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Matt Holliday

  1. kiss and make up
    Matt Holliday Apparently Near Signing: Damon’s All That’s LeftWith Matt Holliday (almost) off the market, the Yankees and Johnny Damon need to make up.
  2. romulans
    Another Opinion on Whatever the Mets Are DoingBaseball Prospectus has a prognosis for the Mets.
  3. hot stove
    Omar Minaya Would Like Signing a Left-Fielder to Be As Easy As PossibleSorry, Matt Holliday. You’ll have to get your millions elsewhere.
  4. trades
    Is Brett Gardner Really Going to Be the Yankees’ Left Fielder?The Yankees aren’t going after any of those left fielders? Really?
  5. yankees
    The Yankees Have a Grand Day by Doing Nothing at AllThe Yankees watch and wait as their main foes make their moves.
  6. hot stove
    Baseball Free Agency Is Officially Open … But Nothing’s Going to Happen for a WhileThis is a good thing.
  7. hot stove
    Your Daily Update on Matt Holliday–to–New York BuzzThe Yankees say they’re not interested.
  8. hot stove
    Scott Boras Is at It AgainThe agent compares Matt Holliday to Mark Teixeira, and Johnny Damon to Derek Jeter.