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  1. The Essential Guide to the Modern Man, by David Henne Suits The modern man owns at least three suits: one charcoal for brooding in his Manhattan office, one black for drinking alone in a dimly […]
  2. faces of things
    Feast Your Eyes on a Sensual, Pensive Rob PattinsonThe new face of Dior Homme fragrance.
  3. Quote of the Day
    Don’t You Know Who I Am?’Esquire’ ‘Rules for Men’ addresses dining and dialing, among other foodie topics.
  4. Tim Allen Plans His Triumphant, Manly, Very Manly Return to Prime TimeGet ready for Tim Allen’s big comeback: his new sitcom Man Up just got picked up by ABC. It’s going to be “a multi-camera family comedy about a […]
  5. party lines
    Julian Niccolini: New York City Is Not Manly“This country has been taken over by women, which is a good thing,” the famous Four Seasons host says. “And New York especially.”