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  1. movie review
    The Santa Action Flick Fatman Is Too Enamored of Its Own ConceptOkay, okay, we get it. It’s got Mel Gibson playing angry Santa Claus.
  2. movies
    Mel Gibson’s Rep Insists Rothchild Is Not About the RothschildsFor one thing, it doesn’t have an “s.”
  3. making movies
    Dragged Across Concrete’s S. Craig Zahler Doesn’t Care If You Like His MovieThe Dragged Across Concrete director talks casting Mel Gibson, balancing extreme violence with sandwich eating, and death-metal drumming.
  4. movie review
    Dragged Across Concrete Is Your Basic, Boneheaded Right-Wing Action MovieAnd nearly three hours long.
  5. okay i guess
    In Remake News, Mel Gibson Will Be Directing The Wild BunchThe 1969 original was directed by Sam Peckinpah.
  6. comebacks
    Mel Gibson’s Ongoing Comeback Is Getting Help From Mark Wahlberg, Ari EmanuelTo please his client Mark Wahlberg, Ari Emanuel is reportedly helping Gibson’s return.
  7. questionable sequels
    Surprise! We’re Getting a Passion of the Christ SequelYou didn’t think Mel Gibson forgot about the Resurrection, did you?
  8. the industry
    Mel Gibson on Harvey Weinstein Scandal: ‘I Think Pain Is a Precursor to Change’Gibson’s image rehab tour continues.
  9. what men want
    Taraji P. Henson to Explore What Men Want in Gender-Flipped Nancy Meyers RemakeHallelujah! She’s replacing Mel Gibson.
  10. Daddy’s Home 2 Is Trash. Period.The sequel to 2015’s Daddy’s Home, starring Mel Gibson, Mark Wahlberg, and Will Ferrell, is a toxic, not at all benign movie.
  11. Will Mel Gibson Tank Daddy’s Home 2?Will Gibson’s history of assault and racist remarks affect the movie’s reception?
  12. 7 of the Most Confusing Twists in Comedy HistoryThere’s no shortage of confusing behavior going on in the entertainment industry. At this stage, the job description for becoming a celebrity […]
  13. beards
    Why You Might Never See That Movie Where Mel Gibson Looks Like a Crazy ProfessorIf The Professor and the Madman gets destroyed, we may never see the beard as it was intended to be seen.
  14. trailer mix
    Daddy’s Home 2 Trailer: Mel Gibson and John Lithgow Are Your New DaddiesHome for the holidays!
  15. Mel Gibson and John Lithgow Join Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell in the […]Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg teamed up again last year for a sequel to the 2015 comedy Daddy’s Home, and today the trailer was released. In […]
  16. realizing things
    Everyone Realized All at Once That Was Mel Gibson’s Girlfriend, Not His DaughterHoo boy.
  17. oscars 2017
    How Does a Contender’s Personal Life Affect Awards Voting? 17 Insiders Weigh InIndustry veterans discuss whether they truly can separate art from artist.
  18. comic book movies
    Mel Gibson Directing Suicide Squad 2 Would Be So Weird for Many ReasonsOscar-nominated directors don’t usually board superhero franchises.
  19. Mel Gibson Reportedly in Very Early Talks to Direct Suicide Squad SequelHis much-criticized comeback continues as Warner Bros. superheroes flail.
  20. coming soon
    Gibson, Vaughn to Star in Police Brutality MovieMel Gibson and Vince Vaughn will play cops suspended for their “strong-arming tactics.”
  21. casting couch
    Daddy’s Home Sequel Reportedly Wants Mel GibsonAre we looking at a Granddaddy’s Home?
  22. oscars 2017
    Mel Gibson Used to Be Disgraced. How Did He Get Nominated for Best Director?His support remained strong in the one place it mattered: Hollywood.
  23. best reads of 2016
    The Weird, Wonderful Personal Lives of Middle-aged Male CelebritiesThe best thing to read right now is the “personal life” section of a male celebrity’s Wikipedia page.
  24. the film industry
    Mel Gibson Stands With Nate Parker“You have to follow the system there.”
