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  1. transformers 5
    Michael Bay Is Directing the Fifth TransformersStarring Mark Wahlberg.
  2. tips
    Daniel Craig’s One Weird Trick to Cure HangoversYou’ll never guess whom he learned it from.
  3. movies
    Ted 2 Is Pointlessly Irreverent, But Parts of It Work AnywayNo movie in which Mark Wahlberg and a talking teddy bear break into Tom Brady’s house and try to jack him off in his sleep in an attempt to harvest his sperm can be entirely bad.
  4. Check Out the First Trailer for ‘Daddy’s Home’ Starring Will Ferrell and […]Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg (formerly Vince Vaughn) have a new buddy comedy hitting theaters at the end of the year called Daddy’s Home, and […]
  5. movies
    Michael Bay May Direct Another TransformersBecause four robot explosion-porn epics apparently weren’t enough.
  6. trailer mix
    Ted 2 Trailer Gives Tom Brady a Golden PenisThunder Buddies for life.
  7. Here’s the New ‘Ted 2’ Trailer Featuring Tom Brady and Lots of Bad WordsThe sequel to 2012’s Ted starring Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg hits theaters this June, and today Universal released a brand new trailer […]
  8. movies
    Mark Wahlberg Is Making a Movie About the Boston Marathon BombingIt’s his way of atoning for not preventing 9/11.
  9. Mark Wahlberg and ‘Entourage’ Writers/Producers Developing a New HBO ComedyMark Wahlberg and former Entourage writers/executive producers Ally Musika and Stephen Levinson are developing a new comedy for HBO. Deadline […]
  10. The Trailer for ‘Ted 2’ Has ArrivedSeth MacFarlane’s 2012 blockbuster Ted has gotten its inevitable sequel, and the first trailer was released today. Like most MacFarlane […]
  11. movie review
    Mark Wahlberg Plays the Ultimate Buzzkill in The Gambler“Is casting Mark Wahlberg as a self-loathing literature professor an inspired or ridiculous choice?”
  12. gotcha
    Is the Entourage Movie Mark Wahlberg’s Practical Joke on the World?The only explanation for this happening is that Wahlberg is messing with us, right? Right?!
  13. chat room
    Mark Wahlberg on The Gambler, Those Sony Leaks, and His Crazy Schedule“If I was Angelina Jolie, I wouldn’t be upset.”
  14. reliving the past
    Mark Wahlberg Responds to His Assault Victim’s Forgiveness “I just thought that what he said was very special. I was overwhelmed with emotion.”
  15. the law
    Mark Wahlberg’s Assault Victim Forgives Him“He has grown up now. I am sure he has his own family and is a responsible man.”
  16. movies
    The Story Behind Mark Wahlberg’s Giant Boogie Nights PenisHow the sausage was made, if you will.
  17. crime
    Mark Wahlberg Wants His Record Expunged So He Can Be a Cop [Updated]The actor attacked two Vietnamese men when he was a teenager.
  18. pardons
    Mark Wahlberg Wants a Pardon for the Racially Charged Crimes of His Past“I have dedicated myself to becoming a better person.”
  19. oscars 2015
    Can Bradley Cooper, Mark Wahlberg, or David Oyelowo Crack Best Actor?Here are our first reactions to American Sniper, The Gambler, and Selma.
  20. trailer mix
    Mark Wahlberg Stars in the Trailer for Oscar Dark Horse The GamblerJohn Goodman, Brie Larson, Michael Kenneth Williams, and Jessica Lange co-star.
  21. trailers
    See the Trailer for Mark Wahlberg’s The GamblerIt’s a remake of the 1974 James Caan film.
  22. the complete acting guide
    Proof: Mark Wahlberg Is a Better Actor Than You Ever RealizedLearn how to act just like Mark Wahlberg with our handy tutorial.
  23. power-ballad chronicles
    The Bizarre History of Transformers’ Great SongAn ‘80s artifact in the best way.
  24. will ferrell
    Hollywood’s Leading Men, Arranged in a Helpful Graphic From Shortest to TallestAt five foot two, Kevin Hart is by far the shortest. But which other A-listers made the chart?
  25. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg May Star in Another Buddy Comedy TogetherLast year it was announced that Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn were teaming up to star in a Gary Sanchez-produced buddy comedy together called […]
  26. Mark Wahlberg in Talks to Reunite With Will FerrellIn Daddy’s Home.
  27. trailer mix
    Watch a New Transformers: Age of Extinction TrailerThis time with more transformer beards.
  28. reality shows
    Mark Wahlberg Is Bringing The Big Brew Theory to A&EAbout MIT students attempting to create a microbrewery.
  29. Empire Building
    Wahlburgers Expanding to Boston, Philadelphia, TorontoEverything’s coming up Wahlburgers.
  30. crazy quotes
    Wahlberg Calls Transformers ‘Iconic Franchise’Maybe he doesn’t know what iconic means.
  31. trailer mix
    Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer: America, America This Is You“I don’t think it’s a truck at all!”
  32. The Feeding Tube
    More Wahlburgers, Coming Right UpMark, Donnie, and Paul Wahlberg are doing well.
  33. hosts with the mosts
    Mark Wahlberg Will Host Kids’ Choice AwardsWait, do kids love Mark Wahlberg now?
  34. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Mark Wahlberg, Super Hot DadThose One Direction boys are bringing out his protective side.
  35. the workhorse
    Why Mark Wahlberg Is the Perfect Mr. JanuaryWith his workmanlike attitude, the Lone Survivor actor is uniquely suited to soldier through Hollywood’s least pretentious month.
  36. movie review
    Edelstein on the Crude Propaganda of Lone SurvivorIt leaves out anything that would transform it into a work of art like Casualties of War or Saving Private Ryan.
  37. casting couch
    Jessica Lange Will Play Mark Wahlberg’s MotherIn The Gambler.
  38. celebreality
    Watch the Wahlbergs in a Wahlburgers TeaserBurger-y.
  39. party chat
    Mark Wahlberg’s Wife Thought Ted Was a Dumb Idea“Yeah, whatever. Dumb idea.”
  40. movies
    What Mark Wahlberg Thinks of Actors Who Compare Their Movies to War“How f**kin’ dare you!”
  41. reality tv
    Wahlburgers TV Show Headed to A&EFine.
  42. back to school
    42-Year-Old Mark Wahlberg Graduated High School This SummerMazel tov, Marky Mark.
  43. stand-up
    Hear the Greatest Mark Wahlberg Burn EverOff of Kurt Braunohler’s upcoming debut album, How Do I Land?
  44. expert analysis
    Let Mark Wahlberg Explain Why The Lone Ranger Bombed So Hard“They’re spending $250 million for two dudes on a horse?” 
  45. quiz
    Quiz: Can You Match Mark Wahlberg’s Abs to the Movie?Can you tell his Pain & Gain abs from his Boogie Nights abs from his Basketball Diaries abs?
  46. movie review
    Ebiri on 2 Guns: The Guy-iest of This Summer’s Guy MoviesSuch a guy movie that if guys didn’t exist, 2 Guns would have to invent them.
  47. trailer mix
    Lone Survivor Trailer: So Many Navy SEAL BeardsAnd feelings.
  48. blame it on the alcohol
    Great Moments in Drunk TelevisionColbert and Carell, Danny DeVito, and Mark Wahlberg got soused for your amusement.
  49. pilots
    Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Is Starring in and Producing a Pilot for HBOExecutive-produced by Mark Wahlberg.
  50. quiz
    Macho Quote Quiz: Marky Mark Lyrics or the Rock’s Smack Talk? Who said “If you ain’t in it to win it, then get the hell out”?
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