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  1. sports
    The Mansplaining Epidemic Rages OnGolf pro Georgia Ball is going viral for a clip in which some random guy tells her how to hit a ball.
  2. word choice
    The Weaponization of ‘Mansplaining’When mansplaining describes everything and nothing, it’s time to retire the term.
  3. politics
    Democratic Lawmaker Calls Out GOP Congressman for ‘Mansplaining’“Thank goodness we have so many men in Congress to mansplain our naiveté.”
  4. mansplaining
    Area Man Explains to Former Vogue Editor Why Fashion Is Bad for WomenSucks for us.
  5. advice
    Ask a Boss: How Do I Shut Up a Mansplainer?Keep being assertive.
  6. film
    La La Land Is a Musical Ode to Men Who Love Mansplaining JazzAt least Ryan Gosling is charming when he mansplains.
  7. mansplaining
    6 Famous Women on How They Deal With MansplainersSamantha Bee’s advice: “I clamsplain right back.”
  8. great moments in mansplaining
    Being a NASA Astronaut Won’t Stop Random Men From Mansplaining Space to YouSo fun being a woman online.
  9. mansplaining
    Useful Tool Will Help You Determine If Men Are Talking Too MuchSpoiler: Probably yes.
  10. mansplaining week
    Q&A: A Trans Man in a World That Loves BinariesThomas Page McBee on seeing behind the lens of male privilege.
  11. mansplaining
    Let Me, a Man, Explain My Appreciation of Guitar SolosOne man makes his case.
  12. from the archives
    What Has (and Hasn’t) Changed About Workplace Sexism Since 1973Office gals fetching coffee may be a thing of the past, but the working woman’s revolt certainly isn’t.
  13. bermuda square
    The Dangers of Mansplaining on the High SeasIn the Cut’s latest “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  14. mansplaining
    Beyoncé Finally Made an Anthem Men Can Appreciate, and I Appreciate ThatA (straight) guy explains his Lemonade obsession.
  15. mansplaining
    Why Do Men Take So Long to Put on Their Shoes?An investigation.
  16. mansplaining
    The Mysteries of Male Competition, ExplainedWith help from John Cheever.
  17. mansplaining
    Why Would an Adult Man Play Video Games?Because a video game is a tiny, stupid world.
  18. mansplaining
    And Now, Men Explaining Why They Send Dick PicsHonestly, we’re still not sure we understand.
  19. mansplaining week
    10 Men on What a Blow Job Feels Like“Like I’m a wild dolphin running through the ocean.”
  20. mansplaining
    What Happened When I Tried to Have It AllOne man confronts the impossible.
  21. mansplaining
    What I Learned About Women From Reading Novels About Female FriendshipThey all have cancer or cheating husbands. Sometimes both.
  22. mansplaining
    This Is the Worst Compliment You Can Give a ManPlease don’t call me “dapper.”
  23. mansplaining
    Confessions of a Male Mommy BloggerI spent 20 years writing about pop culture. Then I had a kid.
  24. I Ate a Hundred Marbles and Now My MALE Doctor Says I’m Full of Glass? […] Mansplaining – when a man explains something to a woman in a patronizing manner – is an epidemic. As a woman, I have had to stomach it for […]
  25. Men on Twitter Whined About Megyn Kelly’s Hair Last NightWow, relax.
  26. explaining mansplaining
    The Complex Relationship Between Women and JerksA conversation with Laura Kipnis, author of Men: Notes From an Ongoing Investigation.
  27. men doing things
    Tom Hanks, a Nice Man, Mansplains ManspreadingA mangry tirade. 
  28. tv
    The CIA Has Been Fact-Checking State of Affairs on Twitter#Actually.
  29. breaking it down
    Here, Sweetie, Let Me Tell You About ‘Mansplaining’Your colloquialism has been verified by important language authorities. 
  30. mansplaining
    George Clooney Explains The Monuments Men’s DelayCGI demands and other junk.