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  1. man candy
    Billionaire Tech Entrepreneur Selects Handsome Trophy BoyfriendTrophy boyfriends FTW!
  2. mantasies
    Cosmo’s Bachelors Are Hawking Date Outfits for ExpressTube top or miniskirt? Or both?
  3. slashies
    Behold: Baptiste Giabiconi’s New Dance Single50 Cent mixed it for him!
  4. foxes of finance
    Foxes of FinanceOur mostly subjective, entirely shallow, list of Wall Street’s hottest bachelors.
  5. man candy
    Jesus Luz Will Walk Y-3Madonna is not on the tip sheet.
  6. man candy
    Baptiste Giabiconi to Appear Nude on Wallpaper CoverCan you guess whose idea that was?
  7. man candy
    WWD: The Age of the ‘Himbo’ Is Upon UsIt started with Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite man candy, Baptiste Giabiconi.
  8. man candy
    A V Magazine Lady Model’s Best Fall Accessories: Naked Male ModelsAt least some of us are keeping warm this season!
  9. biblical beings
    Jesus Luz Doesn’t Need Madonna’s Help AnymoreShe jump-started his career, but now he could probably make hers a bit less fusty.
  10. man candy
    Your Time Warner Cable Guy Fantasies Made Real in Calendar FormNo, not the ones where you murder the dude for telling you to be home from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. when he actually shows up at 3 p.m.
  11. man candy
    Men in Sweaters’Playgirl’ would never have folded had they adhered to this model of success.
  12. Paul Rudd, RhombusNow we know.
  13. Celebrate Ryan Reynolds’s Completion of the Marathon With Photos of a Wet, Shirtless Ryan ReynoldsYou can also see the actor bearded, bespectacled, barefoot, and chained.
  14. man candy
    Breaking: Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson Looks Hot in Shirtless PhotoThe secretary of the treasury once had washboard abs.
  15. man candy
    Michael Phelps, Naked But for a Wig‘Saturday Night Live’’s Kristen Wiig thinks Michael Phelps has star qualities.