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  1. controversies
    Malaysia the Latest Country to Ban Abominable Over Controversial MapVietnam and the Philippines have also rebuked the film for its depiction of China’s “nine-dash line” claiming much of the South China sea.
  2. beauty and the beast
    Malaysia Will Show Uncensored Beauty and the Beast After AllBut it won’t be PG.
  3. censorship
    Malaysian Censor Wants to Cut Over Four Minutes From Beauty and the BeastThe “exclusively gay” moment, and then some.
  4. censorship
    Disney Won’t Cut Beauty and the Beast ‘Gay Moment’ Despite Malaysia ObjectionThe studio won’t alter the movie.
  5. the chain gang
    Malaysia Tells Auntie Anne’s People Are Taking Its ‘Hot Dogs’ Too LiterallyThe government wants pretzel dogs to have a less confusing name.
  6. the chain gang
    Starbucks Is Opening a Café Staffed by Deaf BaristasCustomers who don’t know sign language can place written orders.
  7. awful things
    Mass Graves of Human Trafficking Victims Found in MalaysiaMen, women, and children were kept in cages while smugglers used them for ransom. Others have been abandoned at sea.
  8. international intrigue
    Malaysia Airlines Hit With First MH370 LawsuitFrom a family whose father disappeared with the plane.
  9. puppies!!!!!!
    Malaysian Dog-Petting Event Under FireThe man’s-best-friend stuff is not universal.
  10. international intrigue
    MH17 Black Boxes Are in Malaysian CustodyPro-Russian rebels handed them off in the middle of the night.
  11. Recalls
    Cadbury Malaysia in Obvious Trouble for Pork-Tainted ChocolateWarning: May contain trace amounts of pigs, for some reason
  12. mysteries
    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Satellite Data to Be Released to the PublicAlong with an explanation of what it means.
  13. flight 370
    Search for Flight 370 Continues as Plane’s Black-Box Battery Life DwindlesFinding the aircraft could take “years,” according to officials.
  14. flight 370
    Flight 370 Pilot Deleted Files From Home Flight Simulator Though officials caution the public against blaming the crew for the plane’s disappearance.
  15. flight 370
    Pilot Spoke After Communications System ShutdownBut did not say that anything was wrong.
  16. scandal-stained wretches
    Shilling for Malaysia Is Pretty Nice Work If You Can Get ItA conservative commentator got shady content into HuffPo.
  17. lady gaga
    Lady Gaga Gets Gagged by MalaysiaBeing “Born This Way” doesn’t fly there.
  18. Mediavore
    Michael Voltaggio Denied Fish Tacos in San Diego; Martha Stewart Eats MalaysiaThe Top Chef winner doesn’t have sufficient ID, while the business maven eats a lot on a recent trip.
  19. El Gordo
    Still Bleeding Money, Gordon Ramsay Looks to MalaysiaPlus, is Indian food the next big thing?