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  1. space
    Paging Dr. Pimple PopperJust look at this giant blackhead on the surface of Mars.
  2. science!
    Trump Thinks the Moon Is Part of MarsToday’s declaration from POTUS is brought to you by “Science!”
  3. what the trump
    How Trump Offered NASA Unlimited Funding to Put People on Mars by 2020“What if I gave you all the money you could ever need?” the president asked a baffled NASA official, according to former aide Cliff Sims.
  4. space
    Look at This Giant Martian Skating RinkDid you know that aliens love to skate?
  5. Apparently, There’s a Big, Cold, Sludgy Lake on MarsOne mile beneath the surface of Mars’ south pole sits a 12-mile wide lake of liquid — but very salty — water, according to new research out of Europe.
  6. bar raised
    Kind Is Using Big Candy’s Money to Make More ‘Health’ FoodTogether, they’re eyeing beverages and frozen items.
  7. just stellar
    United Arab Emirates Unveils Plan to Grow Lettuce on Mars“When we get there, we’ll have to eat.”
  8. climate change
    World’s Largest Candy Maker Commits $1 Billion to Fight Climate ChangeIt says, “We’re trying to go all in here.”
  9. Mike Pence Announces Plan to Put ‘American Boots on the Face of Mars’The Trump administration wants to make space great again, too.
  10. Trump Signs Bill Directing NASA to Send Humans to Mars (Eventually)The White House finally has a policy response to climate change.
  11. news you can booze
    Budweiser Is Figuring Out How to Brew Beer on MarsFor some reason.
  12. Donald Trump Is Reportedly Thinking About Going to MarsThe president-elect knows the value of a “moonshot.”
  13. trailer mix
    Watch the New Trailer for The Space Between UsAll’s fair in love and gravity?
  14. Trump Courts Swing Voters With Last-Minute Space PlanTrump says NASA should focus on deep space exploration, not “politically correct environmental monitoring,” in surprisingly detailed space agenda.
  15. President Obama Is Psyched About Putting Americans on Mars by the 2030sA public-private partnership will be key to making this happen, the president says.
  16. select all
    Leonardo DiCaprio Wants to Hop on Elon Musk’s Rocket Ship to MarsThe actor subtly mentioned his space-travel plans on a panel with Barack Obama this week.
  17. beautiful sights
    Leonardo DiCaprio Has His Sight Set on Traveling to Another PlanetWonder why.
  18. select all
    Elon Musk: If You Want to Move to Mars, Be Prepared to DieThe SpaceX CEO laid out his plans for creating a self-sustaining society on Mars.
  19. The Future
    Scientists ​Pretty Sure Humans Could Eat Food Grown in Martian SoilGood news for when Earth is no longer inhabitable.
  20. Health Concerns
    Even the Maker of M&M’s Thinks Americans Eat Too Much CandyMars wants fast-food chains to quit adding its products to their already-unhealthy desserts.
  21. This Virtual-Reality School Bus Transports Kids to the Surface of MarsCan we come too?
  22. The Future
    NASA Thinks Potatoes Can Legitimately Grow on MarsResearchers are planting 65 “resilient” spuds in Earth’s harshest desert conditions.
  23. Recalls
    Mars Just Recalled Candy Bars in 55 Different CountriesIt’s expected to cost the company tens of millions of dollars.
  24. Health Trends
    Misguided Maker of Skittles and M&Ms Swears Off Artificial DyeWhat would Willy Wonka think?
  25. Shortages
    Get Ready for a Chocolate ShortageThe industry’s top brands are spending $1 billion to increase cocoa’s productivity.
  26. ask an expert
    How NASA Would Rescue Someone From MarsCould the thrilling rescue in The Martian happen in real life?
  27. mars attack
    NASA Says There’s Water on Mars. So When Do We Move There?Our Mars manifest destiny.
  28. It’s Official! There’s Water on Mars!But can Matt Damon be saved?
  29. this apartment has a dishwasher — and oxygen!
    South Dakota’s New Sales Pitch: ‘Why Die on Mars When You Can Live’ Here?We have oxygen. Mars doesn’t.
  30. women in space
    Female Astronauts Are Cheaper to Send to MarsReports Kate Greene. 
  31. Locavores Rejoice
    We’re This Close to Being Able to Grow Fruits and Vegetables onMen may be from Venus but he heirloom vegetables are in fact from Mars.
  32. When Meagan Prematurely Ends Her Trip to Mars, Let’s Respond in a […]You guys, Meagan is our friend. She has her faults, but she always means well. I guess what I’m really trying to say is that when Meagan’s plan […]
  33. Red Planet
    Red M&M’s Almost Disappeared ForeverBetter red than dead, they say.
  34. it's science
    Rich Guy Dennis Tito Plans to Almost Send People to Mars in 2017They’re not going to land!
  35. The Fudge Report
    Nestle and Mars Accused of Massive Candy-Bar Price-Fixing Conspiracy in CanadaEt tu, Milky Way?
  36. party chat
    Buzz Aldrin Will Not Be a Mars ColonistBut he’s very excited for everyone else who’s going. 
  37. it's science
    There Are Lizards and Squirrels on Mars, or Maybe They’re Just RocksDecide for yourself. 
  38. it's science
    One of NASA’s Rovers Drew a Big Penis on MarsHere’s the photo. 
  39. last night on late night
    Gary Busey’s Audition for Mars Reality TV ShowPlus: Joe Biden’s staff introduced themselves to Julia Louis-Dreyfus as characters on Veep, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  40. romantic getaway
    Only Best Couple Ever Should Go to MarsBoredom, isolation, and feces.
  41. loose threads
    Garance Doré to Sell Illustrations; Mariah Carey’s OPI Line SparklesPlus, Taylor Swift covers Elle Canada.
  42. Sweet News
    Mars Bar Disowning Its Deep-Fried State-Fair CousinSomebody’s getting cut from the family photos.
  43. rough landings
    NASA’s Rover-on-a-Rope Approaching MarsIt’s expected to touch down at 10:31 PST.
  44. Menu Planning
    Mars Mission’s Menus Will Be MeatlessMars needs meat.
  45. Swanky Ice Cream
    What, Exactly, Is Adults-Only Ice Cream?Ice cream is no longer enough; now we need massages and manicures.
  46. mars attacks
    Are Mars Movies Doomed?John Carter, take note: Movies involving the red planet tend to struggle.
  47. Mediavore
    J Restaurant and Lounge Closing in Downtown; Where to Get Feet Wet in KoreatownMatt Kang offers a primer on eating in the eatery-dense sub-city.
  48. Studies
    ‘Mars Mission’ Looking for Food LoversTwo universities want to study food consumption … on the red planet.
  49. Mediavore
    Montco. Town Isn’t Clucking Around When It Comes to Chickens; Girl ScoutsPlus: Volunteers sought for Mars cooking exercises; mediocre sushi probably isn’t worth it, all in our morning news roundup.
  50. space jam
    White House Claims Barack Obama Has Never Been to MarsBut where’s the proof?
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