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  1. history
    Harriet Tubman’s Lost Family Home Has Finally Been FoundArchaeologists say they’ve discovered the site where the abolitionist’s family lived in the early 1800s.
  2. police reform
    Maryland Becomes First State to Repeal Its Police Bill of RightsDemocrats overrode the veto of the Republican governor to create a civilian role in police discipline and heightened standards for use of force.
  3. reproductive rights
    The Abortion Pill Is Now Available by MailA federal judge has ruled that patients seeking abortion medication do not need to pick it up in person during the pandemic.
  4. corruption
    Maryland Governor Accused of Rerouting State Funds to Benefit His BusinessIn a state with a history of corruption, the Never Trump hero may have more in common with the president’s business practices than with his politics.
  5. controversies
    A Nation Divided: Does Old Bay Belong on Grits?A food debate for the ages.
  6. crime scenes
    An Arrest Was Made in the Popeyes Stabbing CaseThe fatal stabbing took place just a few days after the return of the viral menu item.
  7. dogs
    Entire Superrich Town Loses Its Damn Mind Over a Dog ParkResidents of Chevy Chase, Maryland, are furious over the fact that they can occasionally hear dogs barking.
  8. trump tweets
    Jared Kushner Owns Many of Baltimore’s ‘Rat-Infested’ Apartments“That’s kind of weird that you want to talk trash,” said one Baltimore resident. “If you want to make improvements, you can make improvements.”
  9. u.s. supreme court
    Supreme Court Gives Green Light to Partisan GerrymanderingThe brief window for federal court scrutiny of an intensely anti-democratic practices has come and gone.
  10. vision 2020
    California Could Ban Trump From 2020 Primary Unless He Releases Tax ReturnsJerry Brown vetoed a similar bill requiring all candidates to release their tax returns, but Gavin Newsom might sign it.
  11. power
    Cool Teens Fight Back After Boys Circulate List Ranking Their LooksThey took matters into their own hands after deciding the boys’ punishment wasn’t enough.
  12. crime
    Everything We Know About the Maryland Rite Aid ShootingA woman killed three people fatally shooting herself.
  13. mass shooting
    Four Dead, Including the Suspect, in Maryland Warehouse ShootingA 26-year-old temp at a Rite Aid warehouse gunned down three others before killing herself.
  14. SCOTUS Punts Again on the Question of Partisan GerrymanderingIt’s now unlikely the Supremes will clarify any limitations on using redistricting for blatantly partisan purposes until the eve of 2020.
  15. California Considers Medical Price ControlsIn an alternative to single payer, a California proposal aims at holding down health care costs.
  16. Maryland Adopts Automatic Voter RegistrationTo Republicans’ chagrin, Marylanders will now be automatically registered to vote when they interact with state agencies.
  17. The Clock Is Ticking on SCOTUS’s Decision about Partisan GerrymanderingThe second major partisan gerrymandering case before SCOTUS isn’t clearing up the Court’s future direction.
  18. crime
    People Are Upset After Headlines Call School Shooter ‘Lovesick Teen’Seventeen-year-old Austin Rollins shot two people, including his ex-girlfriend.
  19. crime
    Six Days After Students Protest Gun Violence, a Shooting at Maryland High SchoolMultiple injuries have been reported at Great Mills High School.
  20. The Debate Over Gerrymandering Is Changing in a Fundamental WayRedistricting isn’t just about nice-looking maps anymore.
  21. Shooting Outside NSA Headquarters Leaves at Least One InjuredPhotos of the scene show a black SUV with bullet holes in the windshield.
  22. power
    Chelsea Manning Files to Run for U.S. Senate in MarylandPer federal election filings.
  23. big tips
    Wahlberg Brother Tips $500 After His Posse Bombards Waffle House at 2 A.M.The staff of three wasn’t even sure who he was at first.
