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  1. automotive industry
    Can Trump Actually Bring Jobs Back to Ford?Major layoffs at the company suggest it will probably prove harder than the president appreciates.
  2. aerospace
    The Boeing Retiree Who Knows That the Manufacturing Industry Has Changed Forever“I don’t care what anybody tells me, you can’t force 50,000 companies to keep all their manufacturing here or bring those jobs back.”
  3. manufacturing
    The Alcoholics Anonymous–Coin Maker Who Drinks Away His Stress“There was a lot of pride that went into making the coins for Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous.”
  4. manufacturing
    The Industrial Engineer Who’s Always Fretting About Staff Morale“A plant-manager role is not one you can breeze through. Every aspect of your personality gets exposed.”
  5. manufacturing
    The Steel-Mill Worker Who’s Very Grateful for Her Union“They’re good jobs. Good-paying jobs. Good benefits. My father raised a family of five girls on a steelworker’s wage.”
  6. manufacturing
    The Clothing-Factory Worker Who’s Been There Over 40 Years“I even met my husband here. I’m still married to him! We met on my first day and then we got married five years later.”