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    Mark Teixeira Will Miss Eight to Ten WeeksThey’ll start the season with $60 million on the DL.
  2. the sports section
    Finally, Someone Let Mark Teixeira RockWe’ve long known of his desire to do so.
  3. slideshow
    Photo Gallery: Mark Teixeira Puffing His CheeksHe does it all the time.
  4. yankees
    Mark Teixeira Will Miss Ten to Fourteen DaysIn hindsight, it’s clear he returned too soon.
  5. yankees
    The Yankees Had an All-Around Lousy NightAnother injury, a blown save, and a loss.
  6. yankees
    Everybody at Yankee Stadium Today Hit a Home RunUnfortunately, most of those people were Braves.
  7. yankees
    The Yankees Played Party-Crasher This WeekendThe Yankees totally messed up Boston’s 100-year celebration.
  8. curtis granderson
    Curtis Granderson Had Himself a NightThree home runs in a Yankee win!
  9. Interviews
    Mark Teixeira: Big Fan of Juices, Cleanses … and SteakWe realize the phrase “juicing in baseball” typically carries a different connotation.
  10. yankees
    Injury — and Insult? — in the Yankees-Sox OpenerThe Sox win the first game of the series, 6–4.
  11. 2011 mlb all-star game
    If the All-Star Voting Ended Today, Two Thirds of the A.L. Starting Lineup Would Be YankeesThat’s the entire infield, the catcher, and an outfielder.
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    Mark Teixeira Cuts Ties With Scott BorasThe first baseman has cut ties with his agent.
  13. yankees
    Andy Pettitte Phones In His Possible RetirementReport: Andy Pettitte might be done. Source: Mark Teixeira’s in-box.
  14. 2010 alcs
    And Thus Begins Life Without Mark TeixeiraLance Berkman, first-baseman. Robinson Cano, No. 3 hitter.
  15. 2010 alds
    What If Mark Teixeira Hits Like Mark Teixeira This October?It’s only natural to compare this year’s Yankees team to last year’s.
  16. 2010 alds
    The Yankees Do What the Yankees DoThe Yankees beat the Twins 6-4 to win Game 1of the ALDS.
  17. mark teixeira
    Mark Teixeira Took Kurt Cobain’s Death Really HardOr should we say, “Kurt Teixeira” took the Nirvana front man’s death really hard.
  18. yankees
    Yankees Continue to Beat Up on Baltimore, As They ShouldThe Orioles really aren’t very good.
  19. yankees
    Those Were Some Eventful Seventh Innings, Weren’t They?Four Yankees-Indians games, four eventful seventh innings.
  20. yankees
    It’s Official: The Yankees Are SlumpingThey’re not getting much from their stars.
  21. yankees
    The Ups and Downs of the Yankees’ Weekend Against ChicagoThe weekend that was in the Bronx.
  22. yankees
    Why Ryan Howard Is More Expensive Than Mark TeixeiraRyan Howard’s contract shows how much the Yankees control everything.
  23. slow starts
    Mark Teixeira and the Slump That No One’s Really Bothered ByHitting .097 isn’t as bad, it seems, when everyone knows in advance that you’re going to do it.
  24. yankees countdown
    Yankees Countdown: No. 5, Mark TeixeiraOur look at the twenty most important players of the upcoming Yankees season continues.
  25. hot stove
    Scott Boras Is at It AgainThe agent compares Matt Holliday to Mark Teixeira, and Johnny Damon to Derek Jeter.
  26. 27
    The Ten Most Memorable Moments of the Yankees’ SeasonSorry, Nick Swisher’s inning on the mound just missed the cut.
  27. world series
    Too Bad Neither of These Teams Have a First-Baseman Who Can HitWhat’s going on with Mark Teixeira and Ryan Howard?
  28. gossipmonger
    Kate Hudson and A-Rod’s Sex Life Is ‘Like Animal Planet’And more things you don’t need to but kind of want to know about celebrities, in our daily gossip roundup.
  29. the sports section
    Which Yankee Will Win the MVP?Sorry, Joe Mauer, but this is between Jeter and Teixeira.
  30. the sports section
    Once Again, All-Star Picks Favor New YorkAnd somewhat delusionally, in the case of the Mets.
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    Mark Teixeira Might Just Make Himself a Real Yankee YetLast night’s burst of emotion was just another sign of an emerging Yankee character.
  32. the sports section
    Yankees Pick a Good Time to Go on a Winning StreakNotoriously impatient Yankees fans wouldn’t have waited much longer. And they didn’t have to.
  33. the sports section
    Leitch: Where Does Teixeira Fit Into the Yankees’ Fantastically Overpaid Four?Team fans are rejoicing. But what about fans of baseball in general?
  34. the sports section
    Yankees Land Mark TeixeiraAnd all it took was $180 million.