  25. behind the scenes
    How Hacksaw Ridge Pulled Off Its Battle Scenes“They go, ‘Hey, guys, we’ve got a little challenge for you.’ ‘Oh, yeah? What is it?’ ‘You’ve got to build the cliff face at the battlefield.’ And we went, ‘Oh my God.’”
  26. last night on late night
    Mel Gibson Would Like to Tell His Younger Self to ‘Shut the F*ck Up’In a moment of quiet reflection on The Late Show.
  27. movie review
    Hacksaw Ridge Is a Massive Achievement for Mel GibsonSay what you will about Mad Mel, he’s a driven, febrile artist, and there isn’t a second in this war film that doesn’t burn with his peculiar intensity.
  28. behind the scenes
    How Hacksaw Ridge Became Gibson’s Goriest MovieWe asked the director about his approach to orchestrating carnage and where, or if, he draws the line.
  29. controversies
    Mel Gibson Says His 2006 Anti-Semitic Comments Are a ‘Dim Thing in the Past’He called continued conversation about the incident “unfair.”
  30. public morals
    Are You Ready for Mel Gibson’s Comeback?Because, between Blood Father and Hacksaw Ridge, it’s happening.
  31. casting couch
    Penn, Gibson to Star in Professor and the MadmanAbout the making of the OED.
  32. trailer mix
    See the Trailer for Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw RidgeThe story of conscientious objector Desmond Doss.
  33. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Mel Gibson’s Blood FatherNice beard.
  34. sequels
    Mel Gibson Plans Passion of the Christ SequelAbout the resurrection.
  35. odin he didn’t
    Mel Gibson Turned Down the Role of Thor’s DadHe was gonna be Thor’s dad, Odin, o-then he wasn’t.
  36. superheroes
    Marvel’s Toy Division May Have Nixed a Female Villain in Iron Man 3So says writer-director Shane Black.
  37. roll clip!
    Tarantino’s Favorite Movie of 2015 Was Mad MaxHe wanted to hate it, but he just couldn’t.
  38. Watch Mel Gibson Give Birth to a Wood Nymph at Second City in 1997Welcome to The Second City Archives, in which we post an exclusive clip each week of some of comedy’s biggest superstars performing early in […]
  39. interviews
    Robert Downey Jr. Would Do Iron Man 4 If Mel Gibson Directs“That movie would be bananas.”
  40. comic-con 2014
    Comic-Con: Yes, Mel Gibson Came Up During the Mad Max Panel“Who knew that Mel Gibson would literally turn into Mad Max at some point?”
  41. interviews
    Mel Gibson Has Shia LaBeouf’s Back“My heart goes out to the poor guy. I think he’s suffering in some way.”
  42. 180s
    Jewish Reporter Offers Defense of Mel Gibson“He wasn’t the bad person I thought he was back when I first wrote about him.”
  43. fugging it up
    The Fug Girls Rate Long-Haired Male Movie ManesBrad Pitt in Legends of the Fall? The gold standard. But what of Tom Cruise in Legend, Matt Dillon in Singles ,and more?
  44. trailer mix
    Machete Kills Trailer: Whole Lotta Lady GagaThere’s some Mel Gibson in there, too.
  45. casting couch
    Mel Gibson Is Expendables 3’s VillainAntonio Banderas is in talks to join the film as well.
  46. trailer mix
    Watch the Insane Machete Kills TrailerMel Gibson and Lady Gaga vs. Charlie Sheen and Machete.
  47. Celebrity Settings
    Taylor Swift Soothes Selena’s Heart at Osteria La Buca; Justin Bieber RekindlesThe week resembled Odysseus and Penelope, only with more chain teppanyaki.
  48. Celebrity Settings
    Prince Harry Lets It All Hang Out at Gjelina; Tom Cruise Leaves Madeo InThe royal rebel had his pants on, but that doesn’t stop one local blog from imaging another scenario with help from Photoshop.
  49. not a mea culpa
    Mel Gibson Unsure What He Should Still Be Apologizing For“I didn’t hurt anyone.”
  50. Celebrity Settings
    Salma Hayek Hits ink.; Vince Neil Takes Shots at Casa VegaEven though he’s in his fifties, he still parties like it’s the eighties.
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