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    Australia Spots Possible Wreckage From Flight 370 [Updated]Satellite images picked up two objects off the coast of Perth. 
  13. cable news news
    Fox News Host on Flight 370: ‘It Took 2,000 Years to Find Noah’s Ark …’Bill Hemmer gets in on some of that CNN action.
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    5 Reasons for Malaysia’s Disorganized Flight 370 InvestigationFrom a lack of press scrutiny to recent political unrest.
  15. cable news news
    CNN’s Flight 370 ‘Theme Song,’ Simulator, and Uninformed Speculation Are WorkingRatings are way up since the jet went missing.
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    5 Not-So-Crazy Theories About Missing Malaysia Flight 370The internet has, somehow, come up with some moderately informed explanations.
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    Flight 370’s Path Was Changed Via Computer Entry, Not ManuallyCasting more suspicion on the pilots.
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    Courtney Love Is ‘Obsessed’ With Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370The singer has been doing some amateur sleuthing.
  19. stupid things
    CNN Introduces Supernatural Flight 370 TheoriesThere’s only so much breaking news.
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    Malaysia Can’t Keep Its Flight 370 Time Line StraightNow the government is saying the communication system went off after the last communication.
  21. flight 370
    Pilot Spoke After Communications System ShutdownBut did not say that anything was wrong.
  22. flight 370
    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Was ‘Deliberately’ Taken Off CourseThe search for the plane is now also a criminal investigation.
  23. scary things
    Flight 370 Mystery Deepens Again With Erratic Radar SignalsNew data just makes things more unsettling.
  24. flight 370
    What a Missing Jet Means to a World Where People Rarely Get LostA lost plane runs counter to our contemporary understanding of the world.
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    Officials Say Flight 370’s Systems Were Shut Down SeparatelySuggesting someone deliberately hid its location.
  26. flight 370
    Report Claims Flight 370 Flew on for 4 HoursReviving the terrorist theory.
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    Satellite Images May Show Missing Flight 370Stills released by China show three floating objects near the flight’s path.
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    This Man Claims He Watched Malaysia Air Flight 370 Go Down in FlamesAn oil rig worker reports from near the coast of Vietnam.
  29. scary things
    Last Words From Malaysia Flight 370: ‘All Right, Good Night’Tensions are running high between the airline and family members with no answers.
  30. flight 370
    A Guide to Flight 370 Theories, From Mechanical Failure to Alien AbductionNo real clues, but plenty of speculation.
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    Iranian Men on Stolen Jet Not TerroristsOne was a 19-year-old trying to reach Germany for asylum.
  32. flight 370
    Few Details Emerge As the Search for Malaysia Airlines Jet Continues [Updated]Some are focusing on two passengers traveling with stolen passports.
  33. awful things
    Malaysia Airlines Jet Carrying 239 Missing Near Vietnam [Updated]The China-bound flight disappeared on Saturday morning.