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  1. just asking questions
    A Long Talk With Pete ButtigiegThe Democratic 2020 hopeful on college contemporary Mark Zuckerberg, how sewers are like national security, and Ulysses.
  2. facebook
    ‘Mark Is an Authoritarian’: An Early Facebook Investor on the Company’s SinsTalking with venture capitalist and newfound Silicon Valley doomsayer Roger McNamee.
  3. friendly fraud
    Senators Look Into Facebook’s Predatory Game DesignChildren were inadvertently spending hundreds or thousands of dollars and Facebook saw no issue with it.
  4. wtf
    Mark Zuckerberg Once Served Jack Dorsey Goat That He Killed ‘With a Laser Gun’It’s not exactly #thestew.
  5. jack dorsey
    Mark Zuckerberg Once Killed a Goat and Fed It to Jack DorseyDorsey said that it was his “most memorable” encounter with the Facebook CEO.
  6. life in pixels
    Zuckerberg’s 2019 Personal Challenge Is to Explain Why Facebook Is GoodMark Zuckerberg’s series of “public discussions about technology” is more likely to be a series of public defenses of his life’s work.
  7. the zucc
    Mark Zuckerberg: ‘That May Be Good for the World But It’s Not Good For Us’Information cannot just flow through the internet; it all has to flow through Facebook.
  8. the zucc
    Mark Zuckerberg Is Done Apologizing to YouThere are no checks on the Facebook founder’s power, and he knows it.
  9. life in pixels
    The Decline and Fall of the Zuckerberg EmpireDo we need Facebook?
  10. what the zuck?
    Facebook Is at War and Mark Zuckerberg Is Its GeneralThings at Facebook seem totally calm and normal.
  11. kanye west
    Kanye West and Mark Zuckerberg Are Doing Karaoke TogetherOkay.
  12. life in pixels
    Fake News Isn’t Just a Problem for Facebook. It’s Also a Solution!Having learned about the dangerous effects of “fake news” influence campaigns, Facebook has finally landed on a solution: Create its own.
  13. palmer luckey
    It Turns Out Palmer Luckey Was FiredThe VR prodigy was mothballed after supporting a right-wing PAC.
  14. technology
    Mark Zuckerberg Is Trying to Transform Education. This Town Fought Back.How Connecticut parents resisted the Zuckerberg-backed Summit Learning Program.
  15. life in pixels
    Does Facebook Need a Constitution?Facebook’s gestures toward “free speech” make it sound like a liberal democracy. But where are its checks and balances?
  16. select all
    Hey, Just a Reminder That Facebook Revealed a Huge Data Breach Last WeekThe company is doing the bare minimum to notify affected users.
  17. select all
    Is Instagram About to Suck?Instagram’s co-founders announced a surprise departure this week.
  18. select all
    Parents of Sandy Hook Victim Pen Open Letter to FacebookLeonard Pozner and Veronique De La Rosa’s son Noah was the youngest victim of the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012.
  19. select all
    Egyptian ‘Fake News’ Law Could Censor Social-Media UsersWhile Facebook remains muted on how to handle fake news, Egypt has issued its own legislation, which critics fear will censor social media.
  20. select all
    Does Facebook Need a Constitution?Facebook’s gestures toward “free speech” make it sound like a liberal democracy. But where are its checks and balances?
  21. shots fired
    The Onion Declares War on Mark Zuckerberg and FacebookNow this is the good stuff.
  22. select all
    The Facebook Road Show Is Finally OverFacebook has been given enough opportunities to make its case.
  23. select all
    Facebook Is Too Big to ExplainFacebook makes more money when users don’t know what they’ve signed up for.
  24. select all
    An Apology for the Internet — From the Architects Who Built ItEven those who designed our digital world are aghast at what they created. A breakdown of what went wrong.
  25. skin deep
    5 Eye-Cream Tips for Mark ZuckerbergMr. Zuckerberg, you’ve been asked a lot of questions this week. Here are some answers.
  26. select all
    Who Are Diamond and Silk, and Why Can’t Congress Stop Asking Zuck About Them?A brief explainer on the infamous Trump-supporting YouTube duo.
  27. How to Protect Your Facebook DataIn no way are these solutions overdramatic.
  28. select all
    Mark Zuckerberg Wants You to Think You’re in Control of Your Data. You’re Not.In his testimony before senators, Zuckerberg claimed that users have strong controls over their data. Is he sure about that?
  29. oh yes who's a good little suit boy
    Who’s This Little Sweetie in a Big-Boy Suit?Is this big boy Mark Zuckerberg? Oh, is that who it is?
  30. The Best Tweets From Mark Zuckerberg’s Big Day in CongressJust some good tweets.
  31. select all
    Here’s All the Things Congress Might Lecture Zuckerberg AboutIt’s Mark’s big day on Capitol Hill.
  32. select all
    Facebook to Let All Users Unsend Messages After Letting Zuckerberg Do ItSome users have reported that old messages from Mark Zuckerberg have vanished from their Facebook in-boxes.
  33. select all
    Billionaire Catfight Corner: Cook vs. ZuckFinally, a good old-fashioned feud.
  34. select all
    Report: Mark Zuckerberg Agrees to Testify Before CongressThe Facebook CEO has finally relented.
  35. select all
    Zuck Wants to Send Deputies to Lie Down in Front of Government-Testimony BusThe CEO once again argues that he doesn’t know anything about his own company.
  36. As Facebook Fears Mount, Zuckerberg Apologizes in Ad BlitzThe company lost nearly $50 billion in stock value last week following the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
  37. Mark Zuckerberg: ‘I Actually Am Not Sure We Shouldn’t Be Regulated’The CEO stumbled through his first TV interview since the scandal broke.
  38. Mark Zuckerberg Breaks Silence On Cambridge AnalyticaDevelopers will be allowed to pull less data and unused apps will lose access.
  39. select all
    A Message From the CEO [DO NOT PUBLISH]The CEO clears the air on recent reports.
  40. select all
    Facebook Hired Pollster Whose Job Was Tracking If People Like Mark Zuckerberg“You have one individual, 33 years old, who has basically full control of the experience of 2 billion people around the world.”
  41. How Facebook Is Killing ComedyA conversation with Funny or Die’s Matt Klinman on how Facebook has completely destroyed independent digital comedy.
  42. Mark Zuckerberg: People Are Using Facebook Less, Just As We PlannedPeople are spending less time on Facebook, but Mark Zuckerberg says it’s all for the greater good of the company (and the world).
  43. Is Peter Thiel Playing Mark Zuckerberg?Recent news puts Thiel’s past actions in a new light.
  44. Facebook Steps Away From the Public WebYour News Feed will now prioritize friends over brands.
  45. Zuckerberg’s Self-Given Challenge in 2018 Is to Fix Everything He BrokeNew year, new Mark.
  46. How Should We Feel About Mark Zuckerberg’s Philanthropic Ambitions?While Facebook may be trying to downplay its political influence, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is just getting started.
  47. Early 2020 California Primary Could Affect Republicans, TooWhile most of the buzz about California’s move to a March 2020 primary has focused on natives and on Democrats, it could affect Donald Trump as well.
  48. select all
    Does Even Mark Zuckerberg Know What Facebook Is?The same company that gives you birthday reminders also helped ensure the integrity of the German elections.
  49. select all
    Why Trump Hate and Russian Ads Are Good for FacebookIn the long term, Trump’s insults and Democrats’ demands will be good for the social-media company.
  50. Obama Warned Mark Zuckerberg About His Platform’s ProblemsPresident Obama could see what Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t.
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