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  1. Meltdown Comics and NerdMelt Showroom Are Closing Next WeekAnother Los Angeles comedy mainstay is closing down next week. Last night it was announced that Hollywood’s Meltdown Comics, which has been in […]
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    Windows Pushes Patch That Actually Rolls Back Intel Spectre Bug FixThe biggest exploit in recent memory is turning into a real headache for anyone who uses a computer — which is to say: everyone.
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    Apple Confirms All Mac and iOS Devices Vulnerable to Meltdown and SpectreNo one is safe.
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    Nearly Every Computer Made Since 1995 Is Dangerously Flawed. This Is Why.For more than two decades, computer chips have been built with this shockingly dangerous vulnerability — and it’s going to take years to fix.
  5. Talking to Jonah Ray About ‘The Half Hour’, ‘Nerdist’, and Zombie JokesFor the past 15 years, Comedy Central’s half hour specials have showcased the future stars of standup. Looking back, the early years of Comedy […]
  6. Talking to Kumail Nanjiani About Standup, Acting, ‘SNL’ Auditions and MoreFans of Kumail Nanjiani have no shortage of places to find him. He’s appeared in every season of IFC’s Portlandia, and is a regular on TNT’s […]
  7. With Comedy Bang Bang Gone, What’s L.A.’s Next Big Stand-up Show? 2012 was the end of an era for the Los Angeles comedy scene, as Comedy Bang Bang, the influential weekly stand-up showcase co-created by […]
  8. Talking with Jonah Ray About His New Stand-Up Album, the Nerdist Podcast […]As co-host of the Nerdist podcast, one of the best and most popular comedy podcasts going, Jonah Ray wields a lot of power in the comedy […]
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    Watch a Young Man’s ‘Black and White’ Karaoke MeltdownIf you’re just here for the screaming, fast-forward to 1:07.
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    Hillary Clinton Visits Japan As Tokyo Electric Sets Nine-Month Timetable for Crippled PlantThe U.S. has lowered its warning for travel to Japan.
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    Japan’s Radioactive Water Leaking Into the Pacific [Updated]From a crack at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
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    ‘Minuscule’ Levels of Radioactive Iodine Found in American MilkThe cows are eating it.
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    Radiation in Japanese Seawater SpikesIodine levels are more than 1,250 times higher than normal in water near a melting nuclear plant.
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    Radiation Found in Japanese Spinach and MilkMeanwhile, airborne radiation levels around Japan have shown no signs of spiking drastically.
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    Japan’s Nuclear Crisis: The Worst-Case Scenarios Explained“You could lose all six of the reactors.”
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    Nagasaki A-Bomb Survivor Pffts Current Nuclear Disaster“People seem to be much too sensitive.”
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    California’s Air May Be a Little More Radioactive Than Usual TomorrowBut experts don’t think it’s anything to worry about.
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    Rush Street Owners Double The Double Dutch Space For City TavernFingers foods and microbrews will reign at the second, more sophisticated project from the Culver City restaurant.