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Mass Shootings

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5 Dead in Shooting at Annapolis Newspaper

Suspect Jarrod Ramos, who is in custody, lost a defamation case against the Capital Gazette over a report about how he harassed a woman.

By Eric Levitz and Margaret Hartmann

5 Dead in Shooting at Annapolis Newspaper

A gunman killed five people in the newsroom of the Capital-Gazette Thursday, according to local authorities. One suspect is in custody.

By Eric Levitz

Could Trump Actually Shift the Gun Debate?

He may be uniquely positioned to do so, but his erratic response to the Parkland shooting suggests gun-control advocates should focus elsewhere.

By Margaret Hartmann

Whiteness Doesn’t Cause Mass Shootings

It’s a compelling-seeming and click-worthy argument, but it’s also a glib and pernicious one that progressives should steer clear of.

By Jesse Singal