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  1. politics
    The MAGA Girlbosses Are FightingMarjorie Taylor Greene called Lauren Boebert a “little bitch” on the House floor amid mounting tensions.
  2. beef
    MTG on Calling Lauren Boebert a ‘Little B*tch’: She’s a ‘Little B*tch’Well there you have it.
  3. trump hush money indictment
    ‘New York City Hates Your Guts’: MTG Drowned Out at Trump RallyShe got a chilly reception in Manhattan ahead of Trump’s arraignment.
  4. the capitol
    The Hecklers Have Won: The Polite State of the Union Is DeadMarjorie Taylor Greene and other vocal Biden detractors turned it into something like a rowdy parliamentary session. Expect that to continue.
  5. the national interest
    The GOP Attack on Ilhan Omar Trivializes AntisemitismElevating Marjorie Taylor Greene exposes the hypocrisy.
  6. early and often
    Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Desperate Plan to Be Trump’s Vice-PresidentMTG just got her first committee assignments and can’t control her mouth, but she might be on Trump’s shortlist. He’d be nuts to pick her.
  7. politics
    Marjorie Taylor Greene Forgot About Dre(’s Copyright Claims)Dr. Dre sent the far-right representative a cease and desist for using “Still D.R.E.” in a promo.
  8. house arrest
    A House Without Rules Makes for C-Span Gone WildInsults about public drinking? Crazy video-game memes? Marjorie Taylor Greene acting normal? It’s chaos on the Hill.
  9. the national interest
    Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets GOP Congress to Investigate January 6Republicans did say they were focused on crime.
  10. the national interest
    There’s No Comparison Between How the Parties Handle AntisemitismMarjorie Taylor Greene shows it pays in the GOP.
  11. divorce
    Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Husband Files for DivorceHe calls his 27-year marriage to the Christian nationalist congresswoman “irretrievably broken.”
  12. early and often
    The MAGA House Will Make the Tea Party Look TameFor all the attention on the Senate, Democrats are almost certainly going to lose the House. When they do, it will be insane.
  13. hmmmmm
    Did Marjorie Taylor Greene Really Kick a Teen Activist?Her reps say no, but footage she tweeted suggests maybe yes.
  14. spicy!
    The White House Twitter Account Has the ReceiptsAnd it’s not going to take Marjorie Taylor Greene’s anti-loan-forgiveness tirade lying down.
  15. politics
    Under Oath, Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She’s ‘Never Ever’ Advocated ViolenceIn a hearing to determine if she should be removed from the ballot as an insurrectionist, the MAGA congresswoman made some laughable claims.
  16. last night on late night
    Marjorie Taylor Greene Called the Cops on Jimmy Kimmel“I feel like maybe other Republicans like having her around to make the rest of them seem normal.”
  17. the slap
    The Kimmel-MTG Spat Over the Slap Proves We’ve Learned NothingAmid our national discourse on comedy and violence, Marjorie Taylor Greene has reported Jimmy Kimmel to Capitol Police for a Will Smith joke.
  18. 2022 midterms
    Money Pours Into MTG’s Race, But Not to Anyone Who Can WinMarjorie Taylor Greene’s district is too red for the Democrats raking in the cash to fight her. The Republican with a chance is too poor to beat her.
  19. ukraine invasion
    Lindsey Graham’s Call for Putin’s Assassination Is Too Extreme for MTGEven Marjorie Taylor Greene said the senator’s call for Russians to assassinate Vladimir Putin was “irresponsible, dangerous & unhinged.”
  20. state of the union address
    Lauren Boebert Makes ‘You Lie’ Heckle Seem QuaintIn a new State of the Union low, the far-right representative shouted at President Biden as he was discussing his son Beau’s death.
  21. politics
    Marjorie Taylor Greene Was Surprise Speaker at White-Nationalist EventThe congresswoman delivered remarks at the America First Political Action Conference on Friday, shortly after a round of applause for Vladimir Putin.
  22. 2022 midterms
    Congresswoman Abases Herself in Front of Trump TowerThe South Carolina congresswoman’s sin was to criticize Trump on January 6, 2021. Now she’s filmed herself proclaiming her MAGA-hood.
  23. the national interest
    Marjorie Taylor Greene Accuses Nancy Pelosi of Running ‘Gazpacho Police’She means “Gestapo.”
  24. congress
    Hal Rogers Poked Representative Joyce Beatty and Told Her to ‘Kiss My Ass’The representative accosted Beatty when she asked him to wear a mask on Capitol transportation.
  25. 2022 midterms
    Trump Nod Triggers Tennessee MAGA Carpetbagger FightThe ex-president’s superfans are upset that he endorsed a former Fox contributor over their preferred candidate.
  26. 2022 midterms
    J.D. Vance Wins the Marjorie Taylor Greene PrimaryThe fiery MAGA extremist Greene has accomplished nothing in Congress. But she’s a power nonetheless and could help Vance win a Senate primary.
