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  1. melpocalypse
    Mel Gibson’s Apparently Going To Have To Work Harder To Alienate American Moviegoers76 percent of Americans say the tapes wouldn’t effect their decision.
  2. melpocalypse
    Mel Gibson Crashes Car“DUI is not suspected in the accident.”
  3. melpocalypse
    Mel Gibson’s The Beaver, Now Approved for 13-Year-OldsThe MPAA gives it a PG-13 rating.
  4. melpocalypse
    Leonardo DiCaprio to Probably Pass on Mel Gibson’s Viking Movie“No, I doubt Leo would do it, especially after all this.”
  5. melpocalypse
    Even Europeans Turned Off by Mel Gibson Now“I was surprised at how much of an emotional impact this has had on the Europeans.”
  6. melpocalypse
    Mel Gibson May Be Leaving the U.S.He’s reportedly going back to Australia.
  7. melpocalypse
    Mel Gibson Has a History of Playing Inappropriate PranksWarning signs!
  8. melpocalypse
    Hey, a New Mel Gibson RantIt’s horrifying, sure, but maybe not quite so much as the first two.
  9. melpocalypse
    There’ at Least One Person Out There Still Not Convinced Mel Gibson Is RacistAnd she’s a co-host on ‘The View.’
  10. melpocalypse
    Mel Gibson Drops Follow-up SingleCrank up your speakers!