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  1. math
    An Important Note About Marry Me’s Math Competition in Peoria, IllinoisIt is the only part of the film that makes sense, yet it also fails spectacularly.
  2. math
    Do They Have Enough Champagne in Death on the Nile to Fill the Nile?Let’s do some math.
  3. election 2020
    CNN Anchor Forced to Endure Terror of Doing Math on Live TVThat little notepad will not save him.
  4. spicy
    No One Does Math Better Than Representative Katie PorterBludgeon me with your whiteboard.
  5. obits
    Visionary NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson Dies at 101Johnson’s life inspired the 2016 film ‘Hidden Figures.’
  6. dog science
    Your Dog May Be Better at Math Than You AreDogs may be able to quickly intuit ballpark figures, which is more than some of us can say for ourselves.
  7. vision 2000
    Yang Gang Lights Up L.A.Yang may not be an entirely viable candidate just yet, but his style is currently getting as much attention as his substance.
  8. buzz buzz
    The Bees Know Too MuchThey can do math, according to a new study.
  9. science of us
    I’m Plagued by This Decades-Old Dating EquationI’ve lost 37 percent of my mind.
  10. math
    When Will the Fifth Indiana Jones Movie Take Place? A Vulture InvestigationUsing the power of math to explore the strange timeline of the Indiana Jones universe.
  11. Will Justice Kennedy Sink Partisan Gerrymandering — or Save It?In a potential landmark case from Wisconsin, SCOTUS tries to decide if intent to rob minority-party voters of influence can be measured and corrected.
  12. education
    The Chicago Public-School Teacher Who Never Thought He’d End Up in a Classroom“I’m now basically obsessed with the profession. I think it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”
  13. math!
    The Insane Amount of Money The Big Bang Theory Stars Will Have Made by Season 12CBS is now spending about $10 million per episode to make its massively popular show.
  14. books
    Math Is Biased Against Women and the Poor, According to a Former Math ProfessorCathy O’Neil on the perils of “throwing big data at everything.”
  15. College Student Expertly Calculates the Angle of Her Dab“I pulled out my calculator and borrowed a ruler from my friend.”
  16. These Massive Dice Have 120 SidesConsider this the next time you bet with some shady six-sider.
  17. q.e.d.
    Math Says Tyrion Is the Most Important on GoTThanks, math!
  18. casting couch
    Taraji P. Henson to Play NASA MathematicianIn Hidden Figures.
  19. just nerdy things
    We Still Don’t Have Male Birth Control But Hey, Here’s a New Prime NumberNerds, rejoice.
  20. book excerpt
    Gender Ratios and the Math of RomanceHow dating became a numbers game.
  21. Simon Rich Reads Some Math Problems from His Book ‘Ant Farm’ Here’s the second installment of IFC’s web series Funny People Reading Books, this time featuring former SNL writer and creator of the […]
  22. math
    This Math Formula Shows Why the Comcast—Time Warner Cable Deal Should Be BlockedGood ol’ HHI.
  23. movie math
    All the Curses in Wolf of Wall Street, in ChartsBecause this is important.
  24. gift guide math
    How Rich Do These Magazine Editors Think We Are?We crunched the numbers and called for those “price upon request” items on this year’s most lavish gift guides.
  25. fact-checking idiots
    Donnie Wahlberg Is Good at Math [Updated]2 million times 300 million is … 600 million?
  26. math
    How Long Was the Runway in Fast and Furious 6?We tried to calculate it and (spoiler alert) it’s super long.
  27. clickables
    Watch the Good Will Hunting Math Problem Explained SimplyMath!
  28. baby names
    Hillary: The Most Poisoned Baby Name in U.S. HistoryMothers abandoned the name at record speed, starting in 1992.
  29. game of thrones
    Watch Game of Thrones for Math NerdsGood point about the favorite female character thing, though.
  30. blank ain’t one
    A Mathematical Analysis of Jay-Z’s (Fake) Decision Not to Use the Word BitchCharts!
  31. math
    Kanye and Jay-Z Performed ‘Ni**as in Paris’ for 613.2 Minutes This YearThat’s 2,183 “Crays.”
  32. santa claus
    Someone Took the Time to Total Santa’s WorkloadIt’s like a management-consulting interview question, dreamed up by a 5-year-old.
  33. braaaaaains
    Did The Walking Dead Have Fewer Zombies This Season?Or did it just feel that way? We got our stopwatch and found out.
  34. mixtapes
    ‘1+1,’ ‘2+2= 5,’ ‘1% of One,’ and 19 Other Songs With Mathematical Operations in the TitleInspired by the queen of math, Beyoncé.
  35. math
    TV Arithmetic: Breaking Down the Judges of The VoiceWhere have we seen these personalities before?
  36. clickables
    Help Glee’s Mr. Schuester With His MathOops.
  37. math
    TV Arithmetic: Breaking Down The KillingTwo parts ‘Prime Suspect’ + one part Tommy Carcetti, and so on.
  38. clickables
    Try to Solve These Movie Math Brain TeasersIs one of these ‘Limitless’?
  39. clickables
    Learn Why Pi (the Number) Is WrongBut happy Pi Day anyway.
  40. clickables
    Read a Super-Thorough Breakdown of the Number of Days Bill Murray Relived in Groundhog DayThe evidence is really quite compelling.
  41. math
    Will How Do You Know Make Back Its Budget?It cost Sony $120 million dollars, so who knows!
  42. Using Math and Nerdery to Look a Bit Too Closely at Comedy CommunitiesAre you ready to overthink comedy? Erik Voss used mathematical equations and Venn diagrams to examine the types of people who do comedy and how […]
  43. math
    Vulture’s Math-Based Guide to Clint Eastwood MoviesHow can you tell if a Clint movie will be a masterpiece or a disaster? We’ve come up with a handy formula!
  44. math
    Is This the Worst Movie Weekend of 2010?Just be glad it’s not January 22.
  45. math
    Government Spent Billions to Update the Résumés of Thousands of PeopleThe federal government has allocated $4.3 billion for training programs that a freakishly small amount of people are enrolled in.
  46. math
    Who Is the Biggest Adam Sandler Loyalist? Vulture Does the MathWho stands above all as Sandler’s most loyal lieutenant, with the largest percentage of their work coming in Sandler-related projects?
  47. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Had Affairs With 121 WomenThe ‘Enquirer’ has done the necessary research to determine this number.
  48. math
    Which War Gave Us the Best Movies?World War II may have been the United States’ greatest war — but has it inspired the best movies?
  49. math
    Were These the Most Boring Oscars Ever?A Vulture investigation!
  50. math
    How Oscar Ballots Are CountedYou wouldn’t understand.
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