  24. politics
    Charges Dropped in Rape Case White House Used to Justify Immigration CrackdownSean Spicer called the case “horrendous and disgusting” and said it was cause for the president’s harsh immigration stance.
  25. domestic violence
    New Bill Would Require Domestic Abusers to Wear GPS TrackersThe Maryland bill was introduced in the memory of a woman who was killed by an abusive ex-boyfriend.
  26. peeps show
    Somebody Made Beauty and the Beast’s Belle Out of 1,500 PeepsLet this Maryland county Peeps competition fill the hole left by the Washington Post’s canceled contest.
  27. awful things
    Maryland Police Routinely Dismissed Rape ReportsThe cases were dismissed without being investigated.
  28. tasty accidents
    Truck Full of Bacon Catches Fire in Delicious-Sounding Breakfast CatastropheTalk about extra crispy.
  29. Maryland Women Will Have the Easiest Access to Contraception in AmericaBy 2018.
  30. crimes and misdeamnors
    Maryland Police Officer Shot and Killed in Unprovoked AttackTwo suspects are in custody.
  31. sacked
    Ball-Biting Maryland Cop Has to Turn In His Badge and GunThis is what happens on Cinco de Mayo at Baltimore’s Looney’s Pub.
  32. Close Call
    Someone Found a Hand Grenade Outside a Suburban McDonald’sPolice say it was live and would’ve killed the landscaping crew, “no question.”
  33. Crabby Crisis
    Watchdog Group Uncovers Troubling Crab-Cake FraudOceana found that 38 percent of crab cakes in Maryland and D.C. don’t contain blue crab as advertised.
  34. Battle Of The Blitzed
    Senator Proposes Bill That Would Allow U.S. Soldiers to Drink at 18“If you can carry a weapon and defend your country you should be able to drink a beer.”
  35. scary things
    6 Dead After Small Plane Crashes Into Suburban D.C. Home [Updated]The fatalities include the plane’s passengers and two people who were inside the house.
  36. Crime
    Restaurant Owner Says He Got a Death Threat for Flying Israel’s Flag“We are going to kill all the Jews, including you.”
  37. The Chain Gang
    Sonic Fires Worker Who Accidentally Served Bag of Weed“It could have been cocaine in that little baggie.”
  38. shootings
    Maryland Mall Shooter Identified Police say they still don’t know the motive for the attack.
  39. shootings
    Three People Dead in Maryland Mall Shooting [Updated]Including the gunman.
  40. early voting
    Early Voting Lines in Florida and Ohio Were Super Long Same with Illinois and Maryland.
  41. equal rites
    Septuagenarian Maryland Lawmaker Discovers First Amendment After some “reflection,” he has decided that football players enjoy freedom of speech, too.
  42. the great heat wave of 2012
    The Great Heat Wave of 2012: The AftermathIt’s been a gross week. 
  43. 2012
    Mitt Takes Maryland, D.C. PrimariesSmooth sailing for Romney on the Potomac.
  44. mo’ money less problems
    ‘Snow Globe’ of Cash Scooped Up on Maryland HighwayAn unsecured armored truck leaked almost $6,000 in cash.
  45. equal rites
    Maryland Legalizes Gay MarriageBecoming the eighth state to do so.
  46. equal rites
    Gay Marriage Coming to Maryland! Eventually! Maybe!Opponents will have a chance to repeal the law through the ballot. 
  47. Gay-Marriage Bill Moving Forward in MarylandExpected to hit Democratic governor’s desk in coming days.
  48. Crime Scenes
    Shady Oyster Dealers Nabbed in Overfishing SchemeThe indictments charge five individuals from New Jersey and Maryland with trafficking in illegal oysters and obstruction of justice.
  49. Trimmings
    Carmine’s Bar Crosses the Mason-DixonThe former Seaport institution has sold its mahogany bar.
  50. equal rites
    Maryland Gay Marriage Bill Dies in State AssemblySome Democrats just weren’t ready.
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