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  1. massachusetts
    Ed Markey Wins MA Senate Primary Over Joe KennedyThe progressive Democratic incumbent defeated his challenger, making Joe Kennedy the first person in his family to lose a primary in Massachusetts.
  2. massachusetts
    How Markey and Kennedy Are Closing Out Their Brutal Primary‘Family fights are the most vicious fights’: inside the ugly final days of the year’s most contentious Senate primary race.
  3. controversies
    Here Are 13,253 More Reasons to Avoid ChipotleThe state of Massachusetts just hit the restaurant chain with a $1.3 million fine for child-labor violations.
  4. crime
    Woman Convicted in Texting-Suicide Case to Be Released EarlyMichelle Carter, who was convicted of urging her boyfriend to kill himself over text, is getting out of jail tomorrow.
  5. the urbanist
    A Bartender’s Guide to BostonNatural wine bars, a rock-and-roll themed hotel, and super-fresh oysters.
  6. state legislatures
    West Virginia Leads States With Boys’ Club LegislaturesSome states, like Massachusetts (bad) and Georgia (relatively good), defy partisan stereotypes on legislative gender balance.
  7. Self-Described ‘Real Indian’ Offers Abrasive Challenge to Elizabeth WarrenRepublicans who dislike Warren have a new champion in Shiva Ayyadurai, a Trump fan whose attacks on Warren as a “fake Indian” are relentless.
  8. sexual assault
    Teen Athlete Gets Probation for Sexual AssaultHis attorney said jail would’ve “destroyed this kid’s life.” 
  9. women at work
    Massachusetts Just Passed a Major Law to Combat the Pay GapIt’ll be illegal for employers to ask candidates about salary histories.
  10. Health Concerns
    FDA Warns Whole Foods to Fix ‘Serious’ Food-Safety ViolationsThe grocery chain has 15 days to fix leaky ceilings and other sanitization problems at a food-prep plant.
  11. transgender rights
    Massachusetts to Expand Protections for Transgender PeopleThey’ll now be allowed to use the bathrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity.
  12. Tipping
    Court Says a Dunkin’ Donuts Owner Can Keep Workers’ Tips If SheAnother reason why the tipping system is broken.
  13. Idiots
    The Internet Avenged a Cruelly Pranked Pizza Guy in the Best Possible Way$1,000 for him, 800 one-star Yelp reviews for them.
  14. Video Feed
    Watch a Woman Flip Out in a Police Station and Fling Sausage EverywhereBacon and a doughnut box are also involved.
  15. politics
    35-Year-Old Iraq Veteran Unseats House Democrat in MassachusettsSeth Moulton beat Representative John Tierney.
  16. The Chain Gang
    Taco Bell Employee Shoots Unruly Drive-Through Customer With BB GunAnd the customer got a nibble of his assailant’s arm.
  17. very sad things
    Seven Killed in MassachusettsPlane CrashThe group was on its way to Atlantic City.
  18. crimes and misdemeanors
    People in Massachusetts Lose Right to Take Up-Skirt ShotsJust a day after learning of the disgusting freedom.
  19. photo op
    ‘Obamacare’ Covers Massachusetts HeroinSpecially branded drug baggies!
  20. accidents
    Massachusetts Had Its Own Transportation Nightmare This WeekendA 65-car pileup.
  21. Blaze of Glory
    Massachusetts Restaurant Blames Closure on Drugged-Up Employees, Unsustainable“Andy’s went downhill the day they switched over from ‘seat yourself’ to please wait to be seated,” says one Facebook user.
  22. elections
    Rep. Markey Wins John Kerry’s Former Senate SeatNot the next Scott Brown.
  23. talking about the weather
    The Northeast Still Has a Lot of Snow to Clear This weekend’s blizzard was one of the biggest in New England history.
  24. talking about the weather
    Here’s What Happened During the Big Snowstorm [Updated]650,000 people in New England lost power, for one thing.
  25. stuck in the mittle
    Tagg Romney Won’t Be the Massachusetts GOP’s New Scott BrownNo word yet from his mom.
  26. bqhatever
    With Scott Brown Out, Massachusetts Republicans Are Getting DesperateThey’re considering a lesser-known Romney.
  27. massholes
    Scott Brown Elegantly Dismisses Haters on Twitter “Whatever.”
  28. early and often
    Elizabeth Warren Wins Senate Race Over Scott Brown in MassachusettsThe tight race goes to the Democratic challenger.
  29. massachusetts
    Scott Brown Gets in Debate Zinger, Distances Himself Even More From GOPBrown refuses to call himself a “reliable” Romney ally.
  30. In First Debate, Warren Attacks Brown’s Record, He Emphasizes His BipartisanshipPlus: a cameo from his truck.
  31. nanny state
    Cambridge, Massachusetts Wants in on Controversial Soda BanThe city’s desperate cry for attention.
  32. stuck in the mittle
    Romney’s Breakup With Massachusetts Is Getting AwkwardMaybe the state doesn’t want to be associated with Romney.
  33. stuck in the mittle
    Romney Blocked Mass. Anti-Bullying GuidePart of his shift on gay issues as governor of Massachusetts.
  34. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Shunning Massachusetts, MostlyThe mayor keeps a healthy distance from his home state.
  35. comings and goings
    Republicans Won’t Have Barney Frank to Kick Around Much Longer [Updated]He’s retiring at the end of his term.
  36. wall street
    Bank of New York Mellon May Dodge $2 Billion in LawsuitsTake that, Massachusetts.
  37. what can brown do for you?
    Can We Ever Trust Scott Brown Again?He was caught plagiarizing Elizabeth Dole.
  38. early and often
    Elizabeth Warren Announcing Senate Run TomorrowProbably from the halls of Harvard, where she lives.
  39. early and often
    GOP Says Elizabeth Warren Has Basically Never Been to MassachusettsExcept for Harvard, but that doesn’t count.
  40. Mediavore
    Sean Combs Sued After Restaurant Shooting; Avocados and Mangoes Promote MaleThe lawsuit centers on an incident at Justin’s, the rap mogul’s Atlanta restaurant.
  41. early and awkward
    Barney Frank’s Boyfriend Is Becoming Our Favorite Political SpouseWe’re going to keep our eye on this one.
  42. my name is earl
    Hurricane Watch: One, Two, Earl Is Coming for YouA roundup of the latest as Hurricane Earl moves toward the East Coast.
  43. Mediavore
    Plastic Bag Ban Rejected; Roger Ebert Begins Food WritingThe senate shoots down environmentally-friendly legislature while a critic who can’t eat much has a knack for writing about eating.
  44. founding follies
    Electoral College One Step Closer to DeathMassachusetts joins the movement to make the popular vote matter.
  45. equal rites
    Victory for Gay Rights As Federal Gay-Marriage Ban Ruled UnconstitutionalJudge says it interferes with states’ rights to define marriage.
  46. party chat
    William Weld: Scott Brown Win ‘Not a Verdict on Obama’The former Massachusetts governor, who campaigned with the Republican senator, shares his thoughts on the election and health care.
  47. in other news
    Talking Heads Weigh in on Scott Brown’s VictoryThey had a lot to say but we boiled it down to 71 seconds.
  48. early and often
    Seven Things That Will Happen After Scott Brown’s WinHow today’s Massachusetts special election could change everything.
  49. early and often
    Coakley Campaign Takes on the Democratic PartySomeone thinks she already lost.
  50. early and often
    Lots and Lots of Massachusetts Voters Heading to the Polls, But No Indication Which Way Things Are GoingHeading into today, polls had Scott Brown in the lead. But no exit polling leaves us in the dark until tonight.
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