  27. buh-bye
    RIP Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Personal TwitterCOVID-19 misinformation will get you booted off Twitter … eventually.
  28. politics
    Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter Account Permanently SuspendedThe company said Greene had violated its COVID-19 misinformation policy for a fifth and final time.
  29. politics
    Representatives Greene and Clyde Fined Over $100k for Refusing to MaskIt’s a small price to pay for right-wing martyrdom.
  30. last night on late night
    Watch Seth Meyers Redefine What It Means to ‘O.J.’Writing a piece of speculative fiction, of course!
  31. capitol riot
    Marjorie Taylor Greene and the Right’s Creeping Embrace of RevolutionIt’s easy to dismiss her as making yet another extremist statement likening January 6 to 1776. She is far from alone, though.
  32. politics
    Republican Trump Critic Quits Congress As Cult of January 6 GrowsTrump is changing the Republican narrative of the Capitol Riot from an outrage in which he was a bystander to a patriotic triumph.
  33. extremism
    Georgia Now Grows Politicians to the Right of Marjorie Taylor GreeneOne Republican congressional candidate is co-headlining the rally for the “political prisoners” of January 6. And he’s not the most extreme.
  34. impeachment
    Will Republicans Try to Impeach Biden Over Afghanistan?Kevin McCarthy would like to keep his powder dry, but the MAGA folk are restless.
  35. politics
    Marjorie Taylor Greene Suspended by Twitter After ‘Fourth Strike’The representative can’t help herself from pushing vaccine misinformation.
  36. marjorie taylor greene
    Why Is Marjorie Taylor Greene Headed to the Cradle of Presidential Campaigns?Does the conspiracist Georgia congresswoman see herself running for president? It’s unclear what else she could be doing at the Iowa State Fair.
  37. politics
    Why Republicans Want to Keep Punishing Liz Cheney and Adam KinzingerThe pair are already pariahs, and ignoring Pelosi’s January 6 panel would be easier. But Republicans still want payback, and leverage over McCarthy.
  38. covi-19 vaccines
    Marjorie Taylor Greene Compares COVID Vaccine Requirements to ‘Segregation’The good news is that MTG has stopped using Holocaust analogies to attack anti-COVID measures. The bad news: She’s found another offensive analogy.
  39. politics
    Marjorie Taylor Greene Suspended From Twitter for COVID MisinformationThe conspiracist congresswoman has been blocked from posting for 12 hours after suggesting the virus is “not dangerous” for Americans under 65.
  40. marjorie taylor greene
    Marjorie Taylor Greene Compares Liberals to Nazis — AgainAfter apologizing for comparing COVID-19 measures to the Holocaust, MTG is still calling vaccinators “medical brownshirts.”
  41. politics
    Why Republicans Condemn Marjorie Taylor Greene, But Not Paul GosarOne believes in Jewish space lasers. The other is friends with a Holocaust denier.
  42. capitol riot
    Kevin McCarthy Between Rock and a Wild Place on January 6 InquiryThe minority leader opposes GOP cooperation with a select committee that his most out-of-control members want to join. He has no great options.
  43. extremism
    Andrew Clyde Challenges MTG for Title of Most Extremist Georgian in CongressThe North Georgia mountains are a proving ground for radical right-wing populists. Gun dealer Andrew Clyde is the latest example.
  44. false equivalence
    Ilhan Omar and Marjorie Taylor Greene Are Not EquivalentIt’s lazily convenient to lump these two “extremists” together. But there’s no comparison in what they’ve said and how they’ve dealt with criticism.
  45. politics
    Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Learned About the HolocaustAfter spending the last month comparing mask mandates to Nazi gas chambers, she now believes there is “no comparison.”
  46. politics
    Marjorie Taylor Greene Apologizes for Holocaust Gaffe, But Not for Her IgnoranceMore than three weeks after her deeply offensive comparison of mask mandates to the Holocaust, Greene shows how little she’s learned.
  47. 2022 midterms
    Georgia Republicans Forgo 2022 Prep to Bicker Over PastThe GOP State Convention was a chance to pull together before a pivotal midterm election, but Georgia Republicans are still divided over Trump’s lies.
  48. maga
    Greene’s Logic: Democrats Are Nazis, So Their Agenda Is Like the HolocaustIn the MAGA world, where all Democrats are socialists, and Adolf Hitler was a socialist, all Democratic initiatives are like the Holocaust.
  49. the national interest
    Marjorie Taylor-Greene and the Strange Anti-Semitism of the Pro-Jewish RightRight-wing populist conspiracy theories pretending to support the Jews.
  50. gop
    Matt Gaetz Distracts From Sex-Trafficking Probe With False Election Fraud ClaimsAs the inquiry into an alleged act of sex trafficking develops, Gaetz is spreading falsehoods about the election with Marjorie Taylor Greene.
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